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AOR GTE league S9 R8 Watkins Glen

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Mar 4, 2019
Thread Title: AOR
League: S9 R8
Date: 24/02/20
Members Involved: Jake Sanders #227
Lap & Corner:
lap 10 / t1 exit

The race takes place lap 10.
Jake goes extremely wide at the exit of T1. What forces him to pass in the grass ... full gas ?.
short classic result, loss of control.
My question.
Why did you release the brakes at the end of your loss of control?
The race lasts 1:20 not 10 minutes. I do not understand why so much risk in a private championship. Here it would be nice to respect the other drivers and admit to being patient. if it's for a sprint race. I want to say there are every hour in official.

Finally thank you for your apologies on the simulator ... which I am still waiting for. There also great proof of respect.


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Aug 9, 2018
iRacing being iRacing wouldn't let me post anything in chat, as it often doesn't let me post, i do yes apologise that you were caught up.

In regards to the incident, i ran wide. I kept my foot in as i had done tens of times in practice, always had been fine. This time the car snapped.

I let off the brakes so that i'd roll toward the barrier, leaving most of the track open, not expecting anyone to go to the outside.


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Aug 6, 2016
We have decided to give Sanders a drive-through for the next race he attends. He should have been more careful after going off track onto the grass and after spinning he shouldn't have released the brakes.

However, we also believe that Moraine should have taken more care as soon as he saw the car in front spinning. The trajectory of the car was unclear and he therefore should have lifted/braked way earlier. As result we give him a reprimand.

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