PS4 - AOR GTSL Season 13 Constructors Challenge #2 | Rd 8| Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya GP (Gr. 3) | 17th September |

PS4 AOR GTSL Season 13 Constructors Challenge #2 | Rd 8| Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya GP (Gr. 3) | 17th September


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Oct 8, 2018

Official Driver List:

  1. @GKRT_PinkiiBoii - GKRT_PinkiiBoii - Scottish/Indian - 24ms
  2. @Delaney - RoninGT-Delaney - Danish -
  3. @mikmakmok - mikmakmok - Scottish - 20ms
  4. @Wedgybo - Wedgybo - Scottish - 25ms
  5. @BL99DY-NINE - BL99DY-NINE - Americanian - 116ms
  6. @leedamastr - X_L33TH3R34P3R_X - British - TBC
  7. @jutngo - jutngo - Northern Irish - 29m
  8. @SolidNinjaSnake - SolidNinjaSnake - British - 12ms
  9. @Jamie9000000 - jamie9000000 - British - 24ms
  10. @Wobbuffet - Ragna_Kagari - English -
  11. @Hasnain - Hasnain282 - British - 9ms
  12. @Browneskiii - Browneskii - British - 11ms
  13. @LJM_Stevo - LJM_Stevo - British - 19ms
  14. @HRacingGreen - HRacingGreen - British -15ms
  15. @Bankai_Bullett - Bankai_Bullett - English


Resigned due to No show's or other issues (Banned):


A Staggered Release Superpole format, new for Constructor’s Challenge 2, in which drivers will be released at an interval and have just one lap to set the fastest time they can, will determine the starting grid for each Feature Race. This has been implemented to create a higher sense of tension and pressure, eliminate the need for slipstream trains, and potentially create more variation in the starting grids. Here is a rundown and tutorial of how things will happen.
  • GTSport’s Qualifying feature will be used
  • Tyres will be limited to Racing Hards. Fuel Consumption will be OFF, Tyre Wear will be set to 1X.
  • Drivers will have an outlap and a single flying lap on track with which to set their qualifying time. Drivers must drive flatout on their outlap, anyone found not to be doing so will be penalised by the Stewards.
  • Drivers are not to leave the pits until told to do so. Ensure the brake is depressed as qualifying begins to avoid accidentally leaving the pits incorrectly.
  • Drivers will be released individually at an interval by one of the coordinating team calling their name using the in-game text chat. Please ensure you do not have this feature hidden.
  • Drivers will be released in 2 groups of 8. The first 8 drivers will be called out, after which there will be a pause to allow all drivers to complete their lap without overcrowding the circuit. Once they have all returned to pits, the second batch of drivers will be released. When the final driver completes their lap, the timer will run-down and qualifying will be over.
  • When drivers have finished their flying lap, they must ease off and return to the pits safely using the Pause menu. Do not drive back around to the pits. This may impede a driver behind and does not always work as a means of remaining off-track.
  • For round 1, drivers will be released in reverse TT leaderboard order. For the remaining rounds, drivers will be released in reverse championship order. Co-ordinator @GKRT_PinkiiBoii will always leave the pits last as overseer of the session, irrespective of championship position.
Save Your Replay
As a means of helping the stewards with any enquiries, all drivers are required to save their race replays and keep it stored for at least one week after the race has taken place. If you are involved in an incident or see something during the race that you feel needs to be investigated, you are free to make a stewards enquiry - however if enquiries are submitted without replay or race footage available, it is likely we can't do anything.

If you are unable to attend a race please contact a league coordinator at least 1 hour prior to the event start time. Failure to notify a Coordinator of your absence will subject you to disciplinary action up to and including your dismissal from AOR GT Sport League.

Preliminary Results




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Sep 10, 2015
Hoping to at least secure 7th in the standings, 6th is within reach but would be a big ask.


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Jan 30, 2015
Lovely to drive in TT mode this. Early signs based on the DR are promising, especially considering i lost nearly a tenth and a half to my PB in S3. Early doors but feeling good.


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Jan 30, 2015
Well, (just about) today is the day. As with last season, I'm firmly in control of my own destiny (I think I went into R4 with a 22 point lead last season as well), but I still need to execute it. To win it in the Feature Race, I mustn't be outscored by @LJM_Stevo by 15 points, or by @Browneskiii by 6 points. If either of them manage this, it will go to the Sprint Race. I think I've got some really strong pace and feel comfortable but I can't say anything for certain.

