PS AOR LMP2 - Round 6 - Algarve


Formula Karter
PS. driver of the day, driver of the season undoubtedly @1664stan . Full commitment, always improving, never quitting and no quarter given or expected. Top job mate, exemplary competitor.
Thanks Chickano
I have improved so much and the last race I didn’t practice as had to do afew things. Dry I was 3.5 seconds of leader and wet race I was 4.2 of leader plus a lap down lol
But 4.2 slower than Jam I’m happy with that. I won’t be signing up for acc as I’m waiting for operation on foot,but I will be on line when you guys are doing practicing and I’ll get in the way just to make your life’s hell haha


Formula 3 Test Driver
So, that was it. The last ever race on Project Cars 2.... And what a great way to say goodbye to this game, with arguably the most fun car to drive.

I want to congratulate @jam_my21 on winning the championship, really great solid drive.

Also big congrats to @Scott Fell and @Chickano on making it to the podium.

And of course massive thanks to @Slicker for hosting all the sessions, and for changing circuits so I could join all the races.

I also want to give a huge shoutout to @1664stan, even though you were far off the pace you kept showing up and we could all see you massively improve. I’m sure you can get some good results in the ACC league if you join it.

I really liked racing with you guys this season, we had some really good and close races and they we’re (nearly) always clean. But what I liked even more were the practice sessions before the races, they were a lot of fun and a good laugh. Even though I’m doing the next ACC season on PC, I will join you guys now and then to get some good tactical advise!

Cheers guys and on to the next one!

Scott Fell

AOR PS4 FR3.5 S2 T2 Champion
A little late with this but I really enjoyed this season. Finished the first race P2, the last race P2 and the championship P2. Had some great racing with everyone this season and I look forward to racing any of you again.

Congratulations @jam_my21 on the championship and to @Chickano for joining me on the podium.

I agree with what has been said already about @1664stan. You are improving all the time and it’s good to watch so keep at it.

Thanks @Slicker for hosting and putting up with all of us.

Onto ACC!