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AOR IndyCar League - Season 2 Information Thread

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Apr 26, 2015
AOR Project CARS IndyCar League - Season 2
PS4 - League Information

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This thread contains general information about the AOR IndyCar League on PS4, such as the league structure, lobby settings and points system.

Race day: Wednesday
Event start time:
20:00 UK Time

Notable Dates:
Sign-up opens: 30/05/17
● Livery/team selection begins: 11/06/17

Season begins: Wednesday 14th June
Season duration: 11 weeks

Important Links:
Sign Up
Race Calendar
League Rules

Detailed information:
Below you will find detailed info about the leagues. Click the links below or scroll down to get to a specific part of the thread.

League Structure
● General information about the league structure

Lobby Settings
● Overview of the lobby settings that will be applied for the league races

Livery & Team Selection
● Available cars
● Info on the Car Selection and Team Registration process

Points System
● Driver Championship scoring

Who to contact
● Overview of the members involved with running the IndyCar leagues.


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Apr 26, 2015

Amount of leagues:

Each platform runs a set amount of leagues, depending on the amount of drivers signing up at the start of the season. All tiers will be running the Dallara DW12 (IndyCar).

League setup:
In the event of multiple leagues on one platform, the leagues will be tiered, with the aim to have the faster drivers in the higher league(s) and the slower drivers in the lower league(s). In this case, drivers will be assigned to a league based on a specified time trial event. If we only get enough drivers for one league, spots will be assigned in the order the drivers signed up in.

League format:
The season will feature 10 race events, each consisting of one, 45 minute long race.

Race night format:
- 20:00 - Qualifying - 15 minutes
- 20:10 - Warmup - 5 minutes
- 20:15 - Race - (Approx. 45 minutes)

Note: The specified times are approximates and may fluctuate slightly as the event progresses, depending on how smoothly things go.


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Apr 26, 2015

The following lobby settings will be used for the IndyCar league races in Season 2.

Maximum Grid Size: 16
Opponents All Identical Car: Yes
Car Class: IndyCar

Rolling Start: Yes
Qualifying: 15 mins
Warmup: 5 mins
Number of Laps: Dependent on the track/race

Weather: Dependent on the track/race
Weather Progression: Sync-to-race
Date Type: Custom (real date of the race)
Starting Time: Dependent on the track/race
Time Progression: Real Time

Force Interior View: No
Force Manual Gears: No
Force Realistic Driving Aids: No
Force Default Setups: No

Damage: Performance Impacting
Mechanical Failures: No
Tyre Wear: Slow
Fuel Usage: On
Auto Start Engine: Yes

Flags & Penalties: On
Allow Ghosted Vehicles: No


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Apr 26, 2015


A selection of 8 pre-determined liveries will be available for the drivers to choose from.

At the start of the season, after the leagues and driver placements have been announced, a thread will be opened within each league's subforum where livery selection will take place.

The selection of liveries will be on a 'first come, first served' basis, with drivers who competed in season 1 having priority.


Each livery can be selected by a maximum of 2 drivers. Drivers who select the same livery will be classed as teammates, and score points together for the Team Championship.

After the livery selection process has concluded, drivers are obliged to stick to their chosen team/livery for the full season.


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Apr 26, 2015

The following points will be scored for each race finishing position in the races.

1st - 25 points
2nd - 20 points
3rd - 17 points
4th - 14 points
5th - 12 points
6th - 10 points
7th - 8 points
8th - 6 points
9th - 4 points
10th - 3 points
11th - 2 points
12th - 1 points
>13th - 0 points

Pole Position - 1 point

DNF / DSQ - 0 points

Clarification on DNFs:
- Drivers need to have completed at least 90% of the race distance in order to score full points for their classified position.
- Drivers who complete between 75% and 90% of the race distance will be eligible to score half points for their classified position.
- Drivers who complete less than 75% of the race distance will score 0 points, regardless of their classified position.


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Apr 26, 2015

For league related enquiries or questions, your first point of contact should be a staff member within the league you are assigned to - preferably the League Coordinator. Upon joining a league, it will be made clear who your League Coordinator is.

Example reasons to contact them could be:

To inform them that you're missing a race
To get information about your league
If you are unhappy about something, either with regards to a race or on the forums

If you have an issue with your League Coordinator and would rather discuss the issue with someone else, then seek out another person from the below list and address the issue to them. Our Coordinators and Moderators are expected to remain completely unbiased, and as long as you address the situation sensibly and maturely they will be happy to discuss any issues no matter who it is with.

The following members are currently part of the team running the AOR IndyCar Leagues:

General Overseers:
@FisiFan91 and @Sean

PS4 Coordinators:
@C-FOGARTY and @YabbaTheHutt

XB1 Coordinators:
@Sean and @Def
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