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PC AOR PC F10 League - Main Thread


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Jan 14, 2014
AOR PC F10 League - Season 16
Main Thread

This is the main thread for the AOR PC F10 League - here you can chat about anything related to the league!

General Information:

Race Day: Sunday
Start Time: 8:00pm (UK time)

League Rules
League Information
Race Calendar
Results & Standings

League Coordinator(s): @TheVerenzak
Lobby Host: @Neil Bywater
Backup host(s):

● Voice Chat:
AOR Discord Server (PC leagues only)

Drivers and Teams:

Drivers and teams will be added here after the car selection process has been completed!

  1. @boxen - Boxen - Swedish - #69
  2. @earicx - earicx - Swedish - #90

  1. @Neil Bywater - Neil Bywater38 - British - #38
  2. @Frihman - Frihman - Swedish - #91

Red Bull
  1. @Beyond - Beyond - Welsh - #6
  2. @BlackPanthor - BlackPanthor - Belgian - #12

Force India
  1. @DwergC - Dwerg - Dutch - #94
  2. @Dominy - Dominy - Italian - #19

  1. @Diallo- adiallo - German - #41
  2. @defisparta - defisparta - Russian - #78

  1. @Levingston - Levingston - Turkish - #15
  2. @TheVerenzak - TheVerenzak - Dutch - #98

Toro Rosso
  1. @djole74 - djole74 - Serbian - #99
  2. @Mali Baćo - Mali Baćo - Serbian - #51

  1. @xDerpOG - Derp IV - Canadian - #84
  2. @leenvollaard - leenvollaard - Dutch - #??

  1. @cata82 - catalini82 - Romanian - #35
  2. @MrPanda-6 - Pandacruiser - German - #66

  1. @Sweatu - ARC | SweatuAsari - German - #72
  2. @E4SY - E4SY - German - #13

1. @Ranger - Ranger - Irish - #89
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Jan 14, 2014
Hello everybody and welcome to AOR Season 16 F10!

Good to see so many old faces back for another season, also good to see so many new people joining AOR!
I hope, and am convinced, we have got a competitive, clean, and most importantly, fun season ahead of us!

I will be your coordinator for this season. So if anything goes wrong, either here on the forums or during the races, there is a good chance you can blame me.
I'm also here for all your questions, concerns and anything else. I'm also the person you should contact if you're unable to attend a race.

First of all, let's get to know each other! We'll be racing together for the next 21 weeks or so, so it would be nice to know who we're up against, wouldn't it? So don't be shy, and head over to the Driver Introduction Thread and introduce yourself!

After you've done that, head over to the Car and Number Selection Thread to state your car preferences. Read the instructions in the first post to see exactly what you have to do.

Don't forget to join our Discord group aswell, this is were all important information will be during the race. Post in the permission_request channel that you want permissions for the F1 game, F10 league. We also have our own text channel aswell.

I hope to see you all kicking off the season on sunday! It's looking to be a good one :)

@Levingston @Neil Bywater @Sweatu @Beyond @DwergC @E4SY @Frihman @Ranger @boxen @Diallo @xDerpOG @djole74 @Katrer @earicx @Mali Baćo @defisparta @cata82 @MrPanda-6 @BoomSonK
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Jan 14, 2014
For everybody who is wondering about how you did in the TT event compared to everybody else in the group; I've made a little graphic showing all the times :)


But as you probably know; these TT times aren't the only thing we look at when making the placements. So it might look there's quite a big gap between the first few and last few guys, but trust me - it's gonna be a lot less once we get going!


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Sep 8, 2018
I got a sneaky suspicion that some of the guys didn't put 100% effort in the TT times so, yeah, i'm pretty sure things are gonna look pretty different once we get going :). Can't wait though, i'm sure it'll be great fun.
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Mali Baćo

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Jun 17, 2018
Judging only by these times it looks really equal to me. A lot of drivers within a tenth, even when you sum all three tracks up. Hopefully it will be the same on Sunday. :)


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Oct 15, 2017
I mean... I am not the best wet driver either. It's just I enjoy Austria and love having low grip on low downforce tracks.


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Jan 12, 2014
Driver Update:

- @Billamy [Jackdaw] has joined the F10 league and will start off as the 1st reserve driver!

- @BlackPanthor has joined the F10 league and will start off as the 2nd reserve driver!



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Dec 7, 2017
Hey everyone, just wanted to say that I am quitting AOR and F1 in general due to personal reasons. I'd say not having enough time to practice and being bad overall in races just takes the fun away from the whole thing, in my opinion.
Good luck in the future everyone.

@TheVerenzak make sure to let the others know so I don't get blacklisted.