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Jan 24, 2017
AOR PC F1 League - Season 17
Main Thread

This is the main thread for the AOR PC F1 League - here you can chat about anything related to the league!

General Information:

Race Day: Sunday
Start Time: 8:00pm (UK time)

League Rules
League Information
Race Calendar

League Coordinator(s): @Fehler3
Lobby Host: @F.Donoso
Backup host(s): @Fehler3

● Voice Chat: AOR Discord Server (PC leagues only)

Drivers and Teams:

Drivers and teams will be added here after the car selection process has been completed!

  1. @Foton - Foton - Hungary - #6
  2. @G3RRX - KMH G3RRX - Hungary - #23

  1. @F.Donoso - Fabrizio Donoso - Chile - #8
  2. @Vadkan - Vatkan - Hungary - #??

Red Bull
  1. @ManuelBiancolilla - Manuel Biancolilla - Italy - #??
  2. @SvenZSven - Sven Zürner - Germany - #??

Force India
  1. @LASSE - VSR Lasse - Finland - #99
  2. @Fr HaZe - HaZe - France - #22

  1. @Timp - Williams_Timp - Finland - #24
  2. @Smash - VP Prešnajder - Slovakia - #38

  1. @Aressi191 - Aressi91 - Finland - #91
  2. @Corni - ZEN | Corni#Mirum - Germany - #70

Toro Rosso
  1. @hyperzz - ERL Hyperz - Poland - #71
  2. @Mathiasw - ERL Mathias - Poland - #98

  1. @sitya - Sztív - Hungarian - #??
  2. @Slickk - oSl1ckkMania - Czech Republic - #79

  1. @Fehler3 - CRG Jan Fehler - Germany - #96
  2. @Marek - VP Marek - Germany - #64

  1. @Mr. Ankka - VP_Mr. Ankka - Finland - #30
  2. @Colis - VSR Colis - Finland - #19
  1. @IsaacPrice99 - Williams_Isaac - British - #??
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F1 Coordinator
Jan 24, 2017
Hello there and welcome to Season 17 of the Apex Online Racing PC F1 Championship!
You all have have been chosen to be part of the world's most competitive F1 league on the PC side. I am Jan Fehler and will be your coordinator throughout the season, trying to make sure that things run as smoothly as possible. If you have any issues or general questions - I am the person to contact, usually I should be able to help you out! :)

Saying that, I will also be the person you have to contact in case you can't show up to any of the races this season. Have in mind that an uninformed no-show results in a reprimand, with three reprimands you will get blacklisted so don't forget to let me know if you can't make it to a race for whatever reason. (You can write a post in the race thread, send me a private message on the forum or on twitter, discord, steam - whatever you like)

As you can see in the post above, @F.Donoso will be our main host for the season with me being the backup host if Fab has to miss a race. Please make sure you have me added in your steam friends list (CRG Jan Fehler). I will invite everyone into the session once I'm in the lobby. Don't press "ready" before I do, there always might be some things I need to sort out.

I will invite you a group chat on steam that we used last season already. This is to make sure everyone gets the latest information regarding the lobby as quickly as possible (as in the past only a few people were in the Discord voice chat - which by the way is highly recommended). I will provide information such as:

  • when the lobby is created and you should get an invite
  • if we have to restart
  • if any unanticipated events occur that need to be sorted

In order to keep the chat as clear as possible please do not use it other than telling me absolutely vital information regarding the lobby (desynced cars on track etc). Also do not contact me in that group chat if you have to miss a race, use one of the above mentioned options. If you need another invite for whatever reason, contact me via steam PM!

Last but not least - if you haven't already, please make a post in the Car Selection Thread if you wish to drive a car of you preference. If you haven't done this until the deadline you will automatically be assigned to a car.

Have a good week and see you on track on sunday!

@F.Donoso @Foton @Timp @Flying F1NN @G3RRX @Smash @VGIA_Nardy @Marek @Aressi191 @Müller @hyperzz @Mathiasw @Mr. Ankka @Colis @ieponi @Corni @LASSE @Slickk @Fr HaZe @King-kodiak @Hamish Sopwith


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May 10, 2016
Hello everyone

I am King-Kodiak and I, along with @Hamish Sopwith , will be your commentators for this season. Welcome to those new to the tier, and welcome back to those returning to F1. For those who don't know me, I am known for being a bit of a nuisance behind the mic, and as head commentator, I get to boss the other commentators around.

I cannot wait to get the season going


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Jan 24, 2017
Driver Update:

- @VGIA_Nardy has decided to pull out of the league

That means @sitya will replace him in the second Haas.


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Jul 3, 2018
I have decided to quit racing, I have no motivation at all and the wheel is not working as it supposed to work, won't be buying a new one.
I gave myself one year to learn this game and to be in the Esports but lately I've lost all the motivation.
I will find something else to do from now on, so you wont be seeing me on the track anymore.
It was nice to meet you all, have a good luck and bye! :)

@Fehler3 @FisiFan91
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Jan 24, 2017
Driver Update:

- @SvenZSven has joined the league and will race in the second Red Bull
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