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PC AOR IMSA Lights Endurance S1 - Evaluation Race - 17.01.19

Andrew Harper

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Aug 2, 2018
1. As we never run dedicated servers due to a bug at release, no. But you can always practice offline or set up a server online yourself with the exact same conditions
2. Not everyone does this, but quite often the name will be something along the lines of "AOR [name of league]" so "AOR IMSA Lights" in this case would be my guess. But both the name of the lobby as well as the password will be told on Discord when the lobby goes live. So unless you want to guess, you need to be on Discord. Very important
Hiya, thanks for that. Glad I asked as I'm not on the Discord channel. I'll sort that at the weekend. Thanks for the answers :)


F1 2nd Driver
Aug 13, 2018
For those that did not complete this evaluation session, make sure you complete the evaluation session on Thursday. Remember that those which have completed both the time trial and at least one evaluation race, start to finish, will be the first to be placed. Those that did not complete both will most likely be placed as a reserve driver.

A few notes from this evaluation session

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND AOR MANUAL START. Silverstone starts with odds on the RIGHT and evens on the LEFT.

Remember this race is not to evaluate your speed, but rather your consistency and safety on track. Position does not really matter for this race.

Be sure to have a pit stop setup to change from wets to slicks. The track does dry out.

If you have not practiced at this time of day take some time to do so. The combination of the sun and rain is brutal for a period.

Lights are to be ON for the duration of the race.


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May 26, 2016
If there is space, I'll probably join this one as well... ofcourse only if there is a free spot, since I did the race on the 15th already
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May 6, 2015
Might try the BMW for this run!
I also felt it was fast, but rather 'lively' which is also something I tend to avoid, but, why not!
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John Pecchia

Formula 4 2nd Driver
Sep 25, 2018
Is there room for one more LMP3 even though I already raced on 1/15? I need to get the pit strategy straightened out.