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XB1 AOR IndyCar League Season 2 - Tier 2 Round 5 Road America


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Apr 26, 2015
It was the corner before the carousel on lap 2. Very very minor contact but this game is just stupid and gave me massive damage :mad:
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Apr 26, 2015
Its alright. Any other game the contact would have done nothing but pcars manages to find new ways of screwing people over every week :(


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Aug 9, 2016
I saved my vod this time, yay! Timestamps are in the description
Yeah i'm very sorry about our contact, at the time that race was pretty hectic but to be honest it's just stupid how you got damage from that :woot:


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Aug 22, 2016
I hate this track... and myself today!

Well, I had little time to practice today and in all of that hurry to get a good setup and a good lap time, I totally forgot to put on the Alternate tyres!
I had gone into this race moaning about the track, the setup and the car and didn't realised that all I had to do was change the tyres! :banghead:
Well quali was **** because of that, of course.

On race start, @Wizard infront of me had a slow start and with @TheIceberg next to me and @ReconEagle behind me, I had nowhere to go, except from the grass. I came back on track, @ReconEagle had overtaken me and into turn 1 I was surprised by early braking, hit @ReconEagle in the rear and gone wide in T1. I dropped back to the back of the field. During a couple of battles, @TheGiant19 crashed into my back, wich caused damage at my car, so that I had to pit. After I came back out of the pits, I realised something strange on my tyres. That was the moment I realised my MASSIVE **** up with the tyres! :banghead:
At least I had a bit of fun, because the tyres felt very good! A couple of spins, overtakes and a pitstop later, we were at the last laps of the race, when bad luck himself decided to struck on me again. I was closing on @ToXiCxHenS massively, with only a 2 or 3 laps to go, @ToXiCxHenS ran wide in T1, hit the outside wall and spun back onto the track, I had nowhere to go. Massive damage was the result of that, I crawled back to the pits and brought P7 home.

@ToXiCxHenS you had no fault for this accident at all! It was bad luck! No worries mate!

Well, with this **** track out of the way, the rest of the tracks are quite good, so everything to look forward to!
Looking forward to see ya'all back on track! (y)



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Apr 19, 2017
@Knopels yeah apologies for that, you got a much worse run out of the corner and I just misjudged it under breaking. It gave me slight damage and I wasn't sure how it had effected you so I stayed just ahead for a bit until I saw if you had to pit or not, and I would have let you past if you didn't need to, but we both saw how that went, I binned it later in the lap so I had to pit too.
If it wasn't for that lap and a stupid crash just ahead of some people who would have lapped me I would have had a great race, I didn't really have any pace in qualifying but in the race I did much better and could have had at least had a much closer 8th place, possibly a better position, but I'll take 8th
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Mar 20, 2014
Qualifying Session: 4th
Not my best lap (was 1.44.7) but I would be equally started in P4.
1.44.9 just moments away form the end, P1, but in a few seconds P2, P3 and @Platfoot overtake me in the standing when the qualy is over. So P4 ;)

Racing Session: 3rd
My idea was...maybe I can do double overtake and go in P1 after the first corner but was so dangerous! :) I started well, I used immediately the PTP but I slowed-down a bit because there is no space to overtake, 6/7 cars all together :wacky: Overtake on @Platfoot and P3. In the first laps the situation was very close, quite battle to avoid the incidents, at some point @Sean in the pit and other PTP for me to overtake @TM_Taz . P1 now but side by side battle now, and little contact, but this means damage for both :( Big damage at lap #3 but if I go in the pit now, this means 2 pitstop...isn't a good idea...I continued, other guys with issues, I saw @ReconEagle in P2 and "ok mate, go on, go to win this race" ;) My racepace with damage was 1.48low/1.47high
Pitstop I think at lap number #14
@Skippy is behind me, @TM_Taz pitted one lap after me and I overtake him while he exit from the pit.
P3 now and @TM_Taz decides to broke my hands...because he push lap by lap and I do the same ;) :D to defend my position and to try to recovery on @TheIceberg who is ahead me with 10s of gap.
The gap between me and @TM_Taz was up/down about 2/3 seconds for all the 2nd part of the race.
I used all PTP and at the end 3s of gap between me and @TheIceberg
P3, podium, and very happy for the victory of my team-m8 @ReconEagle ;) (y)(y)(y)
We extended the leadership in team championship and now @ReconEagle 1st in Driver Championship, and me in P2 with only 3 points behind. The best scenario after middle-season :cool: #WildBoyzRulez (but we'll not fight like Rosberg-Hamilton or Ocon-Perez or Ericsson-Nasr in 2016 :wacky:)

and then, start the music!!!

