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XB1 AOR Oceania XB1 F2 Car and Number Selection Thread

VSR RoscoArm

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Dec 11, 2017
That's up to @DemoN I believe and whoever the coordinator of this tier will be, and if you unavailable to race leave a post in the race thread


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Jan 8, 2018
My gamertag is GIBB0200026. AND THE o in gibbo is a zero and I will not beable to race this Sunday BC I we be away but I would like to wish luck on all the drivers the Sunday and be safe I would like to c a all car finishing race good luck and I will c u next week

VSR RoscoArm

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F1 Coordinator
Dec 11, 2017
AOR Oceania XB1 F2 League - Season 14
Car and Number Selection Thread

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Welcome to the AOR Oceania XB1 F2 League!

This thread will be used to determine the cars and numbers that each driver will be using for this season!

The way this works is that we ask all of you to please reply to this thread with your top 5 cars in order of preference, and then we will assign a car to each driver based on the priority order stated in the League Information thread (here). You may also state a preferred teammate if you wish, however we cannot guarantee that we will be able to match you with that person as the selection order takes priority.

The same format will be applied for your driver number. You will select 5 available in-game numbers in order of your preference, and will be given the highest available choice when it comes to your turn. You can select any number that isn't used by a real-life F1 driver. Your can find your current in-game number by editing your driver profile from the game's main menu.

Note - if you do not reply by Sunday at 10am Melbourne time you will lose your priority.

Driver list:

Here's the list of drivers for this league (in order of priority):


Confirmed car and number assignments:

1. @Owens1503 #29
2. @schultydaozzi #40

Red Bull
1. @Formuladragster #37 (Blacklisted for missing 3 straight events)
2. @GIBB0200026 #10

1. @RoscoArm #96
2. @SpagBol31 #4

Force India
1. @HG Gamer #13
2. @Penske17 #12

1. @Eli - #51
2. @ChrisTosF1 - #61

1. @iKaiowas #16
2. @DAJOKER999 #99

Toro Rosso
1. @lochie55555 #42 (Retired), @IsThatMaTt039 #43
2. @Nickrbs24 #24

1. @ThatLaggyPerson #69
2. @Hyperdeus #32

1. @PreerSingh04 #22 (Retired)
2. @R8K714 #95

1. @DT360ONEX #23
2. @Mitchie950 #34

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