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GT Sport AOR GTSL S18 CC#4 - Rd.9 | NURBURGRING GP | GR.4 | 15/07/21


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Official Driver List:

  1. @leedamastr [X_L33TH3TR34P3R_X] #096 - British - N/A - 28ms
  2. @Hasnain [Hasnain282] #282 - British - SolidNinjaSnake - 8ms
  3. @Wedgybo [Wedgybo] #79 - Scottish - GKRT_PinkiiBoii - 28ms
  4. @HRacingGreen [HRacingGreen91] #91 - British - Heinehegn - 7ms
  5. @Wobbuffet [Ragna_Kagari] #xx - English - N/A - TBC
  6. @Browneskiii [Browneskii] #11 - British - mikmakmok - 14ms
  7. @BL99DY-NINE [BL99DY-NINE] #9 - American - jutngo - 117ms
  8. @jutngo [jutngo] #77 - Nothern Irish - BL99DY-NINE - 20ms
  9. @Jamie9000000 [jamie9000000] #68 - British - LJM_Stevo - 22ms
  10. @GKRT_PinkiiBoii [GKRT_PinkiiBoii] #88 - Scottish - Wedgybo - TBC
  11. @SolidNinjaSnake [SolidNinjaSnake] #24 - British - Hasnain - 16ms
  12. @Heinehegn [Heinehegn] #19 - Danish - HRacingGreen - TBC
  13. @mikmakmok [mikmakmok] #43 - Scottish - Browneskii - TBC



  1. @jam_my21 [jam_my21] #21 - Finnish - N/A - 35ms
  2. @LJM_Stevo [LJM_Stevo] #639 - English - jamie9000000 - 10ms


Event format:
Qualifying for all rounds of Season 18 will be an Open Session varying in length, depending on the lap-time at any given circuit, to allow drivers approx. 2 flying laps in the session. Session length is detailed in the Race Thread graphic in the OP. This dictates the grid for the Feature Race, a (laps equivalent to) 45 minute race, followed by a (laps equivalent to) 20 minute Sprint Race. The grid for the Sprint Race is dictated by Reverse Championship Standings prior to the event beginning (Reverse of Feature Race results at Round 1). Round 10 will consist of a Qualifying Session and a singular 1-hour timed race, worth extra points.

Save Your Replay
As a means of helping the stewards with any enquiries, all drivers are required to save their race replays and keep it stored for at least one week after the race has taken place. If you are involved in an incident or see something during the race that you feel needs to be investigated, you are free to make a stewards enquiry - however if enquiries are submitted without replay or race footage available, it is likely we can't do anything.

If you are unable to attend a race please contact a league coordinator at least 1 hour prior to the event start time. Failure to notify a Coordinator of your absence will subject you to disciplinary action up to and including your dismissal from AOR GT Sport League.

Preliminary Results


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Welcome back @Delaney boat's looking braw!

Just so folk are aware the group consensus was we'd delay 30 mins so race start will be @ 20:30 BST I've got the room open now though.


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I've really fallen in love with this Gr4 car. Honestly one of my favourite on the game now, it's incredibly good.

9/10 wins for the Subaru in gr4 and could have been 10 if it wasn't for Hasnain starting p4 at Bathurst sprint, but it just shows how easy it is to drive. May not be the quickest over one lap, it may not be the "best" at anything, but it just does everything brilliantly. And it gifted me the feature win tonight due to the tyre wear.

I hate saying it when I win, but I didn't drive particularly well tonight, and it didn't feel like a championship winning performance, but obviously a win is a win and you've gotta take them when they come.

I will definitely miss it.

Well done @SolidNinjaSnake on your first ever pole as well. Just don't do it again next week please, we need to beat you guys ;)


Formula 4 1st Driver
Shocker from me tonight. (What's new I guess)

Had a poor Quali (again) Had an ok start, didn't really gain any ground. Then just kind of got.....bullied further and further down the grid, ended up down in P11 at the end of the first lap.

Had a fun battle for P9 though, not really where I wanted to be this race, could have been on the tail for at least P7.

Sprint race was a disaster, stupidly didn't change tyres, which was a massive mistake.

Apologies to @HRacingGreen for the contact, the car just didn't want to turn as the tyres were fucked, thought I would have had the grip to leave the space.

Literally went from P1 to P10 in the space of about 2 laps.


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Can't complain about 2 Podiums really, was the best the car felt other than Brands and felt like I pretty much maximised the results via my own pace at least.

