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AOR iRacing Endurance Championship Season 1 - Sign Up Thread


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Aug 26, 2014

Welcome one and all to the all new endurance championship on AOR! A different discipline entirely compared to the GTE League and Formula 3 League. We'll be running a 5 round season, with races spread out over the official iRacing season. We've set up to avoid clashes with the official eLMS series too. As it is endurance, this will be a multi-class league, running the GTE and LMP1 classes! That means there will be a total of 4 choices for the GTE cars and 2 choices for the LMP1 cars.

This league will be run slightly different to the usual leagues as this will be exclusively be a teams championship. Each team will consist of between 1-3 drivers. Therefore those who want to tackle this league alone can do so, but those who want to make it a true team event can do that. Therefore there is no drivers championship, solely a team championship.

There are benefits to both 1-3 team sizes. If you're running alone, obviously you get bragging rights and a real feel for endurance racing. Driving with 1 or 2 others can mean you can do an early stint if you're need to get off early.

This championship's calendar is in sync with the GTE league. They are separate championships obviously, but those who sign up to both will not be impaired by having to learn an additional track that week.

General Information
What day and time do events start? Race nights will be on Saturday Nights. There will be 3 hour races, with qualifying commencing at 18:15 (GMT). This series will not be run every week so be sure to check the calendar for what weeks we are racing.

When will the season start? The first race of the season will be 16/3/2019. There will be 5 races spread over 9 weeks.

What are the entry requirements? As welcoming as AOR is to drivers of all abilities, it should be said that this is not a league for beginners, and people who have not driven these cars will not be accepted into the league. With hopefully big grids, and the process that is multi-class racing. We need to be confident that drivers are able to keep control of their cars and run at a safe pace on track. Therefore you must meet the following requirements to race in this league:

● LMP1
All drivers must have competed in at least 2 official iLMS or eLMS races. Alternatively have competed in at least one special event in an LMP1 car.
Minimum 1.5k iRating, but those under 2k will be monitored.

All drivers must have competed in at least 2 official IMSA/iLMS or eLMS races in a GTE car. Alternatively have competed in at least one special event or 2 AOR GTE League races.
Minimum 1k iRating, but those under 1.5k will be monitored. Drivers will iRating less than 1k will not be accepted into the league.

Any driver under C Licence will be monitored.

Any driver being monitored will be removed from the championship if we feel they are too slow or too dangerous on track.

How many spaces are available? There will be a maximum of 60 full-time spaces. If these spaces are filled we will have a reserve list for drivers to go on until a space becomes available.

What happens if I'm on the reserve list? If you're on the reserve list, there will still be opportunities to race if a main team can't make a race. We do not accept drivers who wish to sign up as a reserve. If you're on the reserve list then when a space becomes available, you will be moved onto the main list.

How is the Championship structured? The Championship consists of 5 race nights featuring one race per night.

Race night structure?
Practice: 45 minutes starting at 17:30 (GMT)
Lone qualifying: 4 laps/15 minutes starting at 18:15 (GMT)
Race: 3 hours/180 minutes race with grid based on qualifying order with a rolling start beginning from 18:32 (GMT)
More details can be found in the rules thread.

Are setups permitted? The Championship is open to setup modification.

What is the points system? The points system can be found in the league rules thread.

Full details on points scoring can be found in the rules thread.

Are there any recommended files to download? If you so wish to create your own team livery you can find all car livery templates under the "Paint" section of the iRacing website. Trading Paints is recommended to upload and show off your livery on race nights as well as making the rest of the grid look suited and booted!

There are also useful fuel calculators out there! You can get one here!

You are also encouraged and welcome to join the Official AOR Discord, people join the specific channel for the league races.

