AOR iRacing GTE League Season 9 - Round 1: Imola |

AOR iRacing GTE League Season 9 - Round 1: Imola

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Dec 20, 2016
i thought we got DQ at 24 inc - and had a drive thru at 18(or 20) - I'm pretty sure i got DQ'd at 20 and had no drive thru..

Having a nightime race as first round not very noob friendly....
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Rin Hato

AOR Space Race Champion
Oct 17, 2016
Agree - that was a big pile-up. And looking at the replay with static camera I can see a lot of people not significantly slowing down :-(

Some where lucky and made their way through others had bad luck.
I lifted slightly, but the spotter told me "Slow car on the left" and my view ahead was blocked by the car I was following until it was too late, I didn't realise the whole track was blocked. I did a bad.

Merlin Cooper

GP2 2nd Driver
Nov 2, 2017
Could not really say what is cause and effect - but there went a lot wrong in lap3. Interested to see what the stewards are going to do. I do assume that we do not have to file an inquiry for this issue.



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Oct 24, 2017
Could not really say what is cause and effect - but there went a lot wrong in lap3. Interested to see what the stewards are going to do. I do assume that we do not have to file an inquiry for this issue.
I'm the red and white ferrari there. It's easy to see the pile up and slowing down, but people keep coming almost full speed :(


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Sep 2, 2018
May I suggest some of the newcomers to pay more attention on the "blue flag" section in the rules of the league...

On a personnal part, the race would have been absolute fun if my connection wasn't bad at the point where I was losing force feedback here and there until the very last lap where I couldn't even shift gears...
I was a bit worried about doing a night race here for the first round of the season but, in front of the pile up, things stayed very clean I think.
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Apr 26, 2018
also for Round 2, can we please have Race Control tell us when we can go out...when to line up etc etc
In the 1st post in this thread, there is a nice table that is very specific about when the different classes can do what. It even has the in-game timer minutes added, so it's very easy to see when you can qualify and when you have to stop.
It's very helpful and informative.


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Aug 24, 2019
would like to personally congratulate all the drivers who failed to slow down for the yellow flags...turning it into a 17 CAR PILE UP...

and thanks to Koderman for taking Van Eijk on the inside at turn 4 that was never going to were bound to understeer into him and cause the incident

also for Round 2, can we please have Race Control tell us when we can go out...when to line up etc etc
Comon man, please stop to be a loyer in that case. We got a steward and they take a desigion.
And next time not sed me a message in the middle of the race.


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Jul 12, 2018
Pretty brutal race that, first time being disqualified on iracing, got a stupid slow down penalty on lap 1 and couldn't get rid of it, was a 1.5 sec penalty but probably cost me like 10 sec. I then got into a few battles and picked up alot of silly 4x. Had like 15x and top speed damage by lap 3 lol making my race completely compromised and picked up another 4x with a clumsy pit entry. And after that was a tall task to not get another 1x in like 45 mins.
Shame as I feel only 1 of the 4x was my fault and actually felt like a real 4x, all the others where from really small contact and a back marker.
Still had alot of fun though and excited for next round pace seemed promising.
Didn't know it was going to be bloody night either lol
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Feb 28, 2018
Please don't talk for everybody, the post had the in-sim time and date posted, so you only have yourself to blame if you didn't know. :)
The people who have been here longer probably assumed the conditions will be the same as official race because that's been the case as long as I have been here, so we didn't really check the conditions in the first post. Luckily for me, I had teammates who paid more attention than me. :)


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Nov 12, 2016
I assumed that it would be similar to an official series. I expected the last 1/3 or 1/2 of the race to be in darkness! It gave me a shock when after 15min of practice it was going dark! :LOL: Having been running mid 37s with race fuel in daylight, finding myself running mid 38s in the dark with Q fuel in practice was concerning! Thankfully some graphics tweaks helped me out. Forgetting to un-check the tyres before my first pitstop killed my race! anyway!:(


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Dec 20, 2016
I was hoping it would be the same as official events as being a noob I need all the practice I can get....however also being new I did read the thread a bit more thoroughly and did a bit of practice in the dark (didn't do me much good tho' :oops:)

My "race" went pretty much as I thought it would apart from not qualifying last - but those behind me were faster so I let them thru anyway. I was 1.5-2secs slower in the dark than I could do in the daylight so had it not been a night race maybe I could have been closer (still last, but closer). I managed to tag onto the back of @Lanmanify for a couple of corners then a half spin, at a place where i'd not had any issues at all during practice, meant I was on my own and then spent the rest of the race staying out of the way being lapped, collecting a few incidents as I did so until the DQ finished me.

I was very frustrated with my performance this race, but considering I was fresh out of Rookies when the league was announced and only just got to "C" when I signed up and only got to the minimum required iR a week or so ago, I guess it's to be expected that i'm not going to do great...
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Oct 19, 2016
This race was super hard work.
Had decent pace in practice, but, of course, messed up my qualifying and was half a sec slower than in practice.

Race start was OK, settling in. Somehow managed to avoid the big crash in lap 3. From then onwards, was battling @CarbonUK all race, staying within 1-2 seconds, pushing every single lap, all race long. Attempted the undercut twice, almost got it on the 2nd stop, almost! Sadly Jamie spun with a few laps to go, gifting me 2nd in class but removing the chance to battle to the line.
Glad it didn't cost Jamie any more class positions. Was a well deserved podium. @CarbonUK your consistency was annoying :)

Had also @poisike78 behind me for a good part of the race. Ranno was quite a bit faster, but never made a serious attempt to get by. I think I defended into the hairpin once, early on in the race, but once I noticed Rannos pace advantage, I decided not to fight if he goes for it, hoping Ranno would slow down Jamie when catching him, but Ranno never went for the move.



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Mar 4, 2015
So apparently I've been called out for running the boost 5 setting for the first stint. I have no idea how that happened and neither if that is a bad thing or not.

Best I've ever done on this track by a country mile (as far as I can remember), hopefully the gaps won't be as huge next week. Grats to Rainer again on the first win!
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Nov 2, 2019
Some people in this thread seriously need to calm down, it was the first race of a nine race long season, with many new faces, there's gonna be trouble. For me, there were also some instances where I was annoyed during the race about the behavior of another driver, but I'll let it slide because there are always two sides to a story and I doubt that anybody in this league would hit somebody on purpose.