Speaking of, Browne and Stevo are one of a few close battles for position in the championship, as they are separated by just 9 points for 2nd and 3rd in the table heading into this round.

@Wobbuffet is hot on the heels of @SolidNinjaSnake for 5th in the table, as just 7 points separate them ahead of a round where Solid's Subaru should be solid in helping him retain that position, but anything can happen. A further 11 points back, @leedamastr leads @jutngo by 8 points as the pair battle for 7th place. Both drivers have featured on the podium this season and surely a big result for one or the other will swing this one.

In 9th is @BL99DY-NINE on 74 points, who heads a group of four drivers from 9th-12th including @mikmakmok on 71, @Jamie9000000 on 70 and @Bankai_Bullett on 62. This is the closest battle of them all and could have ramifications in both driver's and team's championship as the 3 latter driver's teams are involved in a close battle.

Which brings me to...

The head of the Team's Championship is between myself and Bankai at Benetton Invicta Audi, looking to claim our 2nd crown in a row, and SNS and Hasnain at Ace Motorsport Subaru who currently lead us by a singular point. Both our cars are well suited to this circuit so the battle for the title should be an epic one.

Still within a shout are Wheelie Bad Hyundai who sit just 13 points off Audi in 3rd, and CW-UK BMW a further 10 points behind them. While possible outsiders for the title, WB and CW will be looking to steal that 3rd spot away from one another. BEMM Corvette seem to have 5th place locked down, while Alfa Romeo BAD BOY are under slight threat from the one-man army of Bandai Namco Toyota just 15 points behind them.

Overall, its proved to be yet another very competitive season with a great variety of results and some very welcome additions/returnees to the grid, and the close battles for position up and down the field go a long way in proving that. Lets send S13 off with a bang, and then get our pipes and tweed jackets out ready for S14 ;). Good luck all!

EDIT: Fun fact as well, the Sprint will be my 45th GTSL start. Not had a bad hit-rate so far...
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May 14, 2018

@Bankai_Bullett will host new lobby, Less than 50% race distance complete there for a full race w/ o quali will be run once everyone has returned to the race lobby
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Jan 30, 2015
Thank god the season is over. Won’t be racing next season. Bye.
Sorry for the final lap in the SR man, had to take the chance and just overcooked it. Not sure the punt at the chicane afterwards was necessary mind you but still, sorry for the first move.

Be a shame not to have you next season, I hope its not the end of your comeback altogether, you've been great this season and a very welcome challenger at the front of the field.


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Nov 24, 2014
This whole race basically sums up my season. P2 in the feature, and then a solid drive in the sprint for some good points. Although driving standards (including from me) in the sprint weren't the best of the season honestly, but I guess it's the nature of a hard to overtake track with "faster" drivers at the back.

Very happy with how I've driven this season, obviously not taken full advantage of everything, but anyone who can get the perfect season is just insane. Hopefully this form continues into the Alfa's.

Few things i'm happy with especially was the fact I had the most podiums in the season (10 of them werent wins though!), and that I was on the podium at every event and the only driver to do so. I desperately need to start winning races if I'm to win titles though.

Edit: Of course, well done to @HRacingGreen for the title, fully deserved, and easily a cut above the rest this season.


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Jan 30, 2015
There were plenty of moments this season where I was prepared to fall short yet again. After St Croix and Autopolis I was especially despondent, but the win at DT gave me hope, and the double at BMB was the defibrillator. Really pleased to have won in a field that, at the front, is probably one of the strongest I've come up against on this game. If Ash were ever to come back, we'd have a mighty top 6. Huge props to my teammate @Bankai_Bullett as well, I know the cars weren't to your taste from the get-go, but your determination and performances when it mattered were crucial in giving us even a sniff in the Team's championship. If you don't return, Benetton Invicta won't be the same.

My races tonight were pretty straightforward, felt really comfortable in the Feature in both attempts, but felt faster and more consistent in the one that counted, steady 46s every lap pretty much. Not as much raw pace as in practice but that didn't matter in the end, strategy was simple and easy to execute. Sprint was as hectic as ever. Gambled with a longer first stint, didn't quite pay ff but didn't really lose out either. Snatched a crucial 4th at the end of the race, pending penalties (although if the incident with Stevo at the final corner has cost us the TC, I'll be pretty disappointed).

