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PC AOR PC GT3 Elite - Round 5 - Dubai Autodrome - 06/01/16 @ 8:00pm

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Mazy CZ

F1 Senna Equivalent
Jan 14, 2014
It is unfortunate taht @AndrexUK and others had some lagging issues :( I had the simmilar problem with my wheel. From the last patch, the steering ratio adjustment setting just doesn't work in the game anymore. When I change the ratio in the pits in the setup page, the actual ratio stays the same. After jumping into main screen and back into pits, it is then changed.

Anyway, I noticed before voting that im ready in the lobby, that my D-pad on my wheel just doesn't work so I had to start it with my mouse and after joining into the pits, the wheel didn't respond at all. So i quit the game, started it up again, joined into the game and the wheel was working. But coming out of the pits, the steering ratio was set to the highest (so I had to turn much more then normally). So I had to quit the online lobby once again, went into free practice, set the steering ratio and check it out and it was allright. So back into online lobby and finally it was fixed. All of this I recorded so maybe I will put a video up in PCARS bug forum.

Enough of chit-chat. Qualifying went preety well for me apart from wheel problems and I lost half the quali time. I managed to put a mid 1:55's which was surprice for me. And it was that moment when I realized I forget to start recording :facepalm: (I was recording before but when I had to restart the game the recording stopped and I forget that). Then I didn't put any better lap. In the end I was 5th on the grid.

Had a awesome start, or maybe it is the car and the long straight and thet I had RUF and M3s in front, but I passed 2 cars and was 2nd coming into T1 with @F1-Masa on the inside and @Papand in 1st. I slotted in 3rd with @Yorkie065 in 4th and just watched 1st and 2nd fighting. @F1-Masa overtook @Papand when he went wide in S1 and they both started to go to the distance. I was loosing 1sec in the last sector alone according to the live time gap but I was managing the gap to @Yorkie065 behind around 5sec. When he had that unfortunate lag spike and dived into the pits, I had @Miniblack behind by some 5sec down the field. He slowly reeled me in in the nexl few laps until it was lap 15 and it was time to pit. We both went into the pits at the end of lap 15 and come out in the same gap, so I was 1sec in front. 14laps to go and let me tell you, those were the hardest laps to defend my 3rd place. Thanks to the Audi's straight line speed advantage and a good acceleration, I was able to not give @Miniblack a chance to divebomb me in the hairpuns, but he was much faster in S1 especially in the tight twisty section and also in S3. I managed to change my lines almost every lap to not give him a clear chance where to pass me. He had much better brakes and turn in that I had to defend like an alien. I think I went over the "line" once in last corner when I did go to defend a bit late and then slightly turn to the outside so i changed my line twice there, but nothing major happend there. @Miniblack overtook me in the last corner lap later once aswell but I anticipated that and did a classic switchback on him and was back in 3rd coming into T1. This sort of defending I was pulling out of the bag in most of the corners and braking zones. I think in second to last lap @Miniblack tapped my back in tight T7 but he slowed down to not get an advantage (thanks ;)). I managed to defend the last lap aswell even though I missed my braking into the hairpun but luckily I was in the middle of the track already defending and I managed to go around the corner in the middle lane. It looked like @Miniblack missed that braking aswell a bit. And after 45sec later...and across the line in 3rd.

I was so relieved. I think @Miniblack could have had me in noumerous occasions but I made the car as wide as I possibly could and the long straights saved me aswell.

Congratz to @F1-Masa once again for a victory and to @Papand for solid 2nd place. Well done to @Miniblack for making my race interesting ;)
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Premium Member
Jan 14, 2014
Headset decided to turn itself off during warmup so TS sound switched to monitor speakers and had no ingame sound at all which made the race hard as i need sound for gearing.

Qualifying went pretty well, set a new PB, but only good enough for 15th.

Race start was good, got upto 13th and was having a little fight with @Jellyfish for a few laps until my first cockup, with no sound, i was late gearing upto 2nd and put myself into a half spin which put me down into last position. Pushed on and had some action with @Yorkie065 but with no sound, i wasnt going to fight to hard, pitted end of lap 13 to try and undercut and it worked, gained 5seconds on hutch and was 10seconds behind with 12-13laps togo. Second half of race was my best, putting in low 57's consistently, overtook @Jellyfish and caught up and took @hutch to bring the car home in 13th and have to say im pretty happy with 13th having no sound.

Gratz to @F1-Masa for win and @Papand and @Mazy CZ for podium.
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Pro Karter
Aug 9, 2015
Well my race went as I expected. Despite hours of practice during the holidays I just couldn't get a good setup best time I got was 1.57.004 but could only manage 1.57.5 in qualy so a wee bit dissapointed with that. I got a reasonable start and was happy just to sit behind viceguy for a few laps to settle in before I passed him and set after jellyfish. I managed to pass him about 10 laps in or so then after that spent the rest of the race on my own till about 5 laps from end when I spun and aj got past me so finished where I expected, roll on next race. Grats to the winner and podium guys


GP2 Test Driver
Aug 1, 2015
Thoroughly enjoyed that race.

