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PC AOR PC F7 League - Driver Introduction Thread


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Jan 14, 2014
AOR PC F7 League - Season 16
Driver Introduction Thread

Hey and welcome to the AOR F1 Leagues!

Use this thread to introduce yourself to your fellow competitors for the coming season!

Some general questions you can answer to get the ball rolling:

1. Who are you? (Tell us a bit about yourself - name, age, nationality, racing equipment, etc)
2. What's your previous league racing experience?
3. What are you expecting & hoping to achieve in the season ahead?

Feel free to add anything else you feel like sharing as well.

We wish you all the best of luck for the season ahead and hope you will get to have some clean and enjoyable racing on track!


S15 AOR PC F8 Champion
Mar 8, 2018

I'm Rozs Benjamin frorm Hungary 19 years old player :D my raceing equipment Wheel: Logitech Driving Force GT.

Before season AOR Split 8 champion and best hungarian league p6 sadly :D

I would like to have as many battles as possible the best races this season and I would like to offer my best this season.


F1 Coordinator & S18 AOR PC F9 Champion
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F1 Coordinator
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Dec 25, 2017
Hi all. I wish to be short (while I'm over 6 feet tall), so here is a summary of who I am.

  • 30 years old
  • Living in Apeldoorn, Netherlands
  • Previously raced in Assist League 2 (season 14) and split 5 (last season)
  • Just want to have fun, but fun also means getting good results for me
  • Driving with a Logitech G29 wheel on a 55" TV attached to a PC with high specs, framerate should not be an excuse for me this season
  • I'll be your league coordinator in this split this season
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Formula 4 2nd Driver
Aug 9, 2015
Hey all!

My name is Filip and I am 20 years old. I was born and live in Austria but my nationality is Serbia. I've been leagueracing since 2012 and the last time I competed in AOR was back in season 10. I am generally a very kind person (at least I think so) if you are the same way towards me. My goal for this season is to simply get settled back in in this league and to rise through the tiers. I hope we can all have an enjoyable season and I look forward to fighting all of you on the track!


F1 Reserve Driver
Aug 10, 2016
Hi all!

Glad to be back in AOR again.

My name is Daniel, I'm 22 years old, from Hungary. I work as a programmer analyst at a multinational company, and in my free time I'm a car and racing enthusiast :D

I raced in AOR in S12, S13 and S14. I was in Split 2 in all 3 seasons, I had a few wins and took P3 in the championship in S13. Unfortunately I had to retire from S14 after 5 races, because my CPU was not keeping up well with F1 2017, I had annoying little framedrops and sometimes I lagged back into people, so I retired. After that I didn't sign up for S15, I did some races in the Assetto Corsa league instead.

I upgraded my PC earlier this year and got a 40" 4K TV, and sim racing became a whole another world :D F1 2018 is running butter smooth so far, so fingers crossed I won't have any issues this time. I've been using a G29 for almost 2 years now and I'm planning to switch to a Fanatec CSL later this year (around Black Friday probably).

I'm really glad to be back in AOR and this season is going to be a real challenge: first season where I turn off the corner line. I did the time trials without it and it's clear I'm not as fast, because I used to be in the same split with people who are in F3-F4 this season. But I'm not turning it back on now, I'm already used to it being off and it would just annoy me now.

I'm hoping I can still fight for the top positions and have some awesome races and an awesome season with you lot! :D


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Sep 5, 2018
Hi guys,

My name is Mathias, 29 year old, from Austria.
I like sports (currently mostly Sailing and Soccer), music and gaming (All kind of games, not just F1). I am streaming a bit of F1 2018 on Twitch. So you can spy a bit on me ;)

Previously i have been driving in the f1-onlineliga, which is a german league with assists and no assists mixed. That's the main reason why I wanted to join a no assists league. However I'm still driving with racing line, but I think I will try to get rid of it sooner or later.

My Equipment is a Thrustmaster T300 with F1 Add-on, T3PA-Pro pedals and a playseat challenge.

