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Apex Online Racing is happy to present Season 15 of the AOR F1 Leagues - and the sign-ups are now open!

This will be the 15th installment of our historic leagues that started back in our humble beginnings on F1 2010. The community and the leagues have certainly come a long way since then, having just finished the biggest ever league season in AOR history - Season 14 - which saw over 30 leagues being run on the F1 2017 game across the 3 platforms, with an amazing 600+ drivers having taken part.

For Season 15, we are very proud to announce a partnership with Hype Energy, who will be coming on board as the title sponsor for the leagues!

This will be our second season on the F1 2017 game, and we will be running a slightly shortened race calendar in order to ensure the season finishes in due time before the release of the F1 2018 game. The season features 15 tracks selected by the coordinators, kicking off with the first round at Australia on 15th April, and culminating in Brazil on 5th August. You can see the full calendar here.

As always, we will aim to make the leagues fit under our mantra of clean, fair and competitive racing by placing drivers into competitive leagues tiered based on pace and experience, and by enforcing the AOR rules on clean racing to the best of our ability. You can find out all the details about the leagues in the League Information and League Rules threads.

Leagues for Season 15 will be available on all 3 platforms - PC, Xbox One and PS4 - running on Sunday nights. There will also be a 2nd season of leagues specific to the Oceania region, and also a 'F2 Sprint Series' league running in an alternate format on Saturday nights. The social race section is also open for the community to join and organise one-off races outside the leagues.

In order to take part, head over to the AOR Hype Energy F1 Leagues forum section, click the subforum for the platform/league you want to play on, and find the sign-up thread. Please make sure to read the whole sign-up thread and the other important threads before embarking on the sign-up process.

With that, we hope that many of you will be joining us on track for another season, and that you'll have an enjoyable Season 15!

- AOR F1 Team
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Any info on another E-sport event again in the near future? I don't want to sign up for this if there is an E-Sport series coming up.


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I really hope that the fuckshit going on with F1's own esport league isn't going to conflict due to their Force India sponsorship..