AOR iRacing Endurance Championship - Season 1 Round 4 - Canadian Tire Motorsport Park |

AOR iRacing Endurance Championship - Season 1 Round 4 - Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

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Mar 10, 2019
Having done some practice tonight for this race, I think it would be best if I sat this race out. I'm much slower than anticipated and feel I would be a danger to others over the course of the race with my lack of track experience and ability. I have no time prior to the race tomorrow to practice and am unsure if I will be back in time for the race start so thought it would be best to withdraw from the race in advance. I should definitely be back for the Nurburgring finale.
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Dec 5, 2018
I don't know if I'll be able to make it to the race :( PC is bluescreening all around, ordered a new mainboard which should arrive any minute - let's hope I get it running in time.


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Apr 26, 2018
We are racing as well, but it does seam like we are gonna be very few on track :/
Any skin pack for this round?


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Feb 3, 2018
Alex Weitzel can't race today and I might not take part as well (my gf will arrive from airport without keys during race)

Knor The Dragon

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Jan 19, 2014
Q: 3rd
R: 1st!

We won by being a LMP1 who didn't put it in a wall :ROFLMAO: +10 Survivalbility

But in all seriousness, we had to work for it by keeping our slow tractor on the road and not running over too many GT's, driving for almost 3/4 of the race was test of my metal with how concentrated you had to be in the faster class, but good on everyone for trying to survive and especially @FisiFan91 for being a trooper with his Ferrari that looked like it had just been pulled from the scrapyard.


Hoping for a good turnout to the season finale at Nurburgring and I think its going to be a cracker (y)

@AOR Midg3t

Merlin Cooper

GP2 Reserve Driver
Nov 2, 2017
This was the first overall Podium for "Porsche Endurance Racing". Key to success was not making any unforced failures and doing consistent laps times.

Other team's seemed to have bad luck or where simply driving with the slogan "Win it - or bin it" o_O

  • P10 in Qualifying was within the expected range and to P5 was acceptable with 0.5 sec.
  • Laptime wasn't the best I could do but given that I really don't like lone qualifying it was o.k. for me.
  • Start of the race went fine. Was nicley covered in the middle of a group of cars.
  • Gained some positions in the first view laps because others where going of track or loosing time fighting for position.
  • Had some good luck in lap 7 avoiding Car#28 as the other driver lost control at the entry to clayton corner.
  • In lap 11 I made a mistake by getting distracted by Car#167 which was really getting bigger in my mirror very fast. Went to wide, and was going off track. Better should have focused to the corners in front of me.
  • The rest of my stint I was just focusing on doing consistent lap times and not getting into trouble when getting lapped by the LMP1.
Due to @poisike78 doing a race without failures and all others making major mistakes we were suddenly on the podium by just doing consistent lap-times and using the driving motto "Safe is fast"

At the end the race did get a little boring with just 4-6 teams running.
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