Quali was a bottle, only did 30 mins practice again so didn't know what I was feeling for and it showed. Slipstream allowed me save a lot of fuel first stint in the Feature and let me jump 3 cars, however the tyre wear was too much to challenge Browneskii, I had a 2 lap window to make the move and then defend and couldn't do it. SNS then passed me with a few laps to go and that was 3rd in the bag, fending off a late charge from Hasnain. I'd pitted L10 while others around me went for L9, and with my fuel advantage i might have come out in the lead if I'd followed them, as they'd have had no undercut on me, however the tyre wear would have been even worse then so unsure to say how it would have gone.

At the very least, I enjoyed being the fastest car on the track for once at the beginning of stints, a rarity in the RCZ Gr.4, and it gave me the platform to be in the with a shout for once.

Sprint Race was fun, strategy was playing out to my favour with my fuel numbers, but I was forced to change tyres of course, so lost some time there. I was able to pass the double-stint cars quite easily, and believed I could challenge for the win at one point. That became 2nd as Browneskii didn't drop off as I'd hoped, but I was still gonna be happy with a P2. However as I went to pass Mik and Jamie, Jamie pushed me wide on his boiled tyres and cost me 2 seconds, as he held the position and let Mik back past me. This meant I went from needed 2.5s in 2.5 laps to catch Browne and John to 4.2s in 2 laps, which was just not gonna happen. As John started to struggle on L9 I was catching, but ending up 0.8 behind, which confirmed to me I would have been in for P2.

That said, two P3s is a good result against such strong competition.

FR was also my 100th start, which was a neat milestone.

Le Mans next, I'm excited for it. The car is good there, I love the track, and would love to take a 4th win of the season and guarantee 2nd in the championship, despite it being such a poor season from me again (in GT4 at least). I'm also excited to reveal my livery for the race. Its nothing spectacular, but its special to me at least.

Congrats to @Browneskii on the win double and the championship, another deserved victory. I'd like to contest one more proper CC I think, and see if I can make it 2 full titles apiece. Further congratulations to @SolidNinjaSnake and @jutngo on very solid podium drives as well.


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That was a great night for the Honda. I think I've probably scored higher before but that definitely seemed like my most solid and consistent performance so far. Testament to the strength of this grid that a great race is 7th in the feature! Not a straightforward race either. I usually end up in a bit of TT in the feature races but I was tagging the rear of Wobbie for most of the first stint then battling with Mik for the second half! Mik did well and won this round...
Found myself racing with Mik again in the sprint but I got a bit of luck with track positioning when Jamie came out of the pits ahead of us. I was able to get past while he was getting warmed up and got some clear track. That put me TEMPORARILY in 1st until Brownskii reclaimed his spot. I led a lap after pitstops!! When I noticed HRG had been released into 3rd I did panic a little and lost a couple of seconds but gathered myself up again and just kept it tidy to hold on to 2nd. Just about.


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My race report.

Qualy - 6th: Put together a decent qualy lap if I had hooked it all up then 3rd would've been possible but I'm sure the likes of Browneskii & HRG had more in the bag as well either way the Nissan pair where to quick for my Jag in qualy trim.

Feature - 5th: I had a standard start I guess as I got ahead of HRG's slow starting Peugeot like normal, the rest of the first lap was going well however Hasnain who I was following closely broke a bit to late for NGK and as he sorted himself out for the second part of it I had no where to go and had to slow for him and it killed my exit speed it allowed HRG who was able to take NGK normally to just adjust his exit and was pretty much alongside & past me way before the last corner so I was back down to 6th.

After that the top 5 pulled away from me over the next few laps and Jutngo caught upto me during that phase, but then something unexpected happened from lap 6 onwards I started to reel in the drivers ahead and by lap 9 with a combo of very good pace and drivers ahead fighting for a little bit I made up the 3 second gap to HRG and was back in podium contention.

Laps 9 & 10 I was following HRG closely and it seemed I was faster then him at this point, could have maybe gone for a move on lap 10 but decided not to since I was pitting and knew even if I passed him he would likely get me back straight away on fresh tyres as it turned out he had more fuel then me so would've jumped me in the pits regardless.

But after exiting the pits I saw I did manage to jump MMM and now be 5th, though pretty much same as the first stint in the opening laps of my second stint those ahead pulled away, however with 8 laps to go I started to slowly but surely reel in Hasnain who was over 2 seconds ahead (+ SNS & HRG), and in the end I finally caught upto Hasnain with just 2 laps to go however he started getting slipstream from HRG ahead and the closest I got to Hasnain was exiting NGK on the last lap, I had a half-hearted go at the final corner just for the sake of it but I would've had to been reckless to make a pass happen, so in the end I had to settle for 5th.

