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PC AOR PC AL1 League - Main Thread


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Dec 25, 2017
AOR PC AL1 League - Season 18
Main Thread

This is the main thread for the AOR PC AL1 League - here you can chat about anything related to the league!

General Information:

Race Day: Sunday
Start Time: 8:00pm (UK time)

League Rules
League Information
Race Calendar

League Coordinator(s): @Schwalbe
Lobby Host: @RebornDestroyer
Backup host(s): @Realnmk

● Voice Chat: AOR Discord Server (PC leagues only)

Drivers and Teams:

Drivers and teams will be added here after the car selection process has been completed!

  1. @Schwalbe - SchwaLbe - German - #46
  2. @spawnieSTAR - spawnieSTAR - German - #9


Red Bull
  1. @Cryptik - Cryptik - Norwegian - #72
  2. @xllsimonllx - xll simon llx - British - #

Racing Point
  1. @ForceSkoda - ForceSkoda - British - #6
  2. @Realnmk - Real - Dutch - #

  1. @Fsks100 - Fsks100 - German - #29
  2. @FLSHR - FLSHR - Polish - #??

  1. @RebornDestroyer - AOR RebornDestroyer - Belgian - #25
  2. @dsdsf1 - dsdsf1 - Romanian

Toro Rosso
  1. @Hurricane - Hurricane | PingWins - Hungarian - #68
  2. @Marko - Marko | PingWins - Hungarian - #67

  1. @JustinThatR4cer - French - #21

  1. @Skiadr - Skiadr - Polish - #50
  2. @Marky Mark - Marky Mark - Danish - #30

Alfa Romeo
  1. @F1Broodje - XLR8 Broodje - Dutch - #13
  2. @Ocim - Ocim - Polish - #69
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Feb 13, 2017
Hello everyone, in what feels like a really intense bout of deja vu with some people (Still here @Schwalbe ), I'd like to welcome everyone to Assist League 1 for the season! For those of you who are new, I'm Maddog, I generally oversee all PC Assist stuff. Any questions, feel free to fire a DM my way.

First things first - @RebornDestroyer has decided to step down as co-ordinator. I'd like to publicly thank him for probably the smoothest season I've had the pleasure to oversee, which is in no small part down to his hard work and dedication to the league. He's also agreed to stay on as lobby host, so all around what a nice bloke.

This does mean I'm searching for a coordinator again for the season. The coordinator would need to be someone who is reasonably active on the forum, and who is trustworthy and mature, and can communicate properly (preferably also in the voice chat on Discord). You'd be taking care of general league tasks such as posting race threads (basically copy-pasting a template), updating results into our automated standings tables, keeping track of driver no-shows, and generally overseeing the league forum and the race lobby on race nights. The coordinator will also be the main contact-person for the drivers if anyone has any issues or concerns, and then reporting stuff back to us admins/mods.

The coordinator would get access to a coordinator forum where things can be discussed privately between staff members and all the other F1 cods, and therefore also get to have a direct say in the planning/running of the leagues. It's up to you exactly how much you feel like being involved in that aspect, but we expect the general league tasks to at least be taken care of.

If you feel like your up to the task, drop me a PM and I'll answer any more questions you have. That's all for now, head on over to the car selection thread if you haven't already done so. Good luck for the first race on Sunday :)

@Skiadr @Schwalbe @spawnieSTAR @Realnmk @DaddeRaga @ForceSkoda @RebornDestroyer @horvi181 @Kereka @BooM @AMG @Mart1n @Fsks100 @GhostB24 @Hurricane @xllsimonllx @Naizen @Manndrop


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Sep 10, 2018
Yoooo, nice to see a lot of guys back at the grid. Hopefully the rookies are fair guys as we are ( ;) ) and get along well!

As for myself, I would like to be a co-ordinator one day, but being a lazy man and due to busy schedules (full time job and starting to study soon) I cant really apply for the position.

See you sunday guys (y)
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Jun 14, 2018
i would love to do it...but not with my English....


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Sep 6, 2018
Sorry but i cant add you a friend because i dont pay in steam 5 euros
Oh sorry, I thought I sent you an invite already. I'll send you one over, you just have to accept it. :)
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Apr 3, 2018
Can't gurantee neither my internet connection for being host, and my activity so... I would not like to be coordinator


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Sep 6, 2018


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Sep 6, 2018
So as the race start comes to a close, 20 minutes or so from now, I would highly recommend everyone joining the Discord voice chat. We will be using the Assist League 1 channel to communicate. So feel free to join! It makes communicating just that much easier.
Invites will be sent 10 minutes before 8 PM, so be patient in waiting for an invite. I might send multiple, those are for a reserve purpose.


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Feb 13, 2017
Message to the split

Dear All,

You will have seen my previous announcement. Take it as a warning - while there are some new drivers here, the majority of drivers in this split have raced in at least 1 AOR season before (Some dating back a lot further than that). Despite this, the driving I've been able to see glimpses of last race in Australia was, to be honest, pathetic. Barely any space being left with one another in a game notorious for desync incidents which require you to drive with extra care side by side with another car, it's just not very clever.

While it's got a little better in recent times, I still think the stewards are underused in this split. If you think someone has treated you unfairly on track, keep a calm head and post a steward inquiry in this part of the forums - https://apexonlineracing.com/community/forums/stewards-panel.90/ . Don't bring it upon yourself to bring out your own vigilante justice out on track, or you wont be an AOR driver for much longer.

I don't want to have to get even more involved in this split (I could forward any sort of incident I see in race chats straight to the stewards If I really felt it necessary), but I wasn't impressed by the last race antics. Leave more space, stay calm on track and maybe we'll have an enjoyable 20 more races in the season. If you don't, then you won't. It's a simple choice.

@Skiadr @Schwalbe @spawnieSTAR @Realnmk @DaddeRaga @ForceSkoda @RebornDestroyer @horvi181 @Kereka @BooM @Mart1n @Fsks100 @GhostB24 @Hurricane @xllsimonllx @Naizen @Manndrop