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PC AOR PC AL1 League - Driver Introduction Thread


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Dec 9, 2016
AOR PC AL1 League - Season 18
Driver Introduction Thread

Hey and welcome to the AOR F1 Leagues!

Use this thread to introduce yourself to your fellow competitors for the coming season!

Some general questions you can answer to get the ball rolling:
  1. Who are you? (Tell us a bit about yourself - name, age, nationality, racing equipment, etc)
  2. What's your previous league racing experience?
  3. What are you expecting & hoping to achieve in the season ahead?
Feel free to add anything else you feel like sharing as well.

We wish you all the best of luck for the season ahead and hope you will get to have some clean and enjoyable racing on track!


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Jul 7, 2017
Why hello there!

I'm Daniel, please call me Danny or by my IGN: Manndrop. I'm 23 years old and I'm from Denmark. I'm a pad user, that's just recently invested in a wheel, that I'm now trying to learn, but for now I'm gonna use the pad. I have lived most of my life on the country side and I'm currently getting educated as something called a Multimediadesigner, though it has nothing to do with Multimedia :)

I only have 3 races of league racing experience, as I'm participating in a smaller League Race this year called Wheel2Wheel. To even add further I've just recently (half a year) started playing online and therefore this is all quite new. I became interested in participating in League Racing from videos made by TRL Limitless and looked like something fun to have as a hobby, hence why I've invested in a wheel for the future. I've followed f1 since I was 6 years old and have supported Kimi Raikkonen ever since and still do. However, when it comes to the game, I've only really played a few versions on PS3 and on PC with a keyboard. So all in all I'm very surprised to already be in Assist League 1, so I should probably expect to be somewhere back in the field :D

All in all I just hope to gain some experience, have some fun and yeah just see if I can score any points :)


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Aug 2, 2019
Hello Ladys and Gentlemen :D

First of all I want to say that my english is not the yellow from the egg :D
Now I wanna answer the Questions :D

Who are you? (Tell us a bit about yourself - name, age, nationality, racing equipment, etc)

I'm Niclas, but you can call me Niki or Naizen (backstory for my name: I was thinking about a new name cause my nick was smth with Niki all the time and I wanted to have a new name. So I was thinking about like what do I say or like much and come to the word ''nice'' I call it very often ''Nais'' or smth like that so I decided to turn that into a name and came to the conclusion I call it Naizen :D) I'm 18 Years old and from Germany I just finished shool. I'm a pad user too but I just bought a Fanatec wheel a few weeks ago and will soon turn to a wheel user but not in this league cause I dont wanna crash someone.

What's your previous league racing experience?

I've got some league experience too. I was in the DGRL (Dave Gaming Racing League). First I was a reserve driver for Split 1-5 and after 2 or 3 races I got placed into Split 5 in the end I won the Championship and was on the pace with Split 3.

What are you expecting & hoping to achieve in the season ahead?

I hope I can achieve any point because I dont know how fast the other Guys/Girls are so I hope for a few points and a good placement in the drivers championship. And I hope that we are all nice together and have fair driving and battles.

Now my equipment:

Windows 10 64Bít
CPU: Intel I7-8700K

GPU: MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ti DUKE 11G OC

RAM: 4x 8GB 3200MHz G.Skill Trident Z RGB Series

1stDRIVE: 512GB M.2 SSD

2ndDRIVE: 2TB Harddrive

SCREENS: 2x Asus ROG Swift PG278QR

MOUSE: Razer Mamba Elite

MOUSEPAD: Some kind of Big Mama Mousepad

KEYBOARD: Razer Blackwidow X Chroma

HEADPHONES: Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro
HyperX Cloud Revolver S

SOUNDCARD: Creative Soundblaster Z

Wheelbase: CSL Elite 1.1

Wheel: Clubsport Steering Wheel Formula V2

Pedals: Club Sport Pedals v3 inverted

Pad: XBOX One Elite Controller

and again sorry for my bad english

Have a nice and great day ! :D


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Sep 10, 2018
You already who this is....
My names Kereka
Turkish guy living in Germany.
I love F1, racing, Kimi Räikkönen, Schumacher, league racing etc

Competed in the last two seasons in AOR with a good first season and a horrible second season, both in AL1...
Want to continue the pattern and get a good season on this upcoming one.
Also competed and competing in various other leagues...