Sprint - 5th: First lap was going ok however mix of dirty air and first part of the NGK inside kerb gettting my car loose, made me just cut the second part of it resulting in a 1.5sec penalty, I had to pretty much serve all of it and it cost me 4 places, sort of knew a top result was gone at that point but carried on and made my stop lap 4, exited the pits in 9th and it was only the last couple laps that I had any real action, passed Jamie in S1 then found my way past Wedgy and final lap pass MMM after a battle through corners of S1 and in the end I finished 5th again.

Looking back at that night, mixed feelings as on it on one hand very happy with how I performed overall and enjoyed how competitive the racing was, as I said 7 drivers covered by 6 seconds halfway through a feature race is generally unheard of in our league, (and it was only 13.5 covering the top 7 by the end) but I just lamented at what could've been in both races.

As feature race I feel the second half of the race alone proved I was (surprisingly) the 2nd fastest driver, as for the last 8 laps (lap 14 onwards) only one driver gained any time on me and that was Browneskii and that was only a second, however I made up 2secs to Hasnain, 5 to HRG & 4 to SNS by the end of the race it was just the Jag lacked one lap qualy pace & in the beginning of stints here clearly, but the combo of as the fuel went down and the tyre wear between different cars brought me back into the mix I guess.

With the sprint without that penalty I believe a podium was likely there, though even with the fresher tyres Browneskii would've still been out of reach, but considering the early pen 5th was probably the max result that race.

Anyway belated congrats to Browneskii on not just the win double but sealing the championship as well, well done to HRG on his double podium and to SNS on his podium (+ first ever pole) & Jutngo as well.


S13 AOR PS4 F4 Champion
Qualifying & Feature Race - P1 & P2
Not much to say for qualifying except finally! I finally got my first proper pole position haha. I was very happy with that to the point where it would probably cancel out any bad feelings for a poor race haha. PB was a slightly quicker 2:05.1 but knew I could do a 5.0. In the end it was slightly down on my PB with a 2:05.199 to claim pole position!

Went a bit deep into T1 at the start but was able to maintain the lead until @Browneskiii got past at the hairpin on the second lap. Stuck with him until he let me through on the start/finish straight starting Lap 6. Kept the lead until the end of Lap 8 as he passed me into the final corner. He'd get a penalty just before he dove into the pits on Lap 9 where I stayed out and pitted on Lap 10.

Rejoined the track behind @Browneskiii still, even with him serving the penalty, but I was not expecting @HRacingGreen to have so much fuel at their pitstop who pitted at the same time I did, which helped them get right on the back of me. I'd lose P2 to him on the next lap at T1 as I remained behind them both for the next bunch of laps. HRG dropped off Browneskii towards the latter stages of the race which I assume was the tyres going off, so I started to look for a way through which became more needed as there were a group of cars not too far off behind us at about 2-3 seconds. Finally I'd get my chance on Lap 20 into T1 and after a few switchbacks and corners, got the pass done. I did have to defend for the hairpin but after that, it was okay, except for the final lap where I almost bottled the chicane at the end haha. Thankfully there was enough of a gap that I wasn't attacked into the final corner and was able to claim P2!

Sprint Race - P4
I started P9 and all was going well making up positions here and there and was up into P4 on Lap 3 when I chose to pit. Rejoined behind @Wedgybo who I battled for the lap until T1 on Lap 5 where @BL99DY-NINE and @HRacingGreen were rejoining the track. It got a bit messy as I was hit on the apex of the corner but thankfully nothing more worse than that as I was able to complete my pass on Wedgy while remaining ahead of the duo rejoining the track. I was soon passed by HRG on Lap 6 as we chased those ahead down but our progress was very much halted once we got to the back of @mikmakmok and @Jamie9000000. Had a good battle and was finally through at T1 on the final lap but that's as far as I was able to get and finished in P4.

Overall very happy with how this round went! Like Brands Hatch which was the other track I was concerned with this season, it's probably safe to say I practiced this one more compared to everyone else. Excellent qualifying getting my first ever Pole Position! Honestly wasn't expecting it to happen this season and thought my chance had gone after @HRacingGreen missed Laguna Seca where @mikmakmok ended up taking that one. Maybe @Delaney's return was that extra bit of luck I needed haha. :D
The race I felt was closer than it realistically should have been, as I knew @Browneskiii was quicker from practices so I felt he had me covered either way but yeah, very happy to get P2 as I was only aiming for P4 or P5 and was happy to take that at this track. The Sprint in retrospect, I shouldn't have changed tyres, which I had considered but I think Laguna Seca still played in my mind. Not to mention I wasn't expecting the brick wall that was @mikmakmok and @Jamie9000000 haha, although maybe should have foreseen Mik with him pitting on Lap 1 but ah well. A shame to miss out on a double podium but generally happy with P4.

Congrats to @Browneskiii on the double win and to @HRacingGreen and @jutngo for their podiums! (y)