AOR Oceania F1 2017 Leagues - Sign Up Thread (Season 14) |

AOR Oceania F1 2017 Leagues - Sign Up Thread (Season 14)


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Aug 11, 2016
AOR Oceania F1 Leagues - Season 14
PS4/XB1/PC - Sign-Up Thread

AOR AUS banner.png

This is the sign-up thread for the AOR Oceania F1 Leagues.

Sign-ups are now open for Season 14 on F1 2017! Please only sign up if you are committed to completing the full season.

On XB1 there is currently only ONE full time seat being offered. After this drivers who sign up will be made a reserve.

The initial sign-up deadline is set to 2nd January @ 20:00 (Melbourne time). You have to complete the full sign-up process before this time to be included in the initial league placements. Sign-ups after this time will only be added to the leagues if there are still spaces available.

Welcome to first season of the AOR AUS [PS4/XB1/PC] F1 Leagues! After 13 successful seasons on the Codemasters F1 games, it's time to expand our leagues across to a new part of the globe, hosted in Australia!

AOR is all about having an enjoyable experience on track by following proper racing rules, as opposed to the demolition derby that is public lobbies. We have built a reputation for providing clean, fair and competitive league racing, and we will do our best to ensure that this continues in the best possible way. But remember, in order to achieve this, we depend on you as a driver to respect the rules and drive in a professional and fair manner!

It doesn't matter how fast and experienced you are - with our tiered league structure we welcome drivers of all skill levels to join the fun. All we require is that you are committed and that you've got the mindset of clean racing. The assists available to the drivers is subject to the amount of drivers/tiers, and due to this yet to be confirmed. In a multiple tiered structure, the top tier would be no assists, and the tier below would have the racing line and automatic gears available. Only with three or more tiers would there potentially be a tier which allows traction control and anti-lock brakes as well.

Please note that each league is subject to a sufficient number of sign ups. If there are not enough drivers to make a league on any platform then the drivers this concerns will be notified.

Notable Dates:
Sign-up & time trial opens: 16th December
Sign-up & time trial closes: 2nd January
Driver placement announcement: 3rd January
Car selection begins: 3rd January
Season begins: 7th January
Season ends: 18th March

General League Information:
League setup: Each platform runs a set amount of leagues, depending on the amount of drivers signing up at the start of the season. The leagues are tiered, with the aim to have the faster drivers in the higher leagues and the slower drivers in the lower leagues. More info on how the leagues are set up can be found here.
Race format: Each race event features an 12-minute qualifying session followed by a 50% distance race.
Driver placements: Drivers will be placed in a league in accordance with how fast their time trial times are, with the evaluation races - and to some extent previous season's performances - also having an effect.

Race day: Sundays
Start time: 8:00pm (Melbourne time)

Important Links:
League Information
League Rules
Race Calendar

It is vitally important that you read and understand the full content of the threads listed above. By signing up to our leagues, you agree to abide by all of our rules, and we expect all drivers to be aware of these before entering.

Our racing rules are in place to help us enforce clean and fair racing in the leagues. As an AOR driver, it is required that you do your very best to race within these rules at all times. In short, this means no contact and no corner cutting. We also expect you to behave maturely and respectfully in the race lobby and on the forums.

Sign Up:
You should only sign up to the leagues if
● you intend to complete the full season.
● you are able to race regularly on the set race day (Sunday nights).
● you intend to be active on the forum.
● you are a clean, fair and mature racer.

In signing up, you confirm that you have read the content of the League Rules and League Information threads, and that you accept the rules and regulations specified.

Sign-Up Process:
You need to complete all of the relevant steps below in order to be granted a place in the leagues.

STEP 1 - Sign Up (All Drivers):
Sign up by replying to this thread, following the below template. Make sure you fill in all of the fields. The fields for time trial & evaluation races are to be filled once you have completed these steps. Do NOT make a new post when adding this information - always edit your original post.

● Platform: [PC/XB1/PS4]
● Gamertag: [Enter your Online ID here]
● Nationality: [Enter your nationality here]
Have you read and understood the AOR Rules? [Yes/No]
Assists used: [Enter any assist that you are dependant on using]*
● Speedtest result: [Test your connection towards a server in Melbourne at and add your result here]
Time Trial screenshots:[Add your TT screenshots here once completed]

STEP 2 - Time Trial (All drivers):

To help us judge your pace and assign you to an appropriate league, you will need to set time trial times at 3 specified tracks - Spa, Hungary and Malaysia (wet) - using the Mercedes car (with TC/ABS disabled - if you sign up with either TC or ABS as assists that are used then please disable them for the time trial, we ask you to do this because at the present time it is unlikely that we will have any assists tiers).

When done, add the screenshots showing your lap times to your original sign-up post, as per the guidelines in the time trial thread.

The time trial times need to be posted before the initial sign-up deadline on 2nd January @ 20:00 Melbourne time.

If you have any questions about the sign-up process or the leagues in general, feel free to send a message to a member of the F1 Team or put a post in the Main Discussion Thread.

Driver List:
Drivers who have signed up to Season 14 AUS are listed below.


