AOR iRacing LM24 Event 2019 - Team Forming |

AOR iRacing LM24 Event 2019 - Team Forming

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Aug 11, 2016


The sign ups for the 2019 AOR iRacing Le Mans 24 Hour Event have now opened, and we hope to see as many drivers involved as possible! Obviously this is a team event, and to be able to participate you'll be needing yourself some teammates. This thread has been made for drivers who would like to participate in this event, but currently don't have teammates to participate with. All you need to do is declare yourself as someone looking for teammates / a team in this thread, and approach whoever you wish to race with!

How to Reply:

To advertise yourself to other drivers / existing teams, we recommend replying to this thread disclosing some of the following information

1. Contact - social media accounts or mailing details at which you can be contacted
2. League racing experience - show yourself off to make you more desirable!
3. iRating & license
4. Availability during the race


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Jan 17, 2016
Iracing name: Neil Thompson2 Twitter: VRT Verstappen Discord: bailey thompson#3767
SR: C 2.89 Irating: 1379
Car: Porsche 911 RSR as it is the only car I own.


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Jun 27, 2019
Name - Matthew Tina
Country - US (PST)
iRating - 2291
License - B 2.6
Preference - Any GTE, prefer RSR/488/Ford
Availability - The first 16 hours of the race I believe
Contact - Here or Discord @ Matthew#8709
Experience - All special events since 2018 Spa 24 apart from 2018 Petit Le Mans. As for Le Mans, I've done the 2018 iRacing 24, the 2018 iWEC 24 ("Christmans"), and the 2019 iRacing 24

Justin || Taz

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Dec 27, 2016
1. Contact - on here, Twitter - @JustinRacing99, Discord - Justin || Taz #1688
2. League racing experience - Reserve for AOR GTE, completed my first endurance race recently with the official LeMans 24hr
3. iRating & license - A1.45 - 1362
4. Availability during the race - Overnight only really

I can drive ideally the Ferrari or BMW GTE but can also drive the Porsche GTE at a push if needs be
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