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PC AOR PC GT3 Elite - Round 1 - Nürburgring - 25/11/15 @ 8:00pm

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Jan 12, 2014
I must've forgotten how to swim, cuz my wet pace was shocking. Had some contact and side-by-sides in the first few laps, but after frustrating @AJ and @hutch by holding them up for a bit I just wasn't able to keep up with the pack. Might have had a tiny bit of damage as well which wasn't helping. The dry stint was basically just trying to close the gap to my teammate, a task I finally completed as we entered the final lap, but I couldn't make a last-ditch overtake. Ended P18 in the end. Think this is the first time in this league that I've finished outside the points on pace alone, so a bit frustrating :panda:

Great turnout today though, and it sounded like it was a great race further up the field. Incredibly competitive league this season, which is worrying for my confidence lol.
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Oct 19, 2015
So, I dont know if Its the game or my internet, but it did the same thing as in le Mans social race. Again the lights went green for me before others. After the race I went to see the replay and in there it looks like I jump started. But then again in both times I have not got any penalty. Has anyone else had this kind of problem? Its so frustrating!
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Jan 14, 2014
So, I dont know if Its the game or my internet, but it did the same thing as in le Mans social race. Again the lights went green for me before others. After the race I went to see the replay and in there it looks like I jump started. But then again in both times I have not got any penalty. Has anyone else had this kind of problem? Its so frustrating!
For me it did the opposite lol, the lights went green for me after the others.


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Jan 14, 2014
Bad start to a new season, only took half of 1st lap before @hutch slams me off, which ended up me facing wrong way in gravel pit :/ So was down from 15th to 24th, had some fun races with @FisiFan91, @Noztra @centro and managed to climb back and finish where i started :(

Take it easy in future @hutch, no need for this, specially so early in race.
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Apr 17, 2014
Wauw what a start to the season !
Thanks for an awesome race, it was a big push from start to finish.
F1-Masa gave me a run for the money, the last 3 laps felt like an hour to get through,
Masa had way better pace at the end, one more lap and it might not have been me winning.
Once again, thanks for the race !



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Nov 24, 2014
Wow. Wow. Wow. Such a good race. Not the best pace by me, but yet again I somehow got the absolute all out of my car and myself when it counts!

Qualifying: My first lap was my best, and again, it was a pb :D 2:02.9 and started 5th! More than happy considering I was thinking I'd only get just inside the top 10.

Race: After some amazing starts over the previous 24h (8th to 2nd and 8th to 1st in the first lap alone!) my actual one wasn't amazingly good, but I still went from 5th to 3rd before the first corner, and almost got @khaki in the first sector. The top 3 got away relatively quickly, but I was making no mistakes whatsoever and the top guys were so I got into 2nd.

I was holding up @F1-Masa like crazy for a few laps but he finally got past at the hairpin and then I held up @Tipple and @Papand so much, and quote "Your car was like trying to pass a building" (Tipple, 2015.) but he finally got through, after going side by side for a few corners and shouting at me :D I don't think Papand actually got past at any point, but his pace was definitely better than mine!

Papand pitted on lap 17, and I actually thought he was going to undercut both me and Khaki, but it wasn't to be, and we both pitted and came out together ahead of him. I was now settling down for a 5th place but it was the time when the race really picked up big time! @Yorkie065 behind me after Papand span was running about a second a lap faster than me with the same amount of laps remaining as he was behind. Khaki and Tipple had a coming together, and because of that Yorkie caught fully up, and it was me in front of Tipple and Khaki, while Papand caught back up to us. So 3 faster drivers at the point were all behind me ready to pounce on any mistake. But typical me, I didn't make any mistakes and I somehow came home in 4th! I think my pace was only good enough for like 8th or 9th, so I am more than happy with 4th! :D

It's processing right now, but here's my race :]


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Aug 1, 2015
Where do you even start after a race like that... :jawdrop:

Qualifying went pretty well I managed something in the 2:02s, but it was a fair bit off of my PB of a 2:02.2 Still good enough for 4th on the grid, after @Miniblack beat me by 0.010! :finger:

The race didn't exactly go to plan, I got a dreadful start and was down to somewhere around 9th place heading into Turn 1. I then started attacking @Papand and managed to get through around the outside of Turn 2 on Lap 2. Now it was time to start closing on @Browneskiii, sadly he managed to put up a great defence and I just couldn't get past him. A few laps later @F1-Masa had a track cut penalty or had some sort of moment, this put him right in the mix with me and Browneskiii. He got through after a lap or two, then after a stern shouting and a brief side-by-side battle through the whole of Sector 1, I managed to get by. From here to until I pitted on Lap 18 it was just a matter of staying consistent and trying to get a gap to the guys behind, sadly I made a few mistakes whilst trying to get every tenth I could out of the car and ended up costing myself a few seconds. I came out around 5 seconds ahead of Browneskiii who was just ahead of Papand and @khaki, but didn't practice dry pace too much and wasn't feeling too confident. After what seemed like a long battle Khaki managed to break free and started to close in on me at a scary pace. Once he caught up we had a brief battle but I managed to stay ahead until the end of Sector 2 where he missed his braking point or I braked too early, not really sure if I was just slow :unsure: I got pretty bad damage and a penalty for this and this allowed Browneskiii and @Yorkie065 to catch up. With Browneskiii passing me and Yorkie hot on my heels. Heading into the hairpin Yorkie went for a move and our cars got caught on each other and we were unable to turn which resulted in him ending up off the track (sorry!). And I was left to deal with Papand who was lurking behind waiting to pounce on any chance he got, thankfully I managed to hold him off and finished 5th (barely).

Not too happy with 5th because I felt like I could've and should've had a better result. But the quality of racing and immense fun that I had more than made up for that! Congrats to Miniblack on the win, great drive with a very close finish. Thank you as always to @FisiFan91 and the other organisers for making these awesome races happen! (y)

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Jan 14, 2014
Not the best start to the season regarding results and points tally to myself.

I didn't manage to pull some reasonable qualy lap and then I wrongly counted the time left so I had just 2 laps in so I started in the middle of the grid.

Had reasonable good launch of the line. I saw @centro going crazy hitting the car in front @Togomies and as they said, it was some syncing problem.

I picked up some positions before T1 and then it was intence fun for the 1st laps and 1st sector. Cars everywhere but for me, no major contacts made with other cars. Just rubbing and racing :D. In the 1st few laps I managed to pull of some good overtakes and I picking up people making mistakes. Then I was behind @Noztra in Audi as he got a penalty for cutting the chicane a bit and when his car slowed down I hit him fairly hard resulting in some front aero damage and I lost a lot of front end grip. @AndrexUK was right behind me for a lot of laps and I made an AmazingMazy's train. Andrex was great on the brakes and he hit me once in T3 and then at Dunlop and we both went into the gravel there which didn't help and we lost a lot of positions. Then my wheel started to get mad. Sudennly, I had to turn more than 360° in tight corners and more than 180° in normal turns where you turn about 90°. But still, I fought with it and adapted but had no chance catching Andrex in front. I had good battle all around with @RC_MoNsteR_99. When I pitted, I dsc'ed and re-connected my wheel hoping it would be ok but it wasn't. Actually it was the opposite. It took just 90° on my wheel to full lock of the car so again, I had to adapt meaning then in 1st laps ont of the pits I got like 5 penalties and lost a lot of time there. But it got a bit better with time. I tried my best to catch up with the cars in front and at Dunlop I made a move on the inside but I was well next to the car and maybe in front a bit but I got abit of understeer and we touched with sides meaning we both got into the gravel. Then it was just driving to the end on P13.

Not the best result but I hope I will get some more points. Well done to @Miniblack it looks like the S3 will be competitive as it can ever be. Finishing in the same time in those conditions after 30 laps is mega. Well done to @FisiFan91 for running the sow as per usual and also waiting for @Miniblack.


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Mar 3, 2015
Qualify: Only did one lap and did my PB. :) 2.03 so i started 8/9 i think, which was very good. To bad my teammate @SilverArrow3 couldnt get a full lap together and started 16.

Race: Ohh lord, did so much practice and then this. :p Got an amazing start and was side by side with @Papand in the first corner. Then i was 5 and from there everything starting to go badly. Got 2-3 cut track penalties on the first lap, and @Mazy CZ hit me in the second last corner, when i couldnt get out of the way fast enough and i got some aero dmg. :/ After that my car was very loose and battled with @AJ for 16 place when i went into the pit, and the "pit box was ocupied" so my AI driver decided to slam my car repetetly into the pit wall causing massive damage to my car. When i finally got out of the pit, my AI driver still had control of my car so couldnt do anything and allmost hit @SilverArrow3 at the first corner.