I had a decent qualifying but it was a few tenths off my PB time, so I was worried others would manage to beat me. On my best lap I bottled it going into the final corner so had to hope no one would be able to beat my time. Luckily no one did and I started 4th.

I don't know what's wrong this season but I seem to be getting absolutely shocking starts, lost some places off the line, I think to @Mazy CZ and @Yorkie065 ? Managed to hold off another car who tried to go around the outside of me into T1 and then it was a battle to try and claw back some positions. I managed to close up on to the back of @Yorkie065 in a few laps and started to mount a challenge to pass him, sadly after spending half the lap side by side with him he got some sort of lag and there was contact on his end, which really sucks because it ruined what could've been another great battle. I was then under attack from @RC_MoNsteR_99 and @Miniblack . Miniblack managed to pass me after a few laps and Pedro was right there aswell, we were even 3 wide in the braking zone of the back straight at one point. Now it was a tough battle to try and defend from Pedro, whilst also trying to attack Miniblack. Sadly the battle to defend was a lot harder and it started to cost me a lot of time so Miniblack pulled away to just over 2 seconds ahead, with Pedro less than half a second behind me. I got a slight gap to Pedro just before the stops and managed to put in a quick time before I pitted on lap 15, this brought me to around 1.5 seconds behind Miniblack.
But Pedro had stayed out, which meant he would have better tyres at the end to mount an attack on me with. After his stop he was just over a second behind me and whilst he was getting his tyres up to temperature I pulled out a little bit more of a gap. Up ahead I could see Mazy and Miniblack's great battle and hoped it would slow them down enough for me to catch up before the end of the race and I was slowly gaining on them but then coming into the corner at the end of the back straight I missed my braking point and locked the rears, sending me into a spin which I thankfully managed to save. But now Pedro was all over me, we were neck and neck, trading positions every corner. Somehow I managed to find a way back through and now it was around 10 laps of constant defending. I managed to hold onto the position to finish in 5th which I was extremely happy with considering I believe Pedro was faster than me.

@RC_MoNsteR_99 Great racing mate, it was really tough to keep you behind all those laps, especially with the tyres struggling at the end.
Congrats to @F1-Masa on the win and @Papand and @Mazy CZ for podium.
Big thanks to @FisiFan91 and the other guys who make these races happen!


Formula 4 Test Driver
Oct 20, 2015
Thanks for the race last night guys. My pace wasn't too bad here, unfortunately I could realise my full potential. I make a mistake at the wrong time in Quali and had to start from the pits again with 5 minutes to go. Looked like I was capable of a 55.2 but only managed a 55.6. The race start was quite busy and it was a good first lap with Tipple and Miniblack but I'm still not 100% comfortable with the Z4 so I'm still happy to follow rather than drive under pressure so I opted to sit behind and see how things went. It was very hard to find a passing spot, and I was driving on the limit so deviating off line to try something just meant I'd overdrive and make a mistake, as I did behind Miniblack and TonyR.

I Pitted at the end of lap 16, thinking I'd have fresher tyres than some at the end. But before I pitted I had a stupid spin from hitting the inside kerb at T4, up till then I was probably in for a top 7 finish. As I said on TS, I was loosing a fair bit of time at the hairpin (T10).

I've just exported my Video from Twitch to Youtube, so will post it in the Video thread when it's available. AOR PC GT3 Elite - Video Thread

P.S. I did wanter off track a few times, maybe I'll get a DQ..... :sorry:
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GP2 Test Driver
Apr 17, 2014
What an excellent race !
Couldn't get that sweet lap in for qualy, but i knew that, so focus was purely on race pace for this track.
Got p 6 in qualy, which was better than i thought i would get.

Just as the lights went green, @Yorkie065 took off like a rocket behind me, while i got an "okay" start that put me down to p 8.
for the first couple of laps, there were lots of battles ahead of me with @Tipple, Pedro and @Yorkie065.
It took me two laps to get my pace up, as the guys ahead was loosing time during the battles.
I got ahead of the group as i profited on there battle. @Mazy CZ was 4 sec ahead while Tipple and Pedro was just behind me.
To my luck, Pedro made it hard for Tippe to keep up, so i got a small gap behind while i chased @Mazy CZ down.
On lap 14 i finally caught up with him, but at this point, he showed me just how fast the Audi was on the straights.

Lap 15, we both pitted, looking back, i should have pitted on lap 14, but it was too late.

For the next 15 laps @Mazy CZ made his Audi wide as a tank !
I tried taking every single line through all of the corners, to make it past him, but as soon as we went onto the straights
he gained 2 car lengths or more. No way of getting ahead with out dive bombing him.
I never really tried to dive in on him, since the risk of getting it wrong was so high, thus letting people behind through.