Using a Thrustmaster T300 for 4-5 months actively now I can say I feel more confident for this season.

Uhm, yeah... thats it really


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Apr 10, 2019
Sup everyone, The name's Real.

Second season of AOR in AL 1, was surprisingly competitive last season with 2 podiums over 10 races.
Im hoping to take the fight to the front more consistantly this season.

For everyone from last season nice to see you lads again and lets make this a good one.

For everyone who is new I'd like to say welcome and don't break my wing :D


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May 31, 2017
For everyone who's new here, welcome to AL1, I hope you will enjoy your stay here :)
About me though... I'm ForceSkoda I'm 17 and from the United Kingdom, this will be my forth season in AOR, you can see all my stats in my signature.
Specification wise I use a G920 wheel and I have a sub-optimal computer with a i5-4460 and GTX 960 welp.
I hope this season to get a coveted podium after not quite getting there last time out. I hope to continue with my consistency too and to build on my pace.
Oh and finally please keep it clean. ;)


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Aug 1, 2019

I am Fsks100 23 from Germany.

I have raced in a few smaller leagues and am looking to get rid of my last assist this season (ABS).

As for what I am expecting... I actually dont know.
I guess some points maybe a win.
We will see how my pace is in this league.

I am driving on a Thrustmaster T150 Wheel.
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Jun 11, 2019
Who are you? (Tell us a bit about yourself - name, age, nationality, racing equipment, etc)

hello all im simon, new to the AOR league. im 32 now been racing f1 games since 1996. im british, i use the Xbox controller :D

What's your previous league racing experience?

i have run my own leagues back in f1 2011/12/13
i have raced a few different leagues on xbox and pc over last couple years,

What are you expecting & hoping to achieve in the season ahead?

i would like to think it would be possible to finish in points at every race threw season :D,
podiums or even race wins. im expecting to be strong contender :p
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Sep 6, 2018
  1. Who are you? (Tell us a bit about yourself - name, age, nationality, racing equipment, etc)
  2. What's your previous league racing experience?
  3. What are you expecting & hoping to achieve in the season ahead?
Hi everyone, and welcome to the Assist 1 league!
My name in-game is AORRebornDestroyer and I am called Rémi for anyone else normally. I'm 18 years old and I'm a student at the moment. I'm a Belgian living in Flanders, meaning I speak Dutch, as many people think in Belgium we only speak French. I do however also speak and understand that though. At the moment, I'm in the transition to go to university at the end of September. Because of that, things will get a bit more busy.
I use a TMX Thrustmaster wheel, with non-pro pedals, but looking to upgrade them sometime. In the last 2 months, both my brake pedal and wheel clamp broke on me, so I had to be creative to fiw them. (Using a 3d printer and bolts)

I did my first AOR season in S16, and also raced in S17 all seasons in Assist League 1. It's now my third season in other words. I finished up quite high but I wasn't really all to happy with the season performance in S16. I tried to improve on that in S17, but it didn't really work out, although I really liked being a cod and that motivated me. I made a few big mistakes throughout both seasons, along with my PC and game stuttering and framestalling, meaning I couldn't really race properly.

I hope to improve my last performance again and have some good racing with fair and fun fights. Close racing would also be nice, not a pack that is too spread out, looking at you @Schwalbe and @spawnieSTAR :p ;) .
I want to go for the constructors championship along with the help of @Kereka , who proved his performance, although he was hampered by some mishaps and unlucky situations which made his performance seem worse than, it actually is.
I am hoping to win at least another race like I did in my first season and fight for a good place in the championship without making silly mistakes. Although I can probably be also happy when I can reach another podium with the pace of the drivers here.

Also hoping to have a good community here like we did last year, meaning an active league and with a good vibe.

As @Maddog40 already mentioned, I will be stepping down as a coordinator for this season, mainly due to the factors explained above. I'm just a bit too uncertain at the moment about how everything will be going from October onwards, and I really don't want to disappoint you guys midway through the season. I will still be available to help out a bit with coordinating tasks though in the upcoming month and a half, so I can help start up this season so everything goes smoothly and fluently.

Have fun guys and see you all at the track!