Overall, another great season and one I thoroughly enjoyed. Next season will be a new challenge for us all, but one I'm really looking forward to, and I've already got my eyes set on the next CC as well. GGs to everyone for the season, no matter your results. Legends <3


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Sep 25, 2019
Thanks for the racing tonight dudes, not great for results but enjoyed it as always.
Found it tough this season, but when I think about the pace of the drivers ahead I'm not too embarrassed with how I got on.
Well done to HRG for the championship, well deserved. Also well done and thanks to everyone else for the great racing throughout this series. Think I had some on track battling with most at some point and really enjoyed it!


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May 16, 2018
Yeah sorry about the chicane @HRacingGreen. I didn’t tend to punt but had to try it and braked too late. Was annoyed at myself for the last corner the previous lap which cost me 3rd. I just didn’t care for today at all. That’s why I’ve been quiet when I have joined practice this week. After last week I was contemplating not even racing. Just fed up of the game and lost all enjoyment of it. I know I said I’d be back for next cc but I’m not sure


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Apr 4, 2015
If you don't return, Benetton Invicta won't be the same.
Call me Nando... maybe.

Season VERY much of ups and downs for me.

Starting off the season by missing the first 2 rounds wasn't a good thing. Apparently I'm adept as breaking bluray disks.
Then, knowing how awkward the cars would be, yeah they've just basically sworn me off MR/FF cars forever. At least in the current non-TC format.

Still, starting off my season proper with my first win, in a car I had VERY little practice with... yeah, stoked wasn't the word.
To then follow that up with another win in the next round. Madness!

But that would be the last of my podium visits, through some... inconsistent... stewarding imo, until tonight where I felt like I easily had the outright sprint pace to take win #3 but had to settle for P2 after getting caught up behind Delaney for WAY too long.

So yeah, a lesson in... something... for me this season.

Well done to @HRacingGreen, who I'm sure had enough of my ragey nature when racing, on back to back driver's titles and hopefully back to back constructor's.

This is my final season on this game. Will see what the future brings with regards to GT7.

Bye all.


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May 20, 2016
That was quite a long night...anyway I think I'll get my race report out the way now.

Qualy - 8th: One of my better efforts this season but had a average S2 and got the final chicane a bit wrong, if I had hooked it up surprisingly I would have had a chance of P2 but in the end P8 it was.

Feature - 7th: The 3rd start was probably the 2nd best out of the 3 but I still lost a place before T1 however with the usual squabbling in the first few turns I managed to gain a couple places back, but the opening laps were pretty scrappy for me (this time round) and picking up a couple time pens on separate occasions which I did serve at cost of a couple positions.

I had to battle my way past Wedgy & couldn't really make any headway on Jutngo ahead, I decided to go to a 2 stop but got caught behind a couple of people who hadn't pitted yet, and as a result I couldn't really utilise the undercut at all and in fact I even lost a position to Hasnain who pitted later, but I was able to get by Jutngo a couple laps later, I had Stevo behind me for the rest of my middle stint but I think the dirty air was killing him a bit as he was stuck about a second behind me.

I made my last stop with 7 laps to go and came out in 9th, I caught up to Bankai pretty quick and made a simple pass on the start/finish straight, I then had about a 8 second gap to Lee and Jamie ahead I wasn't sure I would be able to catch with about 5 laps to go but I set solid laptimes and slowly but surely I reeled them in, I caught upto Lee with 2 laps to go and passed him but it looked like he was suffering an issue of some kind (found out after the race it was his wheel - so that explained it) and then I went to try hunt down Jamie for 6th on the final lap he was about 2 seconds ahead but I managed to give him a scare as I finished just a tenth behind but I had to settle for 7th.

Sprint - 13th: I had a reasonable start and was able to catch and pass Lee in the first couple laps but then I was trying to catch Jutngo ahead and I broke a tad to late for T4 and went wide allowing SNS by, I then had Stevo following close behind and on lap 4 I again broke a tad to late for the hairpin (start of S3) and went wide there allowing Stevo by, at this point I decided to just pit and Hasnain followed.

