AOR iRacing LM24 Event 2019 - Skin Pack (Submission & Download) |

AOR iRacing LM24 Event 2019 - Skin Pack (Submission & Download)

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Mar 4, 2015

0. Introduction:

For the AOR iRacing Le Mans 24 Hours 2019 event @Niclas Domino is creating a skin pack for the broadcast and for everyone else to use. Therefore, it is mandatory for every team to submit a team livery as a part of the sign-up process by the end of Friday 5th July. In this thread you'll learn how to submit your skin correctly and how to download and implement the skin pack once it's finished.

1. General Skin Pack Info:

A) It is highly recommended that every team is running their own custom design. However, should you want to use a certain trading paints livery you are already using, it is possible to submit that too. You can find more about this under point 3.

B) Every car will be branded by custom decal designs from the skin pack creator. If you want to have a look at how they will look like on your car, you can download the decals for the following cars:
- Porsche 919
- Audi R18
- HPD ARX-01c
- Ferrari 488 GTE
- Ford GT
- Porsche 911 RSR
These decal layers are not to be included on the design when submitted and will be put on by the skin pack creator when he receives the car.

Download decals Here

C) Every skin must be submitted by xxx[Date]xxx. Skins provided after this will not be accepted anymore and not shown on the broadcast. If you submit your skin shortly before the deadline, but has faults (for example still decals on it) and won't be corrected before the deadline, the same consequence applies. Therefore, we encourage every team to submit their skins as soon as possible, so that potential flaws can be ironed out in time.

D) The skin must not have any numberplates on when submitting it, that way I can easaley add the AOR 24H Numberplates.

If you send it like this i will aske you to resubmit
Not like this.PNG

Make sure that your skin looks like this before sending it in.
This is how it needs to be.PNG

If you cant then i will remove them, but it might damage the Skin.

2. How to submit a self-made skin:

A) Save the design without any decals as car_team_xxxxx.tga (the xxxxx is the customer ID). If your Team ID is 107531 the fill you submit are car_107531.tga.
All skins must be submitted by using
this google form.
You can find out your team ID by the following on the iRacing website. Go to Teams -> My Teams. Find the team you want to run the event with in the list, the ID can be found on the bottom right of every team entry there is in the list.

B) It is possible to update your team's skin before the deadline, just submit it in the same way you did the first time.

C) How can i see if my skin has been submitted?
If your name pops up on spreadsheet under point 5, I have received your skin
If the name is in Orange and saying "Pending" we have received it but not processed it yet.
If the name is in Red and saying "Late" we have received it, but after the deadline.
If the name is in Green and saying "Yes" we have received the skin and added it to the skin pack, with decals on.

3. How to submit a skin from Trading Paints:

A) If you want to use a skin that you loaded on your personal car through Trading Paints, it is possible to send this too. Load a test session with said car and make sure the Trading Paints program is open.

B) After the skin is loaded onto your car, press ALT + TAB and go to Documents/iRacing/paints/"car that you are using". You will find your skin under the file name "car_xxxxx.tga", while xxxxx stands for your personal ID. Copy and paste the file into a different folder where it is permanently saved, change the file name to "car_team_xxxxx.tga" (your team ID).

C) Now you can back to point 2 in this thread and submit the skin.

4. How to download and install the finished Skin Pack:

A) The finished skin pack will be available *here* to download once it's completed. As a reminder: It is not mandatory to use the skin pack, but since this one is used for the broadcast, it can look nice to use it yourself too.

B) Unzip the downloaded skin pack in the Documents/iRacing/paints folder. Say yes to override all files. Now you're good to go! Theoretically, it is possible to load all skins by simply starting Trading Paints too. However, it is possible that not every team has uploaded their skin to Trading Paints, therefore a direct implementation is the safest option.

5. List of all teams and submitted skins

6. Questions:

If you have any more questions, either contact @Niclas Domino or put your question down below so we can help you submit your team's skin in the correct way.
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Is it possible to submit the livery with the AOR custom numberplates already on it ?? Would be less work for you :p
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Yea it is acceptable to submit with the AOR decals only on.
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