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PC Assist AOR PC F1 2019 Leagues - Assist Evaluation Race #1 - Season 19

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Feb 15, 2020
Hi sign me up for this
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Apr 10, 2018
By the looks of it, I will be your host tonight. I will add everyone on Steam soon - my name on Steam is HaiCo as well.

For now we will have a full lobby with 20 drivers. In case any more drivers who are obliged to do the evals sign up, I unfortunately will have to tell a (or more) reserve driver to do something else instead.

We will use the the "F1 Social Lobby 2" voice channel on the AOR Discord. It would be good if people could join this channel, at least before the race, it'd be good as it's the easy way to stay updated on any delays or other issues.

Furthermore, please make sure that you grab the necessary screenshots - after qualifying and the race director are the key parts.

Finally, just enjoy yourselves. Don't worry if you spin, we look at your lap times as a whole so a spin has little effect. If you do spin, regroup yourself, keep going and do the best race you can from there. Remember that damage is off so you shouldn't have to do an unscheduled stop but that is not an excuse to go crazy with your driving. If we see someone being seriously dangerous then that's going to negatively impact you. Keep it calm and do the best race you can.

1. @DerDenis
2. @Steve Allan
3. @FH_Hunter
4. @joekempsonn
5. @LeProBattle
6. @Martstern
7. @Marcell Tényi
8. @Stark
9. @Kniffekiller
10. @Dezső László
11. @SpeedWine
12. @Seti
13. @Lacimen
14. @FiedBoy206
15. @Ferenc Kabai

1. @S4lty
2. @Anyodin
3. @Lasher
4. @da4id04
5. @Doggo
6. @GamerKyren
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Steve Allan

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May 12, 2019
Had a fun race, makes a nice change of pace using F1 cars instead of the GT3/GTE I normally race.

First off I want to apologise to anyone I held up during qualifying and the race. I had some awful screen freezes which I'm looking into sorting out for tomorrows race and also going up the hill into T1 I actually shifted into neutral like a complete and utter pleb.

However, I would like to thank everyone for the race tonight, even if I only saw people on the side of the track or lapping me lol
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