After I exited the pits with Hasnain right on my bumper, and I decided to do him a favour and let him by straight away (I'll go into that at the end just to clarify), I slotted in behind and tried to go with him and as I started lap 6 about 2 thirds of the field it looked like exited the pits right in front of me at this point I just laughed, I was following Stevo & Browneskii closely but at this stage I was just enjoying watching them battle I could have got properly involved but I chose not to, and as the next lap started I got ahead of Jutngo & HRG who had just pitted.

At this point I realised it would be pretty difficult to make up positions with having the worse tyres of those around me and how my car was around here, so I sort of zoned out and went wide exiting T3 due to the dirty air, but I decided to not take no for an answer by keeping my 'foot down' and the car responded by spinning out.

After that I just drove around logging laps casually and was more interested in looking at the track map and the leaderboard seeing how the positions were changing (I honestly wished I could've watch was going on based on how much I saw it change lol), with 2 laps to go I pitted to go for the FL (which became a standard this season in most sprint races for me) and S1 was purple by a couple tenths but then I messed up the uphill esses by accidentally changing down to 1st gear which cost me 3 tenths easy, I did pretty much nailed the last sector but in the end I still missed out by a couple hundredths.

Looking back at the night, the car just wasn't suited here at all and it was borderline the worst its been all season only Nurburgring was close, in general I had every drivers worst nightmare where the front had understeer from corner entry to apex and sometimes on exit and that was combined with the rear having snap oversteer moments on exit as well so as a result it was like trying to drive on eggshells, so it wasn't a surprise to me that on pace it looked like I was only 6th fastest overall tonight at best.

With the feature funnily enough I think I could've still got 4th out of it somehow though as I was only what 8/9 seconds behind at the end, having those time pens early on cost me a fair bit of time and track position plus I lost several seconds being not able to take advantage of my undercut due to traffic, so 4th was there potentially.

As for the sprint well obviously it was a disaster, but honestly before the sprint start I was actually feeling a bit tired (my hands were already aching a bit) and I wasn't really up for it, but tonight was quite a unique situation where we basically did a 'sprint race' because of the mass dsc and we had to do the feature all over again.

Anyway after making a couple mistakes and losing a couple positions and just finding it a bit of a struggle, when I pitted and saw Hasnain right behind me I made the decision after the pits to let him by as he's a mate and he had something very important to fight for, but then once pretty much the whole field exited the pits ahead of me the next lap I knew any chances of getting a decent result were over, however when I saw I passed HRG who was exiting the pits, I made the decision that once he would catch upto me I wouldn't fight him at all and at least be fair in that regard to him and his team champ. hopes.

However it was a mute point in the end, as seconds later the car chose to spin out and combined with just missing out on the FL as well that sort of summed up this season in a nutshell for me.

But moving on obviously big congrats has to go to HRG on not just the pole & win but winning the championship as well, congrats to Wedgy on another sprint win and well done to the podium finishers

With the teams championship all I'll say is congrats to whoever won it, as it seems from the comments above there maybe a little bit of uncertainty currently with potential stewards investigations to come, if results do stand though we're crazily & incredibly looking at a first ever tie between 2 teams at the end of the season, with the amount of race wins being the tiebreaker.
(Though some food for thought in that regard HRG's FL points accrued across the season could be the extra difference maker in the teams championship - he and his team would have 8 less points without them.)
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Sep 25, 2019
Just noticed my penalty in the stewards section there. I actually thought that was a bogus contact penalty as it popped up just after a slight bump from Stevo (nothing sinister) so I wasn't too concerned about losing it in a hasty manner. Didn't realise at the time that I'd went over the track boundary. My fault for not giving it more attention.
Seems like I've been lucky. This time.
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Mar 12, 2016
Results and Standings has been updated.


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Nov 27, 2016
Qualifying - P2
Excellent qualifying result and one I very much needed after the previous two disastrous qualifying results haha.
I think I was a little bit too cautious at T1 and maybe at another corner but regardless, I certainly still wouldn't have troubled the dominant @HRacingGreen.