You will also need to sign up to the league via iRacing here

How to Sign-Up:

Step 1 - You need to provide the following information:

Username - This is your AOR Forum name
iRacing Name - This is your iRacing name, include numbers if there are any.
Nationality - This is your nationality, not what region iRacing puts you.
Car choice/class - If you have not yet decided which car you and/or your team intend to race in, then at least choose a class.
Team name - Even if you're running on your own, you still need a team name. We can't have 12 'Privateer' teams.
Teammates/Size - Please name your team-mates.
Car Number - Please choose a number between 00 and 99. If you want 7 for example, then write 07. Car #01 is reserved for the champion and cannot be used by anyone this season.
Team ID - To find your Team ID. Go to iRacing, click on 'My Teams', then at the top on the right, it will tell you your Team ID. You may also be able to find it in the URL if you search for yourself through iRacing. This is public information. Anybody can get your Customer ID. This is massively important for the skin pack and broadcast.
iRating - your current iRating as of your sign up post.
Safety Rating - Your current Safety Rating and License class, e.g. B4.50

1. 72117

2. 72118

3. 72119

Step 2 - Sending in your livery:
You will also need to send your iRacing livery over here. This is also mandatory to be accepted into the league. Again, this is public information, anybody can download your livery if they know what they are doing. This is again important for broadcast. Even if you just use a livery from trading paints.

Click here to find out how you do that.

Due to the time required to get the skins and information added to our overlay and skin pack, any new sign ups after the Wednesday before each race will not be able to participate in the race the following Saturday.

For this league we need a large grid and a good level of attendance. If we do not reach this, then this league will not be going ahead.

Driver List: (0/60)

Can i get all Drivers to fill this one out pls :) It is for me to get all the Drivers Cutstomer ID

List of the drivers who have sent their customer ID in

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Oct 19, 2016
Username - @Stephan
iRacing Name - Stephan Kamke
Nationality - German
Car choice - Boaty McBoatface a.k.a. BMW M8
Team name
- ACME Racing
Teammates/Size - solo
Car Number - 82
Customer ID - 288190
Team ID - 122417
iRating - 1534
Safety Rating - A4.99
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Formula 4 Test Driver
May 17, 2018
Username - @Izzizo
iRacing Name - Mathias Salo Christensen
Nationality - Danish
Car choice - TBA?
Team name - TBA?
Teammates/Size - solo
Car Number - 47
Customer ID - TBA?
iRating - 1539
Safety Rating - A4.51

Justin || Taz

F1 Senna Equivalent
Dec 27, 2016
Username - @Justin || Taz
iRacing Name - JJ Parkinson
Nationality - British
Car choice - BMW M8
Team name - ACME Racing Taz Mania
Teammates/Size - TBC
Car Number - 70
Team ID - 122475
Customer ID - 320877
iRating - 1122
Safety Rating - C1.38
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Niclas Domino

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Jul 31, 2016
Username - @Niclas Domino
iRacing Name - Niclas Domino
Nationality - Danich
Car choice - Audi R18 LMP1!!!
Team name
- PCDC Motorsports Red
Teammates/Size - @Afterlithe/2 drivers
Car Number - 07
Customer ID -
iRating - 2004
Safety Rating - A 4.99
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Jun 20, 2018
Username - @BenOnWheels
iRacing Name - Ben Warren
Nationality - British
Car choice - BMW M8
Team name - PCDC Motorsports Blue
Teammates/Size - @Tom Bridle 2-man team
Car Number - 23
Team ID - 122414
iRating - 2869
Safety Rating - A 2.60
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Apr 26, 2018
Username - Lindholdt
iRacing Name - Daniel Lindholdt
Nationality - Danish
Car choice/class - BMW M8 GTE
Team name - DHTM Racing
Teammates/Size - @Pretender & @IAteAGnomeOnce
Car Number -
Team ID - 121345
iRating -1484
Safety Rating - A.3.48
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AOR iRacing GTE S8 AM Champion
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Dec 20, 2017
Username - @Pretender
iRacing Name - Chris Yardley
Nationality - UK
Car choice/class - BMW M8 GTE
Team name - TBC Racing (placeholder)
Teammates/Size - @Lindholdt @IAteAGnomeOnce
Car Number - TBA
Team ID - 121345
iRating -1446
Safety Rating - B3.49
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Aug 11, 2018
Username - @mike66187
iRacing Name - Mike Schepers
Nationality -NL
Car choice/class - TBC
Team name - TBC
Teammates/Size - TBC
Car Number - 96
Customer ID - 233103
Safety Rating - A4.x