● Forum Name [Gamertag] - Nationality - Assists - Ping

XB1: (23)
@Fendz [VSR Fendz] - Australian - None - 16ms
@GREEKMASTER99 [GREEKMASTER99] - Australian - None - 22ms
@Sah Prosser [Prozzanex] - Australian - None - 21ms
@Aitcho56 [Aitcho56] - Australian - None -
@RoscoArm [RoscoArm] - Australian - None - Ping
@Neontreedome [Neontreedome] - Singaporean - TC (Med), ABS & RL - 116ms
@HarryRyan [HarryRyan19] - Australian - None - 35ms
@NzL RyaN LzN [NzL RyaN LzN] - New Zealander - None - 39ms
@Jayden [im deth br02] - Australian - TC (Med) & RL - 36ms
@Warden [WARDENN99] - Australian - None - 9ms
@Tiametmarduk [Tiametmarduk] - Australian - None - 2ms
@SpagBol31 [SpagBol31] - Australian - TC(Med), ABS & RL - 64ms
@Masterbezerk [Masterbezerk] - Australian - None - 20ms
@Owens1503 [Owens1503] - Australian - RL -

@Dominator200389 [Dominator200389] - Australian - None - 31ms
@iKaiowas [iKaiowas] - New Zealander - None - 14ms
@Pomsforthewin87 [Pomsforthewin87] - Australian - None - 109ms
@ThatLaggyPerson [ThatLaggyPerson] - Australian - TC (Med), ABS & RL - 19ms
@R8K714 [R8K714] - Malaysian - TC (Med) & RL
@DT360ONEX [DT3600NEX] - Australian - TC (Med), ABS & RL - 14ms
@Chimchar228 [Chimchar228] - Australian - RL - 3ms
@Aaron L3F4 [Aaron L3F4] - Australian - None - 13ms

PS4: (9)
@Maznat87 [Maznat87] - Australian - RL - 16ms
@ForceWhan [ForceWhan] - Australian - RL - 32ms
@nemo9n [Nemo9n] - New Zealander - None - 108ms
@XxMozzaxX1 [XxMozzaxX1] - Australian - TC (Med) & RL - 39ms
@iContrast [PuREiCoNTRaST] - Australian - None - 35ms

@bananajosh1 [bananajosh1] - Australian - AG & RL - 63ms
@SirLJB_ [SirLJB_] - Australian - RL - 14ms
@nikki [nikki9095] - Indonesian - None - 182ms

@InfiniteMarch96 [InfiniteMarch96] - Indonesian - None - 199ms
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S17 AOR XB1 Oceania F1 Champion
Oct 18, 2017
Platform: Xb1
GT: VSR Fendz
Nationality: Australian
Assists: None
Read rules and understand: Yes
Img below is speedtest which is my 4G which I will use to race NOTE: had to re do test as was to Perth server and not done at home so could've been inaccurate
Belgium: 1.42.919
Hungary: 1.16.426
Malaysia: 1.45.204
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S2 AOR PS4 Oceania F1 Champion
Mar 8, 2017
● Platform: PS4
● Gamertag: Maznat87
● Nationality: Aus
● Have you read and understood the AOR Rules? Yes
● Assists used: Corner line
● Speedtest result:
● Time Trial screenshots: Below


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Pro Karter
Dec 11, 2017
● Platform: [XB1
● Gamertag: [Prozzanex]
● Nationality: [Australian]
Have you read and understood the AOR Rules? [Yes]
Assists used: [None]
● Speedtest result: Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 2.21.13 PM.png
Time Trial screenshots Spa.png : Hungary.png Malaysia (Wet).png
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Semi-Pro Karter
Dec 12, 2017
● Platform: PS4
● Gamertag: ForceWhan
● Nationality: Aus
● Have you read and understood the AOR Rules? Yes
● Assists used: Corner line
● Speedtest result:
● Time Trial screenshots: TBC


Pro Karter
Dec 14, 2017
Platform xbox one
Gamertag :Neontreedome
Nationality : Singaporean
Have you read and understood the Aor rules:yes
Assists used : racing line corners only
Speed test: Ping from Singapore to Melbourne
Time trial: attached below.
Hungary time trial : 1.17.894
Belgium time trial :1.44.104
Malaysia time trial 1.47.653
I would also like to state that I will be signing up as a reserve as I have ASR F2 to finish i know this will be hard to understand but I am tempted by both opportunities I will be online when the race starts but i won't join when invited till further notice I hope to race Aor as soon as I have finished my commitment with ASR I hope you guys will understand


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NzL RyaN LzN

4-time AOR XB1 Oceania F1 Champion
Dec 10, 2017
● Platform: Xbox One
● Gamertag: NzL RyaN LzN
● Nationality: New Zealander
● Have you read and understood the AOR Rules? Yes
● Assists used: None
Speedtest result: Attached below
● Time Trial screenshots: Attached below



Semi-Pro Karter
Dec 16, 2017
Platform: Xbox One
Gamertag: SpagBol31
Nationality: Australian
Have you read and understood the AOR Rules? Yes
Assists used: Racing Line (Corners Only)
Speedtest result: Attached Below
Time Trial screenshots: Attached Below (I realise these aren't the fastest times, but I only turned off assists a few days ago. I still need a bit of practice)


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Junior Karter
Dec 17, 2017
● Platform: PS4
● Gamertag: XxMozzaxX1
● Nationality: Australian
Have you read and understood the AOR Rules? Yes!
Assists used: Med TC, Corners Only Line. (Have run just Corners Line in the past though just never in a league but willing to do so again if there's only a no assists league.)
● Speedtest result: (Currently working on improving the internet too so expect improvement soon!)
Time Trial screenshots: TBA.