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PC AOR PC F10 League - Driver Introduction Thread

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Formula 4 2nd Driver
Sep 12, 2018
Hey everyone :) BlackPanthor here,
My name is Lode and i live in Belgium. im 18 years old and i started watching formula 1 since i was 3 ( in 2003). i started playing formula 1 on the pc in 2012 and i loved the feeling of it ^^. then years later i bought f1 2016 and i drove there for my first time without assists because i started to do league racing in ORL ( where im still driving in). I drive now with a steering wheel from thrustmaster T150. Im also big fan now of Stoffel Vandoorne, who is doing pretty bad i know…
Anyway, i really hope this season, which will be my first one in AOR ^^. I will drive without assists and Im gonna make sure i will drive as clean as i can and enjoy every little second to drive with you all :)
I also hope for maybe few podiums but im not sure how fast my rivals will be ;)
I wish you all good luck :)


Premium Member
Premium Member
Oct 12, 2017
I'm posting here because the Round 6 - Moncao Grand Prix [18/11/2018 08:00PM] thread isn't available yet but I want to inform you asap.
Because of a business trip I won't be able to drive the Round 6 on 18th Nov. I will post this in the correct thread as soon as it is available.