I am looking forward to race with you guys. I always try to race as fair as possible and I hope that we respect each others in the league.

I wish you all the best.
Let's get this thing running! :)


Formula Karter
Apr 3, 2018
Hi guys,
My name is Gabriele, 20 year old, from Italy. I'm using a Logitech Driving GT Force.
This is my third year into leagues racing..Last season was in F3 with good results and now I'm in F7 and I really don't now how i lost so much pace:(..Maybe beacuse I turned off racing line assist:unsure:..I also race in an Italian League..
I'm expecting to have fun and have clean races..Also, if I win some races will be good, but as I said I'm not here just for winning ..:):)


F1 Reserve Driver
Aug 26, 2017
Hey guys!

I'm Sabba7h, some call me Sabba/Sabbah/Sabbath/Sulley, so go by whichever you like. I'm one of the American drivers who stayed on the European side of the league, and have been part of AOR for what will be exactly one year in five days from writing this (four if you're in Europe). I've driven the Haas and Sauber in seasons 14 and 15 respectively, and been in Splits 8 and 6. Both seasons my team finished 2nd in the constructor's standings, and I finished 2nd in split 8 S14. My teammate is @Dobby, who was my championship rival in S14 (He pulled a 100 point gap to everyone else by the end of the US GP and won).

I race with a T150 and T3PA pedals. It's not the pro set, as I got the T3PAs after I got my T150, but it may as well be since that's what it consists of.

I had a mediocre season 15, with a lot of bad luck and races that were just flat out ruined by others. That, and I'm still on the hunt for what will eventually be my first title. I'm hoping to fight for top five finishes starting Sunday, so hopefully we can all keep it clean and ultimately have fun this season.

See you guys out on track! I can't wait to see how this season turns out.


F1 Coordinator & S14 AOR PC F8 Champion
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F1 Coordinator
Sep 16, 2017
Hi there,

Sorry for my late arrival! My name is Reinder (Not to be confused with REINDEER). 22 y/o. I raced here for 2 seasons now. In s14 I was champion in F8 and last season I became 3rd in F6. I want to be a contender for the championship this season. I also enjoy playing rF2, iRacing and AC. Oh and btw hello @Desmond0313 Console.WriteLine("Hello World!"); I am a programmer aswell. The gear I use can be viewed here: http://prntscr.com/kz5yfg

I hope to have some awesome battles this season! See you all on track <3

Twitch: HERE
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Formula 3 1st Driver
Apr 14, 2017
Hi there,

Sorry for my late arrival! My name is Reinder (Not to be confused with REINDEER). 22 y/o. I raced here for 2 seasons now. In s14 I was champion in F8 and last season I became 3rd in F6. I want to be a contender for the championship this season. I also enjoy playing rF2, iRacing and AC. Oh and btw hello @Desmond0313 Console.WriteLine("Hello World!"); I am a programmer aswell. The gear I use can be viewed here: http://prntscr.com/kz5yfg

I hope to have some awesome battles this season! See you all on track <3

Twitch: HERE
Your name is Reindeer? :p
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Pro Karter
Feb 8, 2018
Hello im Mantas i am 14 years old i live in Lithuania i use a logitech G29 wheel.
I have been racing for 1 years in different leagues and AOR but not in the main leagues and i wanted to try get into the main stuff
I expect and hope to score points every race have fun and improve


F1 Coordinator & S18 AOR PC F9 Champion
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F1 Coordinator
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Dec 25, 2017
For a TL;DR-version, please scroll down to the bottom of the post.

Yup, it's me again. But now from the coordinator side. I wish to express myself on how I would like the season to progress. Of course I like tight battles from a personal view, but there are several things I would like to address when I'm wearing the coordinator hat.

First of all I welcome you to the best organized racing community I encountered in my life. Everything which happens in the background is being thought of really good by all the staff members. And this all could not have been possible if it wasn’t for @FisiFan91 , @Dan Hawkins , @Maddog40 and anyone else who’s involved. But let’s not forget all of you guys, who are probably reading this in the next few days. All of the community members are making this incredible thing happen. If there are no members, there’s no community. So thanks for joining in.