Feature Race - P3
Two restarts later and we finally got going once and for all. Wasn't as good this time though with @Jamie9000000 going for a move at T1. Lost out at T3 but made the move at T4 to get alongside before finally claiming back P2 at T5. @HRacingGreen was already 2 seconds ahead at this point but I knew I wasn't going to be challenging him, he was in a league of his own. Not much happened in the first stint as he continued to pull away while the gap behind now to @Browneskiii remained around a second. I think my pace faltered a bit which let Browneskii get to the back of me and be able to pass at T1 on Lap 8 before we would both end up pitting at the end of the lap.

We both rejoined the track in the same order however @Jamie9000000 had now gotten between us which slowed me down towards the end of the lap before I was able to pass around the final corner. @LJM_Stevo pitted on Lap 10 just as I was about to get to the back of him, but now I could see that the gap between myself and @Browneskiii had increased to around 3 seconds. @HRacingGreen eventually made their stop and ended up behind me which I didn't fight when he did get to me and overtook me. I then pitted for my second stop on Lap 15 and rejoined in P5, just behind @Wobbuffet. I made sure to take it easy with them after the last race but considering the tyre difference, it was a fairly simple move at T3 which I then finished at T4 to get the position. @Hasnain eventually pitted which put me back into P3 as I continued the chase to Browneskii but I couldn't catch him and finished in P3.

Sprint Race - P3
If I may say, I personally loved my first overtake of the race on @leedamastr who I went around the outside of at T5 on Lap 2. After that, I made sure to take care when passing @Wobbuffet after the last race, even giving up potential opportunies to be on the safer side. Lap 3 I'd get my chance when he went deep at T4 and clipped the grass and slid across the track. I'm not sure if my car helped him save it but nice save either way from a complete spin haha. Eventually caught up to the group ahead but didn't find a way through as we then all seemed to pit on Lap 5 together.

Rejoined in 9th place and passed @mikmakmok at T10. @Bankai_Bullett pitted Lap 6 and rejoined just ahead of me. It then got a bit claustrophobic at the end of the lap with people jostling for position, before it got worse the following lap. I got a bit of a punt at T10 before seeing a mess happening in front of me towards the final chicane. A bit of bumping and then an incident which saw @BL99DY-NINE and @Browneskiii go off the track. This then put me in P5 before I was given way by @Hasnain in front down the start/finish straight. I then tried to give him the slipstream but I didn't realise just how close Mik was to us, so I probably should have defended instead haha. I was able to hold on around the outside of T1 though and maintain the position for T2 and onwards. A bit of bumping between Bankai and @Delaney allowed me to get past the latter heading into T9. I couldn't gain on Bankai while @LJM_Stevo had gotten to the back of me and passed, but luckily for me, he made a mistake at the final corner of the penultimate lap which let me regain the position by T1 which I'd retain until the finish line to finish P3.

Qualifying was great and I assume was my best qualifying position of the season? So that was good and as brilliant as my results were, I couldn't help but think what if in regards to the Feature Race before the host DSC. I was about 3 seconds ahead of @Browneskiii and @LJM_Stevo when the former and I pitted but it is what it is and there were always going to be those who gained and lost due to the restart, so ah well. Sprint Race looked a bit messy at times and surprised no steward threads were made, but overall I actually really enjoyed it and it was good to get another podium. Certainly wasn't expecting to have a good result at this track so it was a nice surprise!


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Jul 9, 2020
Can't be asked to do a full race report haha.

@SolidNinjaSnake it wasn't my intention for a move down your inside haha.

Big thank you to @leedamastr for causing that Red Flag, I just punted my team mate off the track before they made the call :p

Biggest surprise for me was putting the car P3 on the grid at the start, I haven't got a clue where the lap came from as I did very little quali practice, I just hooked the lap up.

Main race was a fun one if I'm honest, I was performing well until the pit stop phases came in. Ended up P6, but still very happy with that one, would have been P7, but thankfully @leedamastr wheel decided to overheat.

Kicking myself for the sprint race, had the pace for a podium, if not even the win as I had some good pace, then I thought I would get on the throttle a tad too early at the hairpin and my car went for a pathetic spin to the infield. I lost my chance at P9 in the standings at that time as I was dead last. Everyone seemed to have bullied @mikmakmok out the way though and he ended up dropping down the field and behind me in the standings.

Congrats all the winners and podiumers. And congrats @HRacingGreen on the Championship.

See you all next season.