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PC AOR IMSA Lights Endurance S1 - Driver Placements

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Aug 13, 2018

AOR Project CARS 2 IMSA Lights Endurance League Season 1
Driver Placements

General Information
Race day: Thursdays
Event start: 8:15PM (UK time)

Important Links
League Information
League Rules

Driver Placements:

@Flaming Parrot
@J Peaches
@Scott Burnett
@Martinez Maxime
@Andrew Harper
@GTS - Jeremy

@GTS - FusionFR
@GTS - Pushdum
@David Simon
@GTS - Nahli
@GTS - Carlito

Reserves for this series will be handled so that reserves will replace the drivers in their class only, i.e if the main GT4 class has a spot, a GT4 driver will be taken before an LMP3 driver. The remaining slots after each class is filled to its main capacity will be taken in order of the sign-up list. We are also hoping to create a sort-of second tier where any reserves not accepted into the main will still be able to race each round.

@GTS - Slawek_9
@RT93 Clown 93
@TM aidtheace
@F4H MaR4uDer
@BMW /// M-Power
@GTS - Kimaille
@ESc Inferno

Reserves are expected to inform via the Main Thread if they will be a no-show for each race. Most tracks allow for 32 drivers so at least 6 reserves will be taken each week. The reserves will be rotated based on attendance and participation for each race. Note that just because you are listed as a reserve, you are not necessarily going to miss every race during the season, we hope to give every driver the opportunity to race. However it is up to you as a reserve to make sure that you get that opportunity, by showing for each race in discord and informing the coordinators when you will not be able to make a race. No-show, no inform will affect your placement in the reserves list.
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