AOR GTLM league - Round 6 - Sonoma - 11 June 2016 |

AOR GTLM league - Round 6 - Sonoma - 11 June 2016

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Formula 4 1st Driver
Feb 17, 2016
I got disconnected and some idiot took me out when I was on the apex and he was miles back the distance marker was not even showing he was close and then on the same lap he took some else out on the second last corner
Although I didn't see the incident you are talking of Keith, I wonder if it might have been your connection. When we were together your car occasionally jumped several metres from side to side or back and forth. At one point it disappeared completely, then appeared right in front of me a few seconds later. It did seem to settle down after a while though.
I think several people had connection issues in the lobby tonight.


F1 Test Driver
Mar 26, 2016
My connection at my end was fine it never came up weak connection and i never seen anyone jump about. I tried to get out of the road of everyone. the incident I was talking about when the person took off someone else there was no way at any point he would of passed them I thought it was reckless

VBR Deathstroke

F1 Champion
Dec 3, 2015
I can use the same excuse than the guy upside hear because i have the same issue thAn him the marker of proximity was not showing up...

No because its me i cant say anything to defend myself

And yes i see car jumping everywhere all the track
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