So i decided to retire so i didnt cause any damage to other cars. To bad because @SilverArrow3 finished 8 and i think i would have been around P8-10, but **** happens. :)

GZ to @Miniblack for the amazing win. GO DENMARK! :D

Special thanks to @Browneskiii, @Mazy CZ, @SilverArrow3 for car setup, tactics etc. :) Now we just need to plan when we go to the pits, so one of us doesnt get "pit box was ocupied" bug. :)

Also thx to @AndrexUK for pre season testing and help with car selection. :)

And like allways thx to @FisiFan91 for doing what he does best. :)
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Aug 9, 2015
Bad start to a new season, only took half of 1st lap before @hutch slams me off, which ended up me facing wrong way in gravel pit :/ So was down from 15th to 24th, had some fun races with @FisiFan91, @Noztra @centro and managed to climb back and finish where i started :(

Take it easy in future @hutch, no need for this, specially so early in race.
Ouch, sorry man. Totally missed my braking point for the corner and tried to ditch myself in the gravel so I wouldn't take anyone out and failed miserably, my fault and again sorry.


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Nov 4, 2015
Well, that was most certainly a nice experience!
Having faced many problems with Ded. Servers and overall MP stability in my last official races in other leagues I was a bit pessimistic and didn't practice too much.

It turned out that this puts you to the end of the field in qualifying, who would have thought!? :D What a nice close skillfull field of drivers we have here, now that is some motivation for the future races!

Okay, so after qualifying on 17th I had an interesting start phase and managed to make my way up to 11th in the end having an awesome fight with Alex for the last 10 laps.

My team mate and I struggled keeping the Aston on track in the wet, this car really has no grip under conditions like that.
However my dry pace was quite okay with low 56s and I'm happy with that.

See you in Donington!



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Jan 19, 2014
A race of mixed emotions, high and lows.

Quali: Tough! Was very unusual to see myself down in around 12/13 half way through with @AJ infront of me, and @AndrexUK behind when usually we'd be up around the 4/5/6th mark. Either way, stepped up my game in the last 5mins to pull out a 7th place despite my first sector being slower than my current fastest, but nailed sectors 2 and 3.

Race: My start wasn't great. Seemed to be better than the guy in 5th, but whoever was in 9th got the initial launch that I had the night prior and got up alongside me pretty quick. Looking at the replay it looks like we almost got 5 wide at one point heading down towards turn 1 with an Audi on my right and an M3 on my left. There was a tiny bit of a rub on the run down so I backed out the throttle which lost me a little momentum and into turn 1 I was 9th going 2 wide. Turn 2 saw me, @AndrexUK and someone else going 3 wide (was unaware of as only had a call from engineer that a car was on my left) and Andrex got squeezed out to 2 but he followed me around the outside and tucked in behind. From there it was trying to survive and somehow look through all the spray. It seemed very very dark.

Lap 2 there was an incident with me and @AndrexUK where coming onto the back straight in the final sector, I took a wide line to get a good exit onto the straight, Andrex thought I had gone wide and tucked up my inside without me knowing and I ended up closing the door on him. There was contact which cost Andrex 15 aero damage (?) which I apologise for. Should have seen you tuck in underneath me and given you room. After that, Andrex unfortunately dropped back and in behind @Mazy CZ and I tried to keep pace with the guys infront. Kept up with them and managed to pick up a place from @USSRxALeXeR when he spun which put me up into 7th (I believe I gained 8th from a car cutting the track in lap 1).

Next up the road was @Papand who I was trying to keep pace with and kept a reasonable gap. I think @khaki had a spin somewhere along the line and dropped 3 seconds behind me which I knew would close quickly and did over a few laps. Seeing @Browneskiii was creating a train up ahead, I knew if they kept battling and slowing each other up, I could let @khaki through without loosing time and use him to catch up to the back and give myself a chance to fight for some positions. That's pretty much what happened and I got up to within half a second of @Papand when him and @khaki battled into turn 1. But as soon as I got there, I had a half spin which cost me about 5 seconds. Pitstops then came and I was planning on pitting on lap 17, but someone went into the pit box infront of me occupying it. I could have run the risk of pitting hoping that by the time I approached the box, the guy would have left it and I could take my stop but I decided not to (glad I didn't after hearing about @Noztra's problem which is a real shame and will throw it towards the devs (You got footage Noz?)) and carry on round. I pitted on lap 18 onto the slicks and actually had gained time on @Papand (gap was 10 seconds before stop, was now 7).