At the end p 4 was a lot better than my thoughts going into this race, and since the race was packed with action,
this was one of the best races for the season. well deserved podium for @Mazy CZ !
And congrats to my team mate @Papand and @F1-Masa :)

Go team BackDucks ! ;)
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GP2 Reserve Driver
Feb 16, 2014
well, that race was pretty intense.

did an ok lap in quali which put me 3rd on the grid.

Lost one place at the start to @Mazy CZ who seemed to have a flying start. was then under attack of @Yorkie065 after the back straight but then i outbraked myself because the 100m brake marker was gone. rejoined between @Tipple and @Miniblack. eventualy Miniblack passed both of us and i was on Tipple's tail till he pitted lap 15.
tryed to stay out a lap longer as pitting in the same lap wouldnt make any difference and i didnt want to pit early to not risk being in traffic.
came out the pits about 2 sec behind Tipple and he seemed to pull away slightly till he made a mistake and i got passed. Made a mistake myself the next lap allowing him back through. After that i had several attempts trying to pass butt couldn't make them stick so 6th place was my part.

great race from @Tipple defending his 5th place


Martin van der Bent

Formula 4 Test Driver
May 26, 2015
FINALLY!!! Had a good race without any issues and no major errors on my side. Qualified 10th I think, but lost 2 or 3 places at the start for being a little to careful. Managed to take the places back in the next 2 laps and arrived behind Browneski. Had a nice battle which lasted 4 laps or something when I finally managed to overtake him, although I'm might have touched his rear going on the long straight which gave me a small advantage, but I'm not sure. Sorry if that was the case, but it was a nice battle nevertheless. Going three cars wide on the back straight into the hairpin was also quite intense. After passing Browneski I had a nice battle with Centro who I think was slightly faster than me at that point of the race but managed to keep him behind me. During the middle part of the race in P8 I was driving the same pace as the cars around me with a gab of a few seconds to both the cars in front and rear. Coming out of the pits I had a 6 sec gab to Tony in P7. Managed to close it down to half a second on the final lap because his tires were one or two laps older. We were side by side in the final few corners, but was not able to overtake him in the end.

All and all, I enjoyed the race a lot. Thanks for the clean and competitive racing and of course congrats to podium finishers!


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Nov 4, 2015
I also posted my recording in the video thread:

I totally screwed up the qualifying, threw away lap after lap. Probably 4 tenths slower than I should have been.
However the race was quite enjoyable although my tires gave up pretty much on the last two laps.

Fortunately I didn't have problems with my brakes this time but Jellyfish had them. I guess the same what was happening to me at Donington and Sonoma. Somehow the Aston's brakes heat up more after a pit stop. It's reproducable and I don't get it . at all ...

Next week's race will be a pain in the a*** I think as the Kerbs are destroying the Aston. Don't know why but even with very soft dampers and springs it's just not possible to drive on them. Can anyone confirm they are like that in real life as well?
Also I'm driving in a German league as well and they also drive at Brands. A day after we'll have the AOR race there, fuuuuun :D


F1 Test Driver
Jul 17, 2015
I said that im ny video :D Challenge is on @Papand ? Maybe @F1-Masa will not race :D
Haha, yeah it really should be like that. :D
But im very very sorry to say i wont be racing next week. Got a business trip with my new job next week that requires overnight stay and of course its on wednesday. :(

Regarding Dubai i will start by quoting myself from monday:
I expect doing high 1:54 in quali. Race pace around low-mid 55's. I wanna qualify right behind Masa, block him off 1st corner and then make him smell my big RUF ass for 30 laps. Dubai is probably the best track for me on the calender and i have put in a TON of practice hours here for time trial and league racing. Just need to dial it in without TC and ABS.
The plan is ready...
High 54 in quali? - No, low 54.
Race pace low-mid 55's? - Check!
Qualify right behind Masa? - Check!
Block Masa off 1st corner? - Check!
Make him smell RUF ass for 30 laps? - He took a 1 lap sniff...

I havent practiced much for this race, but as i mentioned i invested a ton of hours here for BSR league and time trials, so i know my way around. I actually had a small fraction of hope that i could take the fight to Masa here.

I nailed the qualifying and the start as planned. But on lap 2 the "WOW im leading the ELITE league race!!!!" nerves played me and i totally missed my braking point for turn 6. Instead of slamming the brake mid corner, i tried to stay off the brake and just turn. It did not work, as i went wide and got a 5 sec penalty. Masa slipped past and drove away in the darkness with my hopes of winning. I did not really make any more mistakes in the race, so his win with around 30 secs would have been hard to battle anyway. So well deserved win to my old mentor. Im very happy with another podium, my best qualifying and race in the league so far.

I really hate missing the next one as i will throw away the point gap i build to defend my overall podium. I hope i will be back in 2 weeks with the same high pace.

Thanks for the race everyone and good luck next week!
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