AOR Modern - DiRT Rally 2.0 - Season 4 - End of Season Announcement


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Season Recap
After a long and hard-fought season we have reached the end of another AOR Rally Championship on DiRT Rally 2.0. We've seen people succeed but also fail on all kinds of surfaces and in all kinds of conditions. This season was especially tough seeing as we've introduced some very long and challenging event layouts, which people seemed to both hate and love at the same time. But in the end we've all made it to the end of this championship together, and from the bottom of my heart I'd like to thank every single one of you that participated in this championship, or helped run it. We all appreciate you taking your free time to participate and/or help organise this league.

However at the end of the season there can only be three Drivers' Champions, and three Constructors' Champions, so without further without further ado lets get into the results of Tier 3. We'd like to congratulate @mtw1man for claiming the Tier 3 Drivers' Championship with a measly 2-point gap to @jp_castro90 in 2nd. It was a close battle for this trophy with @mtw1man taking a full sweep on the last two rounds to come out on top. We'd also like to congratulate @Pinje, @Tomji_, and @jp_castro90 of Team Motorsport Talk for claiming the Tier 3 Constructors' Championship this season.

Moving on to Tier 2, we'd like to congratulate @Gzr-g for winning the Tier 2 Drivers' Championship. You had us all nervous the last two rounds where you didn't score any points, but you ended up on the top step of the podium nonetheless. But that isn't the only trophy you'll be able to lay claim on, as along with his teammates @mradical and @T.Eriksson, as part of TMG Space Invaders, you have won the Tier 2 Constructors' Championship. We hope to see great things of you in Tier 1.

Speaking of Tier 1, at the end of the season there can only be one Champion of Champions, and as a surprise to absolutely nobody @Jonathan Schaeffer and his Mitsubishi Space Star have absolutely dominated the field once again. We'd like to be able to say it was a close fight, but with 7 full sweeps and 8 rally victories there really was no stopping @Jonathan Schaeffer this time around. And as expected his team, Comrade Gaming, has taken the Tier 1 Constructors' Championship with double as much points as the runner up team. Now that is what we call domination!

Promotions & Demotions
Sadly, at the end of the season it's always up to use to announce the promotions and demotions. Half of the people mentioned in this section will be disappointed, and the other half will be very happy. But before we announce the specific promotions and demotions, we'd like to mention that we have already removed the inactive drivers from the final results, and have removed them from the tiers. So if you're surprised as to why you've suddenly been demoted, that's most likely the reason for the sudden shift in positions.

AOR Showdown
With the end of the season, we'll be beginning preparations for the AOR Showdown, for more information go here. As part of this preparations we'd like to know the availability and platform of all top 20 drivers of every tier. Since we can only organise this event on PC, sadly we'll have to miss out on some key individuals, but keep in mind that we're only testing this format. Anyways, if all of you could reply as soon as possible to this thread with your platform and whether or not you are available on the date that your tier* is hosting their Showdown Event, that'd be greatly appreciated.

* Tier Placement before any promotions and/or demotions
Time (UTC)​
Tier 3​
June 19th, 2021​
14:00 - 17:10​
Tier 2​
June 26th, 2021​
14:00 - 17:10​
Tier 1​
July 3rd, 2021​
14:00 - 17:10​



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Have the game on PS4 and would be available, on the very slim chance I get a computer capable of playing it before June.


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I'm on Xbox so I won't be able to do the showdown and I don't think I could've done it bc school is a thing, heh. ☹


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I'm on Xbox and have a bit of a latency issue for the time being (good thing I enjoy rally). Thank you to everyone who put this event on, I really enjoyed it.


Formula 3 Reserve Driver
I just looked at my calender, this saturday June 19th is a free spot. So I'm in gentlemen :)