Now to the point... I’ll sum up the things I’ll watch out for in this season. It might sound harsh at first, but I just wish to see fair racing, so please keep that in mind.

  1. Can’t attend one or perhaps more races during the season? No problem. But please let us know by posting a message (doesn’t need to be a 1-hour story) in the topic of that particular race. You are responsible to let me know you cannot attend. Please don’t relay the message through someone else. I want to hear it from you. Almost everyone has a smartphone nowadays, so there’s hardly any excuse not to make a forum post. You don’t show up without a notice? You’ll receive a reprimand. If you accumulate 3 reprimands during a season, you will be taken out of consideration of the league and someone else will take your place if there’s a reserve driver available.
  2. Drive clean! Sounds simple, but experience tells me it can be quite hard sometimes. Basicly you should prevent yourselve from making impossible divebombs. Be very cautious in the first lap as it probably will have some sort of chaotic situation. With that you most likely should break much earlier than you want to, so ignore the racing line (if you’re using it of course). Next to that you should not treat your fellow split-members as an AI. Approaching a corner while your front wheels are not at least alongside of the other driver’s sidepot? Take a chill-pill and give him the space. It’s not worth it risking spinning out both of you. The season is long (yes, very long, like 26 weeks long) and you’ll have plenty of overtaking opportunities. And if you still decide to move on with the opportunistic move, you’ll probably end up being tagged in a stewards-inquery after the race.
  3. The race doesn’t go as planned? Someone smashed your front wing? Your qualy-lap is ruined by a half-spin? Act responsible and don’t retire on track. Better is to not retire at all. It’s even in the rules to not retire whilst being on track. If you still decide to do this, this will probably cause a VSC or SC for the other drivers. So just don’t... And if you still do, you’ll probably end up being tagged in a stewards-inquery. Got an emergency and need to go while in being in the lobby? This can always happen. Just let us know via Discord and then park your car next to the track and retire using the game menu. Don’t crash out on purpose! And be careful when retiring while being in the pitlane. This might end up your car being parked at your pitcrew and virtually be there for a long long time, causing your teammate not being able to make a pitstop.
  4. Be nice to others. Is there something you don’t like? Act like a grown-up and talk about it, but please not during the race. Wait for the race to be over and then talk it out. Don’t be agressive and certainly don’t threat people. If your attitude is too agressive your sign-up (again) might be put under review.
So a short summary:
  1. Communicate! Let us know if you’re not able to attend a race
  2. Drive clean! Ending up in multiple steward-inqueries might end up in being kicked out of the league
  3. Don’t retire! You signed up for the league, meaning you committed in doing the whole race
  4. Be nice to each other!
Any violations may be put up as a steward inqueries by anyone in the league. If that ends up to be me, then so be it. I francly hate people who don’t stick to the rules. Rules aren’t there for nothing. The rules encourage people to create a friendly environment with clean racing.

Again: my story might sound harsh, but I don’t mean it that way. I love good jokes (not during the race though) and if you do good I even tend to forgive a thing or two. But the rules aren’t made to be broken...

Rali 16

Formula 3 Test Driver
Jul 25, 2018
Hi I’m 13y/o who races with the thrustmaster TX leather edition. It’s my first season in AOR so I’m not expecting much tbh. I used to race on Xbox about 3 months ago but then I moved to pc and started to learn the wheel.

Gl to everyone
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S13 AOR PC Split 2 Champion
Mar 21, 2017
Hello guys I'm 19 y/o and I race on a thrustmaster ts pc racer.Its a new experience for me because I always raced on the pad and the wheel is still very new to me. I hope i can improove during the season and get back to my true potential.


Semi-Pro Karter
Dec 17, 2018
Hey there
i'm Robin 18 y/o and started league racing with F1 2018.
I'm on a pad and as i'm still quite new to league race i hope to improve pacewise.
I'm looking forward to have fun and clean races with you guys and maybe some podiums.