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PC AOR PC Endurance League S5 - Time Trial


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May 6, 2015

AOR Project CARS 2 Endurance League Season 5
Time Trial

Before taking part in the time trial event, you must have signed up to our leagues in the sign-up thread. All drivers will have to complete the time trial event as part of their sign-up. We ask you to please put a reasonable amount of effort into your times so that we get laps that are representative of your speed in these cars. Automatic gears and racing line will be banned in the top tier, so if you expect to be one of the faster guys, then we advise turning them off. Drivers who use automatic gears or racing line but are too quick for lower tiers will be put into the top tier and be expected to use manual gears.

Time Trial Information
14/03/19 - Time Trials open
11/04/19 - Time Trial closes
- Driver placement started

You must complete your times in Time Trial mode, not free practice.
We'll be running with Real Driver Aids enabled, however you are free to turn any driver aids off if you wish.
Track: Sakitto GP
Please complete a Time-Trial using one of the cars from the classes LMPH or GTE, depending on which class you want to drive.
Please perform the Time Trial in the same CLASS you wish to take part in (It does not have to be the same CAR you wish to use for the league)

With there being 2 classes, we are keen to keep the racing as close as possible within the classes.
In order to do this, we will look at the Time Trial results (See other thread).
And give a 'cut off point' of an expected laptime in order to qualify for each class.
If you do not achieve the cut off point, you can try for another class, or in the event of Multiple Tier's, you can Sign for the lower Tier.

Cut off = 1:24.0

Cut off = 1:42.0
(Only needed if enough drivers for 2nd Tier!)

Submit your Lap
Please post your lap times by replying to this thread, using the following template:

Class: (LMPH / GTE)
Sakitto Lap Time (+screenshot):

It must be stressed that fast lap times are no guarantee as to which tier you'll be placed in, so don't be disappointed if you don't end up where you expected. Also, times will not be counted unless a screenshot or photo is submitted containing the following information:
  • Your GamerTag
  • The car name
  • The track name
  • The words 'Time trial'
  • Your time
Lap times
Drivers who have submitted their lap times will be added to the list below.

Name - Lap Time

@LeoNTheSickOne 1:19.679
@Jarmo 1:20.104
@Zenvoh 1:20.620
@AndrexUK 1:21.140
@Bezerka 1:21.539
@inkychris 1:21.561
@o Coxon o 1:21:880
@XzweN 1:22.038
@NuunuMarkus 1:22.045
@aaren 1:22.160
@EVR Matt212 1:22.239

@F4H MaR4uDer 1:22.679
@Logan 1:23.189
@Spudbuster7 1:23:520
@Sgarky 1:23:760
@J Peaches 1:23.780
@Kleinstein 1:23.823

@BMW /// M-Power 1:36.198
@ScottV 1:36.219

@Mr. Van Ommen 1:36.459
@DiHeidi 1:36.541
@dakuza 1.36.955
@/CSR/ speedy.go 1:37 197
@Chloé 1:37.323
@Ravelic 1:37.382
@Ulti 1:37.435

@Backe Gabrielsen 1:37.479
@FOXXX 1:37.594
@Smolda 1:37.619
@AndrexUK 1:37.620
@Portaa 1:37.680
@duu 1:37.700

@Beau - 1:37.775
@igor55 1:37.896
@TicklishPicklewickle 1:37.958
@F4H MaR4uDer MaR4uDer 1:38.196
@krop 1:38.277
@o Coxon o 1:38.288
@dalking38 1:38.379
@D.Brezancic 1:38.619
@Mali Baćo 1:38.734
@Xeonski 1:48.843

@Milogamer1986 1:39.239
@SirBlastelot 1:39.417
@TheGW 1:39.719
@Jordy van Oosten 1:39.735
@Col101 1:39.774
@Flaming Parrot 1:39.841
@Minesco2 1:40.079
@J Peaches 1.40.524
@Lorentzen_94 1.40.780
@Logan 1:41.123
@Royalt 1.41:239
@Scott Burnett 1:41.582
@atlasgehirn424 1.42.200
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F1 2nd Driver
Aug 13, 2018
Posting both because I have no class preference at the moment. (Likely to improve both, just bankers for now)

Gamertag/ID: Logan
Class: GTE
Sakitto Lap Time (+screenshot): 1:41.123


Class: LMPH
Sakitto Lap Time (+screenshot): 1:23.819

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F4H MaR4uDer

Formula 4 1st Driver
Dec 3, 2017
Gamertag/ID: SRK MaR4uDer
Class: LMP1H and GTE
Sakitto Lap Time (+screenshot):
LMP1H - 1:22´679, GTE - 1:38´196

I want to run in the LMP1H category but I put the 2 times in case I did not enter the times of that category and run in GTE.
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May 6, 2015
Gamertag/ID: AndrexUK
Class: GTE
Sakitto Lap Time (+screenshot): GTE: 1:37.620

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/CSR/ speedy.go

Formula 4 2nd Driver
Jan 17, 2019
Gamertag/ID: /CSR/ speedy.go
Class: GTE
Sakitto Lap Time (+screenshot): GTE: ASTON 1:37.799, CORVETTE 1:37 197

Maybe Aston Martin in pC2 lags a little behind comp.,but i just love it-HAS A SOUL like ALFA:D

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Mali Baćo

Assetto Corsa Coordinator
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Jun 17, 2018
Just a placeholder if I don't improve. Not bad for a rookie?

Gamertag/ID: Mali Baćo
Class: GTE
Sakitto Lap Time (+screenshot): GTE: 1:40.257

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