Final stint was go hard or go home time. I just went for it after @Papand had made a mistake? Gifting me position and presenting me the opportunity to catch @Browneskiii. Consistency came in with a number of laps being within hundreds of each other but also tumbling by about half a second every 2 laps with my fastest being a 1:56.2, essentially taking a second out of @Browneskiii every lap. Thats when I saw @Tipple and @khaki suddenly just infront of @Browneskiii who got past @Tipple. Their battling allowed me to get right up on the back of the two of them and with 2 laps to go, I knew I'd have to do it quickly if I wanted 4th. I got a good run out the exit of the 2nd gear right hander leading down the hill to the hairpin and went for the move down the inside. Braked hard and late and got the inside and the apex but I think as Tipple turned in, he caught the outside rear of my car and we both got stuck understeering off into the gravel on the outside. Tipple managed to slip through and Papand caught right back up onto the rear of me and had a good run up the hill to the Schumacher S's. I tried to hold the inside and hold 6th but he had got far enough up on my outside and slipped through dropping me to 7th. The last lap was basically me trying to re-catch Papand, who was trying to catch Tipple, who was trying to catch Browneskiii and it ended up with us all crossing the finish line with about 8-10 car lengths between us from 4th-7th position.

Overall, happy that the racing is so close and tight, looks like it's going to be a hell of a season. Glad I finished at least where I started, but sad that I had made contact with my team mate (sorry again buddy! :( ) and potential positions that could have been for both of us if it wasn't for that incident and also my half spin that cost me 5 seconds.

Looking forward to the next race though, that is for sure!


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Jan 19, 2014
@Yorkie065 I only got the ingame replay from it, if you can use that?
Better than nothing. Throw it up on youtube as an unlisted video, put in the descriptions all the steps you took/what exactly happened in as much detail as possible and send me the link. Shall forward it on directly to the devs :)
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Jul 17, 2015
My very first race in the Elite league and what a race it was!

Qualifying: I knew i could do low 2:02's and i did in the practice session just before we started. But when things mattered i could not get the job done. When the first flyer only gave me a low 2:03, i started panicking a bit and pushed way to hard, making a ton of mistakes. Had to settle for 8th on the grid.

Race: I got a great start and was around 5th into turn 1. @Noztra got around me on the outside in turn 2 and i tried just hanging onto him instead of making an attempt overtake him back. That was the right decision as he made a cut in Schumacher S and i got back in front. The next lap was pure survival and i was way off on pace. @Tipple passed me with ease on the outside in turn 2 and i picture myself he could have rolled the window down and yelled "GTFO of my way newcomer!!". Just moments later i had @AndrexUK on my outside braking into turn 6 (?) and after watching my recording i think i got confused by the "clear right" signal given just when i start braking. @AndrexUK was way better than me on the braking, so he got on my outside going into the corner and we seem to glue together a bit on the entrance, leading to me forcing him into the grass, giving him a horrible 10 sec cut. Im very very sorry about that and i owe one in the bank for that one.

When i passed the line going into lap 3, the crew chief basically told me i suck. I think that was the turning point and i took a deep breath to get back up to speed. I catched up to the @Browneskiii train with @F1-Masa and @Tipple and just tried to monitor the situation a bit. @F1-Masa and @Tipple slipped past and my turn was next. Here my inexperience with close racing at this level really showed, with @Browneskiii 's level of defense just being way above my pathetic overtaking attempts. @khaki did some mistakes and was suddenly behind me while i still tried to find a way to pass @Browneskiii . I decided to let him pass, so he hopefully could show me a way to get by the british wall. The laps went on and when the pitstop window was within sight i made a quick decision to pit 1 lap earlier than planned, so i hopefully could undercut @Brownskiii and @khaki. It did not work as planned, as the first half lap on dry tires was way slower for me. Probably cost me 2-3 secs.