Cheers to all guys, now break-week and see ya next round at Brno...with Thunderstorm!?!?!?! OMG! :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::D Will be fun! :D

ps: Sean stop to say bad-words on WildBoyz before the session if you want to finish without issues one race :p:p:p

Dave M.

Pro Karter
May 1, 2017
i had another great race (dq) congrats to @RedonEagle. I'll c y'all in 2 weeks with a better attitude nd better finishes :hurting: lots of practice till next race cheers


AOR XB1 GT3 S11 Tier 3 Champion
Jan 16, 2014
Q:8th. Not totally happy with the car before the race and in 30 min before the race had some good tweaks for qualifying, only to find out my batteries were low and had no feedback on the controller. Quickly switched but was too late to improve my laptime otherwise it would've been 1.45.0/2. Worst qualifying of the grid so far and it seems i'm starting only further in the middle of the grid. from row 2 to row 4 is a big difference. Just shows the field is getting closer and closer.
@ToXiCxHenS close to his goal as well qualifying P9 instead of 8th...going in the right direction :)

With @Hayden_430, @SmokingPuppy841 & @aerosmudge coming after break week / last races the field might be hussled again or even more competitive in qualifying and the race.

R: 1st
What to say? After a perfect start managed to get inbetween @Knopels & @TheIceberg right behind @Wizard. So got from P7 to P5 after @Skippy backed out the field. ( I don't know what is causing your lag just before the race :( ). Somehow i knew i passed Knopels, but still we had contact in T1, luckily i had no damage and could follow Wizard. Followed him so literally we both went wide at T2 :p, so the @TheIceberg passed me again. What happened after that was an epic 6 way battle for the lead in the opening laps where the top 6 just kept switching positions. 1 Team Conway vs 1 team Momentum esports vs 2 Glacier Bigfoots vs 2 #Wildboyz!! Everyone made some good overtakes and if we ran wide or off we just let each other pass and come back in line to continue further.
It was crucial for me to get pass both Glacier Bigfoots for the team championship and somehow i managed to do just that sitting in P2 behind Wizard. Then i noticed Wizard was struggling, because he had damage and giving me P1, like i gave him space in Laguna Seca.

With Wizard as bodyguard i managed to pull a 4-7 sec gap to @TheIceberg who was very fast at times (both Bigfoots btw), but kept making little mistakes so i didn't get too pressured. After the pitstops everything remained the same, luckily for me @Platfoot was on a 2 stop with his 1.43/44 laptimes as i saw him pitting with Wizard and me in L14, while i tried to drive consistent 45's.
So P1 in the end with another double podium for #Wildboyz! with @Wizard in P3 and another Glacier Bigfoot driver on the podium. Team championship will be very interesting with so far the fastest 8 drivers in our league in 4 teams. so @Sean get that Honda engine out of the way to finish up front where you belong :p Plus everyone is waiting for a new Press thread or is @Chiraq right and we don't get any more? :p

So far already a better season for me than S1, having more podiums, a (2nd indycar) win and more points after 5 races than i had in 6, but this championship is still not over.
Plus i hope Toto Wolff & Niki Lauda let Wizard & me race without having some strange Catalunya / Red Bull incidents as we are leading both championships;)

P.S see the opening laps for yourself in this epic 6 way battle
<iframe frameborder=0 webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen scale="tofit" width="640" height="365" style="max-width:100%" src=""></iframe>

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Nov 28, 2015
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OMG its Jo

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Apr 4, 2017
Unfortunately I'm going to have to step out of this league for a while atleast, since I just don't have enough time for life really.
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