Merlin Cooper

GP2 2nd Driver
Nov 2, 2017
Username - @Merlin Cooper
iRacing Name - Merlin Cooper
Nationality - AUT
Car choice - Porsche 911RSR
Team name - Porsche Endurance Racing
Teammates/Size - @poisike78, @Nagrom / 3
Car Number - #66
Customer ID - 222557
Team ID - 122415
iRating - 2053
Safety Rating - A4.99
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Rin Hato

AOR Space Race Champion
Oct 17, 2016
Username - @Rin Hato
iRacing Name - Sara Dove
Nationality - UK
Car choice/class - GTE, TBD
Team name - Team AOR Hime
Teammates/Size - None
Car Number - 77
Team ID - 86671
Customer ID - 137764
iRating - 3036
Safety Rating - B3.74
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Team AOR Driver
Jun 5, 2017
Username - @Charlie9000
iRacing Name - Charlie Summers
Nationality - UK
Car choice/class - Porsche 919
Team name - Team AOR Scandinavia
Teammates/Size - Waldo/Large
Car Number - #88
Customer ID - 102791
iRating - 59XX
Safety Rating - A4.99
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2SRL Thimo

Junior Karter
Mar 5, 2019
Username - @2SRL Thimo
iRacing Name - Thimo Braun
Nationality - Germany
Car choice/class - GTE, (Big) BMW M8 GTE
Team name - 2S Endurance Team-O Braun
Teammates/Size - Solo atm - Don't think that'll change, but the possibility exists
Car Number - #21
Customer ID - 334232
Team ID - 121932
iRating - 1690 (at this very moment)
Safety Rating - A 4.86 (at this moment aswell)
I didn't drive 2 IMSA or eLMS races so far, but I plan on doing the whole eLMS season 2, also I have driven 8h of the 24h of Daytona and 6h of the 12h of Sebring, both in the Ferrari 488 GTE. I hope that should qualify me for a seat. Looking forward to hit the track!
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F1 Schumacher Equivalent
Apr 26, 2015
Username - @ramdrop
iRacing Name - Jason S Dyer
Nationality - UK
Car choice/class - Ferrari 488 GTE
Team name - RevolutionSimRacing Pink
Teammates/Size - Solo
Car Number - #31
Team ID - 113080
iRating - 57XX
Safety Rating - A4.59
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Semi-Pro Karter
Mar 6, 2019
Username - @Dareks
iRacing Name - Darko Nikolin
Nationality - Serbia
Car choice - TBD
Team name - TBD
Teammates/Size - Just me for now
Car Number - First free
Customer ID - 69138
- 3000
Safety Rating -A 4.62


AOR PCars PC Ginetta GT5 S1 T2 Champion
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iRacing Coordinator
Feb 28, 2018
Username - TBD
iRacing Name - Ranno Luuk
Nationality - Estonian
Car choice/class - Lightning McQueen / GTE
Team name - Rust-eze Medicated Bumper Ointment Team
Teammates/Size - Mater? / TBD
Car Number - #95
Customer ID - 353014
iRating - 2020 (subtract about 500 to get a more realistic idea about my pace)
Safety Rating - A 4.96
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rFactor2 Coordinator
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rFactor2 Coordinator
Feb 20, 2018
Username - @I_Barclaycard
iRacing Name - Isaac Barclay2
Nationality - British
Car choice - Porsche LMP1
Team name - NoWifi Infinity Racing
Teammates/Size - TBC
Car Number - 36
Customer ID - 113337
iRating - 1573
Safety Rating - A4.33
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Peter Hayward

Formula 4 2nd Driver
Feb 4, 2018
Username - Spudbuster7
iRacing Name - Peter Hayward
Nationality - British
Car choice - Porsche
Team name - No Wifi Infinity Racing LMP
Teammates/Size - TBC (Will edit this post once I find out)
Car Number - 8
Customer ID - 285438
- 1650
Safety Rating - A 4.99
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