AOR iRacing GTE League Season 6 - Classes announced |

AOR iRacing GTE League Season 6 - Classes announced

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Oct 19, 2016

Hello everyone!

After 3 awesome rounds of close racing, we've assigned the classes for most drivers and are happy to announce the placements!

Here are the classes and all the drivers, in no particular order:

D. SosulskiM. SlumanB. Willemsen
M. SchepersC. DubreucqS. Kamke
J. ThielenE. ImrayA. Washington
C. VilaP GaillardN. Domino
E. MariinskyF. FoqueM. Cooper
D. GadermayrS. BlackwoodK. v. Eijk
J.S. DyerJ. HoppéB. Hitchcock
C. ClimaS. DoveJ. Smith
C. HolsteinA. GodefroyV. Mateos
A. HebsgaardA. Langham - ServiceD. Lindholdt
M. DrechslerR. LeMeecR. Brenneman
P. ReidR. C. GibbonsT. Le Gall
J. HonzikK. MartinsenM. Zelenika
C. M. BellC. Yardley
K. GuilleuxJJ Parkinson
A. BlommeJ. Towns
J. HowsonJ. Myer
S. MoraineJ. Klaiber
R. LuukS. Modde
S. Moraine
G. Furtos
P. Martins
S. Reithmuller
R. Fletcher
M. Miles
J. White
D. Nikolin
D. Page
R. Deville
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Aug 6, 2016
We've assigned 4 new drivers to a class and changed the class of 3 drivers as we feel they were misplaced. See the updates below:

@Zagato Furtos AM -> Pro/AM
@Reith Reithmuller AM -> Pro/AM
@Paulo Martins P. Martins AM -> Pro/AM

@joshualuke1993 J. White -> Pro/AM
@boofon R. Fletcher -> Pro/AM
@Jardier J. Honzik -> Pro
@devoutfire3 M. Miles -> Pro/Am

The table in the OP is updated with these changes.
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