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PC AOR PC GT3 Elite - Round 1 - Hockenheim GP - 05/08/15 @ 8:00pm


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AOR Admin
Jan 12, 2014
Very fun race! Had a lot of battling in the early part of the race, then I was quite lonely for the middle part of the race, and then battling again towards the end! A bit disappointing to spin very close to the end while battling with @Jepparh and @Tipple for 4th, but the cold tyres were really giving me a hard time - first time I've experienced those kind of temperatures, so good to know for the next race. The spin dropped me down a a few positions, but I finished 8th in the end which is at least a bit up from where I started, so not too bad.

Also very nice to see all 18 starters finish the race - well done to all of you for that! :)

And of course congrats to the podium finishers @Browneskiii, @Mazy CZ & @AndrexUK - sounded like it was quite a race up at the front!


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May 6, 2015
Well, I'd qualified about where I hoped (6th I think?)
Got a good start off the line to steel 5th before turn 1
Then followed the train for the first lap.
2nd lap, and @Browneskiii decided to help me out at the hairpin, but shuffling 2nd / 3rd and 4th off to the inside, which gifted me 2nd place.
I knew I didn't belong there, so was trying not to push myself too much to keep the gap.
@Michal7M started closing me down after I slide the Audi a couple of times, and he got past.
But then he lost traction out the hairpin, and cut in front of 4th place, holding him up.
This gave me a little breathing place in 2nd again, and was a case of waiting for Browneskiii + others to recover and catch.
Which they did, and although I was going to leave the door open for 3rd and 4th (no point holding myself up, as there was no way I was going to keep them behind)...I left it a little TOO open, and ran wide at the grandstand.
Looked to be a good battle between the z4 and Aston ahead now, and I didn't even notice when the Aston went in to pit.
Gave me 3rd back, and then just a quite (slidey) run to the end.
1st podium, and I'm really chuffed.
Sad the my team mate @Jepparh DC'd during qually, and had to start further down the pack.
He was chasing, but my mediums gave me better lap times from about lap 22+
Then the Aston stole 4th from him on the last lap on his fresh rubber.

My setup kept my tyres warm up to the end, and others seemed to struggle. This, plus a few spins + a pit strategy gave me perhaps a slightly better finish than I should really have managed.

Awesome race guys! great to see so many finishers!

Of course, a huge thank you to @FisiFan91 for running the show.


Ryan Smith

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Apr 28, 2015
What a race! I'VE COMPLETED MY FIRST EVER AOR RACE! AND GOT MY FIRST POINTS! :jawdrop::jawdrop::jawdrop::jawdrop:

Anywho, what a race, I'll upload my perspective tomorrow into the Videos thread. I had steering damage for the majority of the race after having a huge snap of oversteer coming out of the first corner, luckily I didn't lose a wheel like I first thought I had. I had a good battle with the lone Audi R8 in the race (I can't remember your name, sorry!). I put a huge dive bomb on him towards the end and finished 13th I think.

So yeah, brilliant race! Thanks guys! Thanks to @FisiFan91 for hosting also!

Tried something different, went with some off board and on board cameras. Stick around until the end and you'll see the battle with the lone R8 :D
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May 26, 2015
So after the first race im confident this season is going to be awesome! Tough first race for me, getting DC 4 min before qualifying ended. I think i was in 5th or 6th when i DC'ed. I thought my hours of practising was lost, but was able to connect in the warmup round luckily. I was on the absolute last place though when the green lights lit up, but got a fantastic start, and was very fast in top 10. The race was superb, had alot of fights with @FisiFan91 and @Tipple - especially @Tipple - i felt i was a bit faster than you @Tipple but when i overtook you, i lost some confidence and you kept up with me basicly the whole race. Was so fun. I ended up 5th, after @khaki overtook me with fresh tires on the very last corners.

Yet again a big thanks for the organisation - sublime work!

And yet again, brownskii shows why he should race the ginetta.

Im trying to record my replay, and see if i can put some highlights in a video.


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Nov 24, 2014
Well.. Now that I've calmed down, I can write some race report!

Qualifying, my first lap I was actually quite happy with, I got a 37.6 and thought it should be enough for a front row start.. But little did I know how much of a fight @Mazy CZ, @khaki and @Tipple would give.. With 2 minutes to go, I was in 3rd and on my final lap.. I gave it my absolute all and I came out with what was within a tenth of my potential best lap time.
Qualifying isn't my strong point, but that's a lap I'll be proud of for a very long time to come!

