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PC AOR PC F6 League - Driver Introduction Thread

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Jan 14, 2014
AOR PC F6 League - Season 15
Driver Introduction Thread

Hey and welcome to the AOR F1 Leagues!

Use this thread to introduce yourself to your fellow competitors for the coming season!

Some general questions you can answer to get the ball rolling:

1. Who are you? (Tell us a bit about yourself - name, age, nationality, racing equipment, etc)
2. What's your previous league racing experience?
3. What are you expecting & hoping to achieve in the season ahead?

Feel free to add anything else you feel like sharing as well.

We wish you all the best of luck for the season ahead and hope you will get to have some clean and enjoyable racing on track!


GP2 2nd Driver
Aug 23, 2017
Hi guys, I'm LolFish, I'm 16 [E: now 17] and from the UK.

I've been in AOR since the Austrian GP last season after first finding the ARL official highlights on YouTube four years ago and have been working my way towards being in AOR ever since.

In terms of what I'd like to achieve, I'd like to be in the fight for the title, although I wouldn't be surprised if I'm not! A more realistic aim for me is to be a bit more consistent in races and to take opportunities better.

Also, I don't want @Sabba7h making a landslide of 2917 jokes /s
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F1 Reserve Driver
Aug 26, 2017
Hey guys, I'm Sabba7h/Sulley, feel free to call me either. I turned 18 on the 7th of January, live in Michigan, USA, and I'm racing with a T150 and T3PAs with the conical brake mod.

Shockingly I finished runner up in the F8 drivers AND my team finished 2nd in the constructors as well - after saying last October that because of my inexperience with league racing in general I was only expecting to grab a few points here and there.

After having seen the placements my immediate reaction was "HOLY BALLS I'VE JUMPED TWO SPLITS", and if I'm being honest? With a former F1, two F5, and several returning F6 and previous F7 drivers, I'm still questioning how lmfao. I've got a lot to learn and amongst a strong field as well, so I'll aim again for points finishes until I figure out where I'm at, and then I can focus om getting even better.

I hope we have some great races together! Feel free to add me on Steam - my username is Sabba7h. I also made a discord server exclusively for split 6, and Dobby's posted an invite link in the F6 thread so feel free to drop in there as well. Looking forward to Australia.

Also, I don't want @Sabba7h making a landslide of 2917 jokes /s
Don't worry, you're safe from me. LMFAO


F1 Reserve Driver
Dec 5, 2017
Hi guys...

Name: Armadeira
Age: 24
Nation: Germany, Actually Bavaria..
Experience: former F5 driver for half a season, chronical non-practice driver
Equipment: Logitech Driving Force GT (near death)
Goals: Not being the F6 Maldonado at the end of the season

See you guys in Australia ;)


F1 Coordinator & S14 AOR PC F8 Champion
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Sep 16, 2017
Hello, I'm Dobby (Real name is akward in English). Im 22 years old from the Netherlands.

Last season I ended up being champion and I really enjoyed all the great battles I had. Im using the Logitech G290.

I hope to be a midfield runner, and maybe take a podium along the way.

See you ***** in Australia :)


Formula 3 1st Driver
Apr 14, 2017
Hi guys,
My name is Fersiphion aka Marco (it was almost Robert)
You can call me Fersiphion, Marco or how most people in F8 called me: Fersi
Im 16 (probably the youngest here) and I was born and raised in the Netherlands.
I use a T150 as a wheel with the standard pedals. This will be my 3rd season of league racing and I am looking forward to it.
My goal is getting a podium and consistent point finishes but because of my result in S14 I really wanna fight for the championship again and win it this time.
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F1 Coordinator
Jan 13, 2018
Hello everyone.
I go by my in-game name Ztikes, you can also call me Tom.

I am 16 (soon turning 17), I am half british and half finnish, I live in Sweden however.
(Yes I know, a bit confusing).

I also use the Thrustmaster T150 wheel with the standard pedals.

I joined in S14 during Spa in F6 and was top midfield-ish. I am however aiming for a tad higher this season, hoping to fight for podiums and potentially a race win.

You can also go ahead and add me on Steam, just search Ztikes and it’ll come up. :)


Formula 3 2nd Driver
Apr 8, 2016
Hi everyone!
You can call me spud or Harry, either is fine.

I'm 19 (couple months off of 20) and I am British.

I use the Thrustmaster TS-PC racer wheel with logitech pedals from my old G27 wheel.

I've raced in casual championships on f1fanatic, serious ones on racedepartment. I participated in the second season on 2015 and did woefully, and joined last season as a reserve (before moving into a pink panther) I was either setting the pace or setting the new record for a lack of consistency, which I only started fixing at the end of the season.

This season I'm just hoping to score consistent finishes and keep my temper under control on and off the circuit, but most importantly, to have fun! I'm a little shocked to have moved up to F6 but I can't wait for a great season with you all :)


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Feb 21, 2018
Hello everyone.
I am jelle and im 20 years old. Im dutch.
I use the trustmaster t150.

Last year i joined the aor league as reserve driver for the last 4 races. And i have raced 2 times in total.

I hope to fight for the title but i wil see what is possible after the first race.
See you guys in australia


Formula 4 1st Driver
Feb 12, 2018
Hi everyone.

Cheekymunkey78 from the United Kingdom at the tender age of 40!!!

Just got a Fanatec Elite PS4 wheel with loadcell brake (I was bad with my G25 and nowhere near used to this wheel yet).

Only been racing since August 2017 but have put in a lot of hours and raced in another league with the very talented driver and all round nice guy @FraGioco9 :)

My goal for this season is to have a race without coming off the track :banghead::dead: :jimlad:

Looking forward to racing with you all this season. :D


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Dec 25, 2017
And then there’s me... Borderline. And yes, I’m also Dutch, lol.

My previous nickname was Grensgeval, but as that was not really easy to pronounce in English, I translated it to be international.

So as I’m Dutch, you would guess I would live in the Netherlands. and yes, you’re right about that.

I joined AOR last season halfway through the season at Belgium. Reason of joining was to pick up an old hobby of mine: gaming at a high level. I love F1 and racing in general and as I was planning to buy a decent steering wheel, I decided to join the assist league first to get familiair with league racing. Assist league? Yes, at first I was using ABS as I was using my old xbox360 pad. And after a few races my new steering wheel (Logitech G29) took over. My skill went up quite fast and even had 4 podiums in a row at the end of the season, ending with a win in Abu Dhabi.

With my results at the end of the previous season, I hope to be competitive in this non-assist league and have some decent result. My goal? Having no penalties, like last season and to have fun. Allthough having fun doesn’t mean I’m always nice. But don’t be scared. I’m only mad at people who treat me like an idiot. ;)

In a few weeks I think I’m also gonna sign up for the GT3 league of Project Cars 2, which I can do next to Formula 1 as that league races at wednesdaynight.


Formula Karter
Jan 19, 2018
Hi guys!
My Name is Nutzernutzt (you can also call me Tobias)
I'm 15 years old (I'm younger than you @Fersiphion ) and was born in Austria.
This Season will be my first full AOR Season so I'm looking forward to it!
I use a Thrustmaster TX wheel.
My goal for this Season is getting some top 5 finishes.