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PS4 Aor Oceania Ps4 League Race Incident ( 2 )

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Fin Kelly

Formula Karter
Feb 6, 2017
Date: 5/8/18
Members: @Fin Kelly @Dubzzy__
Co-ordinator: @iContrast
Platform: Ps4
League: Aor Oceania Ps4

First Bit (Time Stamp: 1:50 - 2:38) On lap 27 the ferrari driver has an attempt on overtaking me into turn 4. He hits my rear left tyre causing me to have a bit of oversteer. Then he makes contact with my side pod forcing me wide, this in return harmed my car control.

Second Bit The ferrari then on lap 29 (time stamp: 1:10 - 1:40) practically pushes my car out of the way in order to overtake me. I feel that really the Championship for the top 2 driver was done and dubzzy wasnt really fighting for much of an overtake, and just harming my race. Not necessarily intentionally.

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S2 AOR PS4 Oceania F1 Champion
Mar 8, 2017
I’d like to add that @Dubzzy__ would never intentionally harm someone’s race and also if the stewards could please address the weaving on track by @Fin Kelly

Fin Kelly

Formula Karter
Feb 6, 2017
My weaving wasnt done to block anyone it was done with frustration from my team mate. It wasnt meant to block anyone what so ever. Sorry if it was. However at this stage i just feel it was a racing incident, just want to know what anyone else thinks??


S1 AOR PS4 Oceania F1 Champion
Jan 23, 2014

- 0:04 weaving 1st time
- 0:29 moves drastically under brakes having no awareness that i could be on the inside, if i was genuinely trying to overtake i would of been wiped out there
- 0:43 weaves 2nd time
- 1:04 angrily sends it up the inside if i didnt take avoiding action his wing would of been damaged and me potentially spun

Head Steward

Head Steward
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Jan 25, 2014
The Stewards have reviewed the available evidence and find @Fin Kelly at fault for dangerous driving (weaving).

This will be dealt with by way of 5 penalty points.

Closed. @iContrast @Maznat87 @Dubzzy__
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