The race started and I was still a bit hyped up after my qualifying lap, which made me a bit "reckless" into the hairpin, where I stupidly tried to overtake Mazy and spun while on the curb, and I think I slightly touched Khaki and Tipple. Down into 8th or 9th and I was basically crying.. My first major mistake of this league and I had to give it my all just for a podium.. But I know I'm at my best when my back is agianst the wall, and I put in lap after lap of insane amounts of concentration to salvage what I thought was going to be a poor race. Mazy had like a 5 or 6 second lead and spun on lap 12 or so, at which point I got up to 3rd after passing a few guys who decided to have a battle or spin.
I just didn't have the top end of what Mazy had, and because of his traction, I couldn't get close in the corners. But somehow I kept on his rear and when Khaki pitted I went for a move which lasted over half a lap being side by side! And during that you just think this is why we league race for moments like that.
@AndrexUK had a great race being in 3rd all this time like 6 seconds behind us and because we were fighting like crazy for the winhe was catching up. Pivotal moment was on lap 30 or 31 when Mazy hit me into the hairpin causing me to gain a 5 second lead but I stupidly spun at the penultimate corner losing all that gap, and under intense pressure with cold and worn tyres I somehow came across the line to win by a second..
I worked for that victory, and it's easily my best performance to date, despite the spins. I honestly have no idea how I won it, but I'll take it :D

Mazy CZ

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Jan 14, 2014
Well...win denied :D

What a race! What a hell of a race!

Quali went suprisingly well for me. I managed to put banker lap of low 1:38's which I was happy about and then I put mid 1:37's which was a tenth of @Browneskiii. I pitted and went for another round and I put 1:37.2 and was on pole but then..literally 10 seconds to finish, @Browneskiii stole the pole with an incredible time. Congratz.

Now let's race.
I had a decent start where I was just behind @Browneskiii and no one was on my outside so I took T1 perfectly and in the same time @Browneskiii went a bit wide which enabled me to go through at T2. I WAS 1ST from now on and I was swetting like a pig :D Later on @Browneskiii spun at the hairpun and fell back which gave me some breathing space and @AndrexUK in his Audi was 2nd and I managed to pull 5 sec gap steadily and trying not to push like crazy to save my tyres. @khaki got passed @AndrexUK and slowly started to close the gap on me. But then some laps later I put my right tyres on the grass at the fast left-hander coming to the stadium complex in the begining of the sector 3 and I got a big snap-oversteer :(. While rallying across the grass and keeping it reasonably "safe" @khaki went by and I managed to rejoined safely in front of @Browneskiii . Now the race is on (Now I'm swetting like 3 pigs and my hearth is pumping like crazy :D) @Browneskiii was a tad faster in corners but on the main straight I got better traction which helped me to keep him behind for some laps. Then we had one of the most rewarding moments in league racing..3/4 of a lap side by side action with no contact and great respect. I'm not sure if @Browneskiii got passed me after that or not but he got passed at the hairpun anyway. Then we realized we are not 2nd and 3rd but @khaki pitted and we were fighting for the win. We had battle going on until the checkered flag during which I went for some overtake moves but haven't managed to make them stick. I think we were both held up at some point by backmarkers but it was due to the place on the track where it wasn't safe to let us by which was at sector 3 but we were let by afterwards so no problems there. At the end of the race I raped @Browneskiii 's Z4's ass by my RUF's front bumper at hairpun when I misjudged my braking there which gave him that 3 sec lead. (Very sorry about that mate ;))Then he halfspun 2 laps to the end and I was on his tail once again but I wasn't able to make a move to pass with worn tyres and finished a second off @Browneskiii .

Very happy to finish 2nd but I think win was on the table for me. As always, consistency is a key I guess and also ability to handle the pressure. I'm not used to be in front so I got a bit nervous there but hopefully I will cope with that and I will keep @Browneskiii occupied at the front for the upcoming races ;)

Sadly, I haven't recorded live as I had to turn recording off due to low FPS. I get around 35-45 FPS with recording and without it I got stable 50-60 FPS which makes a big difference. But I should make some video from replay as nobody DSC so it should be fine without any issues. That side by side action is epic :) (hopefully :D)

Also congratz to @AndrexUK for 3rd and to @khaki for a great pace. I'm sure you would have been up there in front if you hadn't pitted. (not sure if the grammar of the last sentence is correct but you get the idea :)) Also well done that nobody dsc.

Cheers and see you all next week
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Mar 3, 2015
Thx for a great race last night guys! Really fun and fair race back in the pack. :)

Some hightlights from the my race last night.

My and @Jepparh working togethter.

My pit engineer when @Ryan Smith dived bombed me in the last corner on the last lap. :)

Mazy CZ

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Jan 14, 2014
Nah, I'm a robot put on earth to play PCars!

