AOR iRacing GTE League Season 9 - Round 4: Le Mans |

AOR iRacing GTE League Season 9 - Round 4: Le Mans

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Aug 8, 2016

AOR iRacing GTE League | Season 9 | Round 4
Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans | 24 Heures du Mans
R4 Le Mans.png

Date: 27/01/2020

In-sim Time/Date settings:

Date: 27/01/2020
Practice will begin at: 1600
Qualifying will begin at: 1715
Race will start at: 1800
Speed progression: x1.
Weather: Generated.

18:15 GMT - Practice 1 hour 25 minutes
19:40 GMT - 15 minutes (3 laps) of lone qualifying
19:57 GMT - Race 1h 20 minutes

Qualifying Format:
We are using a different qualifying format for this race. Please see above.

Outstanding penalties:
@Jezza - Drive Through Penalty - served



Reserves Racing:
@Justin || Taz
@Paulo Martins
@Luca Laudato

Skin Pack R4
Skin Pack Install pdf added


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Sep 2, 2018
Coughing and sneezing, definitley not in shape for racing tonight. Sorry.
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May 17, 2018
..... -.-

won't be able to do this one either..... -.- hopefully the last race im gonna miss this season.

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Jan 14, 2014
idk who it was but someone turned me at mulsanne on lap 2, dunno what you were thinking pretty much ruined my race...cheers


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Aug 20, 2017
mill phitchell.jpg
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Aug 6, 2016
Team Tepa, you guys need to stop messing around in the practice session and in the chat. Fine if you want to joke around with eachother, but keep it within your discord chat. Especially during the race, don't spam the chat with bullshit. Also stop taking eachother out in the practice session. We don't mind if you're messing around a bit in practice, but you're pushing it right now.


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Nov 2, 2019
The wing 1 really hurt me yesterday, pace was there but I couldn't keep it on the road with the constant oversteer moments. Race to forget, but some good incentives for the next one at a proper track (imo) :p


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Mar 6, 2017
Completely missed my braking going into turn 2 after 10 minutes of racing and smashed the car into the wall (thankfully I only took myself out). Waited 20 mins (!) of repairs but I had a 15kph deficit on the straights so there was no point carrying on really. I usually try to go the end of the race no matter what happens but keeping on driving wouldn't have gained me anything. It's a shame because I really wanted to at least see the chequered flag for my GTE League debut but these things happen I guess.

Hope I'll be able to join more races in the future though ;)
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