AOR iRacing GTE League Season 8 - Round 3: Barcelona |

AOR iRacing GTE League Season 8 - Round 3: Barcelona


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Feb 12, 2019
sorry im stuck in horrific traffic. I wont be home in time to race. Sorry for the late notice.


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Jun 19, 2017
Super late notice can’t drive, I’ve found a woman that I think doesn’t hate me so I’m taking tonight off to confirm that
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Niclas Domino

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Jul 31, 2016
Really superb rejoin on first lap @Niclas Domino ! Thank you very much for ruining my race on first lap. You are great! Keep up the good work (y)
Yea that was my fault sorry, but stop with the bitching there m8 i don't care for it, and i won't stand for it. I made a mistake, i that i will say i am sorry for, but maybe don't write right after the race m8


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Sep 9, 2017
Sh*t track, sh*t track temp, sh*t confidence. Thanks Catalunya, hope we never see you again.
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Jun 20, 2018
Got meatball with like 8 minutes to go, decided to chance it and try to see if I could finish without getting disqualified. It was one lap too much.... Also this track turned out to be way less fun to drive than what I initially thought when they announced it, hope we never come here again.


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Oct 19, 2016
I was quick for once :(
P14 in Q, was a great lap, personal best.
Car felt superb.
Sadly, lap 1 didn't end too well with 13min repairs :(
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Aug 20, 2017
Was quite literally the most boring race of all time, but eh, P4 overall is way better than I could've hoped for all things considered.

Lost a place off the start, gained a lot from a kerfuffle at turn 4 and then chilled in P5 all race. Passed John Hallipro when his tyres fell off, and fought off a bit of a threat from Christopher Profeffer near the end. 1 on-track pass and I was let through - pretty boring, and the race felt eternal, but the result is way better than I could've bargained for.

Condolences to the other Tepa representatives, Pro-Amlex Schmidt and Arjan van Pro-Amtten. You guys deserved better in this race but showed a lot of potential. And of course @Rienk, today just wasn't your day (weebs shouldn't crash into each other ffs).

And congrats of course to our winners tonight, Jake Pro-Amders, Christopher Profeffer, @N1kmido and Ross Got Wood-ford.
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Aug 24, 2019
Q: 1st time under 1:40 :giggle:. P17
R: Some incident in front of me in turn 7, but pass with a lot of lack.
There are I can hear the messages from maneger: 1st time TOP 20, 1st time TOP 20. But PIT CREW did not understand it and after refueling going to change the tires (ferrari is always ferrari:LOL:)
There was wery intrested 2nd stint to catch final P22 from 33 i think.

Ps: during some freezes in that track i drowe with all graphic set to medium...
OMG: First of all congratulations for the podium and organisation...
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VSR Davidben

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Aug 13, 2017
Started p19, was really happy with my quali run

Took my drive through on lap 2 which put me in 39th, made it up to 25th but had some fast pro-am drivers and i couldnt pass, some nice driving but i had a spin (sorry whoever hit me as i lost the rear), caused Ruthmuller to spin at turn 8, so decieed to yeild 6 places and return the place to him, and it was there i stayed in 31st for the remainder of the race. Well done @VSR_Neptune on the AM win!
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Sep 2, 2018
Hum, I don't know what to think...

Nowhere in pace in iLMS races, just changed setup 30 min before the end of practice and the car was much better, but still not great. That track really don't suit my driving style but I think the key here was tire management. Allowed me to push when needed and it was clear others were struggling from half of the race. Also benefited from 1st lap big one...

4-5 laps to the end I really thought @FisiFan91 was gonna catch me bringing some unwanted guests with him but I think they had no tires left and that makes the most unexpected top 10 ever for me :cool:

Niclas Domino

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Jul 31, 2016
Race Replay


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Jun 20, 2018
Hi guys, I'm sorry I left during the practice session. I was suffering with the blue screen of death. The issue appears to have been fixed but unfortunately I wasn't able to get back in for quali and the race, my apologies.
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Dec 10, 2017
The Sandbags got released in my first race with a P6 Overall in Quali, I had a pretty fun first stint with battling a lot of other faster guys (or holding them up, call it whatever you want). Meanwhile I tried to look after my front left tyre through the entire race or season if you count officials, but sadly for whatever reason my car has a bad sandbag distrubtion so my front left gets Yeeted every race I do. After the pitstop everything went downhill because I got jumped in the pits, I lost all my pace and made a lot of mistakes which put me in P13 Overall. That was prob one of the better tracks for me in the Season in terms of pace and I cant wait to drive with proper Graphics settings and no practice in Road Atlanta. #GodSaveOurTires