But actually I just kept my computer on all night to upload the race, and I just happened to wake up about 10 minutes ago!
I will use the replay for this race as my PC drops FPS while recording. Hopefully replay is fine this time without any issues.


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Mar 3, 2015
Got fantastic start where i passed 4 cars. Just avoided the crash in the first corner, and think i was 7. @FisiFan91 was behind me along a train of other cars, that i was slowing down. I spun in corner when i hit the curb on the exit and lost 5 places. Then @Viceguy and AJ caught up to my and i made a mistake and then both got past me. Dived on @Viceguy after the main straight, but locked up and hitted AJ in the side.(Sorry) Rest of the race people where passing me, until I found my pace at 13 place. Battled with @Ryan Smith for the most of the race, but the last 10 laps i couldn't use my right arm, so was pretty hard. I the last corner on the last lap @Ryan Smith dived bombed me, and took the 13 place.

Okay race for me. To bad i couldn't keep the pace when i got that good of a start. Hopefully ill improve for next race. :)


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Nov 18, 2014
Agree, this was really intense race. First 1/3 of the race was perfect for me, no contact during the first lap. When 3 cars in the front had their contact, I found my self in 3rd place, which I could hardly believe. Than I'm not sure what happened and when, I need to see the replay. All I can remember, I absolutely screwed up the hairpin in lap 12 or so, went to barrier and stucked there. I didn't realize, my wheel rotated too much and I was shifting the wrong shifter (up) instead of down to reverse.. hard to tell, how much time I lost. I rejoined in P10 and tried to get back, but I was making small mistakes here and there, the confidence was gone. I had the cars in 5s distance, so I tried to get closer, which was slowly working. After another big mistake in turn 8 (I hate those curbs) hopes were gone and I allowed @AJ to close down to 2s. This was couple of laps before the end, I was really upset because these stupid mistakes. The track went darker, tyres started to go off, the heat in my room was crazy (33 C) so @Mazy CZ, I was sweating like three pigs applies too me as well :) to be honest, I was happy the race was over.

Just before the race I wrote, this will be reality check and it really was, need to work on my race pace a lot.
Congrats to everyone, despite all, it was great race!!


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Jan 14, 2014
Yet again the Hockenheim curse strikes again, no matter what, i either get hit off or the track screws me just like in the F1 seasons and both happened lastnight haha :p

Qualifying went very well, set a new pb and also thats closest ive been to @Browneskiii time, usually 2-3secs slower but now down to 1.2 :D

Race started horribly, got my rear clipped into t1 which sent me off into a spin and all way down to dead last, by lap 6 i'd had recovered to about 12th-13th when i got caught out pushing too hard and got a rear tyre on kerb exit of turn 6 which put me into a spin and back down to 2nd to last, so pushed again, worked my way up to around 11th then got clobbered at end of straight at hairpin, luckily no damage and tried so so hard to catch @Michal7M but our lap times were too even, only way to catch was if he made a mistake which he did and got to about 2seconds but track got too cold and just had to bring car home in 10th . It was very hard working way back through the field twice, lost so much time but rather happy to have gotten back into top 10.
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Jan 15, 2014
well that went well...

quali was useless.. nothing worked out which is also why i in race drove faster than in quali...

got a great start of the race but was a bit scared to fly into T1 like an A*S so was rolling at Mclaren Honda pace there... some people crashed and i gained a few positions... i was now up into 12th and were there for a while until i spun and had to wait for 3 cars to pass on track before i could get back... was now down in 15th.. managed to fight up to and past P14 but then i spun again as the leaders was coming and lost so much time on that so i ended up down in 15th again..

on the closing laps my tyres started to shake and they were getting waaaay too cold... i was going so slowly around in the end to try and avoid spinning so P16 behind me closed from 27 to 6 seconds in a few laps.. but i managed P15 which im in some way happy with and some way dissapointed with...

im happy that i saw that i could follow the leaders for quite some laps and only just managed to get lapped by them..
im dissapointed that i couldnt keep control for longer time and spun which cost me a lot...

but all in all a very nice race..
and tbh... when i got moved up here i was afraid that this league would be b*t*h*s because thats often how many of the "best drivers" are imo... so was quite pleased yesterday that everyone did as they did and good to hear the leaders to notice drivers when lapping :D

okay i have now wrote quite a story..

useless quali
okay start of race
fought back


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May 26, 2015
Im gonna give up on the recording my replay. The recording was a mere fucking abonomation of a huge turd size. Fucking 200gb for 1 hour of recording. Then i realised it recorded with my mic on - awful sound. Then i tried again, with my mic disabled. Lo and behold, no mic noise in the next huge ass turd file. But now there was no fucking sound at all. **** sake. Im gonna upload my 1st lap with **** sound and show my start. ****. that. ****.