When the track got dry i knew it was time for me to push hard as the test races have shown my pace to be really good in the dry. I was 5th when i yet again got the @Browneskiii wall ahead of me. In my attempt to make ready for an overtaking move i did a huge mistake in Kuhmo Kurve and spun the car out on the grass. It cost me around 10 sec and 2 positions. Now the blood was really pumping and i pushed on my limit to get back up to @Yorkie065 in front. I did not gain much on him, but he instead gained alot on the guys in front, so the final laps got quite dramatic. @Yorkie065 and @Tipple had a little get together and i got up the side on @Yorkie065 doing a pass on him in the Schumacher S. Im pretty sure i more or less closed my eyes going through that, but i luckily made it. @Tipple was next and i closed the distance to him on the last lap making a desperate passing attempt in the last chicane before the finish. This time i could not pull it off and i finished in 6th.

I could maybe have hoped for more, but with this being my first Elite race in a field like this, im gonna be more than happy with my 6th. Thanks to everyone for a great race! Thanks to @FisiFan91 for organizing and to @DozerKitty for server hosting.

My race highlights:


2 times PC Project Cars 2 Champion
May 6, 2015

Did a lot of practice in both rain and dry, and got a good stable setup.
Qually didn't go very well, and I think I took 10th, with only 1 (or 2) decent laps.
Not up to my normal pace, but I always seem to do better in race, than in Q.

I'd set my sights on a P8 finish, maybe higher if others made mistakes.
Got an average start, and think I stole a position or 2 into T1, and then caught up with my Team-mate @Yorkie065.
Got passed him as he had to slow to avoid a slow car ?Noz? and then went round the outside of Papand into Sector 2.
He touched the kerb on the inside holding a tighter line, and he lost grip, sliding into me, and pushing me off, and then SMS decided I deserved a 10 sec penalty.
The car felt really good on the brakes, and I was putting my nose up the inside on a couple of corners when Yorkie went a little wide or took a different line.
Got a decent run through into Sector 3, and Yorkie went a little wide on the right hander before the back straight.
Decided to have a look up the inside, but Yorkie lost sight of me, and turned into the Apex when i was there.
Picked up about 15 Aero damage, which probably added on 0.5 - 1 sec a lap.
Yorkie pulled away, and then i was in a battle with @Mazy CZ
was behind him, and his Audi pulled away on the straights, but I was much better on the brakes (foreign grounds for me!)
He took me by surprise with his braking points, and I made contact a couple of times while having a look on the inside, pushing us both off on the 2nd occasion (really sorry - not used to being able to out brake people, and a combination of that + you maybe not expecting me having a look).
So picked up more aero damage again, and I was about 11th? (lost track now).
Decided to go for the undercut in the pits, as the aero fix would help as well.
pitted on lap 16 I think, certainly 1 lap before most.
Was rather slippy for the 1st lap, but the 2nd lap was much better. But didn't feel I gained anything.
Until a couple of laps later still, a bunch of guys were in the pit, and merged together into T1.
Jumped up to a battle for 10th, with @USSRxALeXeR and @TonyR (I think I drove through TonyR while he was ghosted due to pit exit - I was sure I was ahead going into T1, but scared the life outta me to see the nose of an Aston inside my Z!).
Alex and Tony continued to battle behind me, which let me pull away a little with my tires probably holding a better temp than them straight after pitting.
Held a gap of about 3 seconds to Alex, which he started catching back up when he wasn't fighting TonyR anymore.
but there wasn't enough laps for him to catch me.
I had been veeeeeery slight catching on P8, but would have needed another 20 laps or so, so didn't push too hard to end up making a mistake.

Was a shame about the contact with Yorkie, as the car felt really good at the start, but that's racing.

Great to see so many with such good pace! I feared the ESL M3s would run away, so good to see a RUF taking the win, and sounds like the race to the flag was about as close as it could ever be.

Shame for @Noztra about the buggy pit, but at least that was the only real issue.

Already shaping up to be a fantastic season with some of the fastest guys not dominating!

What a league to be in!!!

Thanks to @FisiFan91 for the show!
And a BIG shout out to @DozerKitty for opening the Server doors to AoR to run the event!!!


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Mar 3, 2015
Better than nothing. Throw it up on youtube as an unlisted video, put in the descriptions all the steps you took/what exactly happened in as much detail as possible and send me the link. Shall forward it on directly to the devs :)
Can you upload those pCars data files directly on youtube?
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