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PC AOR PC F9 League - Driver Introduction Thread


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Sep 6, 2019
Oh I didn't see this thread and I didn't introduce myself !

So I'm Arnaud, I'm 39 and I live in Paris. I love everything with wheels we can drive : cars, motorbikes and bikes. I race with a jcl seat, a thrustamster t500rs with a Ferrari wheel and a samsung 49". But my mic is not working, I have to buy another one...

Like everyone else, I started with a keyboard with Grand Prix 2 in 1997 ! And I bought a ms wheel in 99 may be and F1 racing championship (what a game !) and grand prix 3 and monaco GP, grand prix 4, rfactor, project cars then F1 2019...I did my first league with GP3. Well it was not really online. We raced offline, sent the saved race to the league admin. :)

I started real online races with rfactor and F1 79, F1 2006 or champcar mod.

I'm not a good qualifyer, I don't know why but I'm a good racer. I'm good to save the tyres, I don't do a lot of mistakes (it happens sometimes anyway) and I'm careful to overtake.

And I'm pissed of when I see the times that top drivers in F1-F2, etc... league can do. I don't understand how they can do that. :mad:

Here it is my steam account : maverick (the avatar with the ferrari suit)
And my youtube channel (I finally found a decent setting in obs with a 32/9 screen) : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmeN1fu8p7mAmoTWGuk2pnA

See you later !