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PC AOR PC GT3 Elite - Round 7 - Sonoma Raceway GP - 16/09/15 @8:00pm

May 26, 2015
Hmm, unfortunately had to leave after 3 laps. In lap 4 I had a bug (im not even sure what it is, but I have it every once in a while) that increases my steering senitivity all of a sudden by something like 100000%. If I turned my wheel 10 degrees the wheel ingame turned close to 180 degrees. Hate it when this sort of **** happens, even did some practice and could do steady high 1:30's whole race long on hard tyres in mclaren:S

Anyone else who is familiar with this bug or knows how to fix it? I have G25 wheel. Any suggestions are welcome.


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Mar 4, 2015
I think that my fastest lap was eight tenths faster than my quali lap (started last, ouuuh yeah xD) says everything: I had 20 minutes of practice...I'll take P10 although I lost much time after my pitstop due to mistakes and people were lapping me. Second half of the race overall very good, so yeah, I'm looking forward to Silverstone, should be my best track this season. :)


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Aug 1, 2015
Good race guys, congrats to @F1-Masa on another dominant win. And also to @AndrexUK and @AJ on their podiums. Awful race for me, don't even know where to start... And if I did know where to start I'd probably jump it, just like in the race. So that resulted in me being last by the end of lap 1. After that I lost FFB about 5 laps into the race and had no feel for the car and whether or not I was spinning, so I span quite a few times. But I finally managed to get some consistency going, albeit very cautiously, resulting in a comeback to 5th which I'm happy with. But I felt like I could've had a podium here :(

As always thanks to @FisiFan91 for organising it and setting everything up!


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Feb 16, 2014
a race to forget.

qualifyied in 4th.

held position at the start. in lap 4 when in 3rd place i made a mistake and went into the wall. had to pit for repairs and forgot to close the pit menu for about 40 sec (thought they were repairing my car). came out 1 min behind. got the forklift thingy also when i caught up to the car in front and made some errors along the way. finished 11th


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Jan 12, 2014
P4! Best race of the season for me! :D

First of all, really happy with my qualy lap - only 7 tenths off Masa's pole time and good enough to put me 5th, but a poor start off the line kinda ruined that and put me down to 7th. Then moved up to 5th again due to @Tipple and @RC_MoNsteR_99 unfortunately having to take a trip through the pits. Ended up driving mostly by myself in the first stint, except for some brief encounters with @Yorkie065! Didn't really have the pace of the guys ahead and made a few minor mistakes, but moved ahead of Yorkie when he had a big spin. However I lost that again on lap 20 when I got the friggin forklift bug thingy!

However I think the forklift must have turned me on or something, as for the final 10-15 laps I felt like I was driving really well, didn't make any mistakes and nearly drove at the same pace as at the start of the race with fresh tyres! I was worried that @Tipple behind would catch me up, but thanks to my consistency at the end I actually started closing the gap to @Yorkie065 instead - gradually closing lap by lap and catching up to the back of him with a few laps to go. My pace was a bit better than his at that point, but he made it hard for me to overtake, until 2 laps before the end, when I f**king pulled off a round-the-outside overtake at the hairpin AWWWWWWWWWW YEAHHHHHHHHHH! :cigar:

So overall, super pleased with that overtake and happy with my performance especially after the shocker I had at Monza. I expected consistency to be the issue here, but that was actually my strongest point tonight! It was certainly a challenging track to drive, but I actually enjoyed it (whereas it sounded like most others didn't :p)!

So cheers for a good race guys (especially @Yorkie065!) and well done to the podium dudes @F1-Masa & @AndrexUK & @AJ!

Cya next week :)


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May 6, 2015
Should be a shorter report for this one, rather than the crazy longs ones before hand.

An ok Qually lap put me lower down that I kind of expected (with a couple of fast guys not driving tonight).
Think I was 8th with a 29.1, but....meh, that lap time was about right.
Got a nice start off the line, and passed @FisiFan91 who started 6th. so was straight up to 5th by turn 1.
Happy with that, and since I knew I was probably the only car running with Med fronts / Hard rears, I had a feeling I would be holding people up.
@Tipple jumped the start, as I saw him going down pit lane at the end of lap 1. Never one to turn down a gifted position.
up to 4th.
I think RC Spun on about lap 2 / 3, and went into the wall (I suspect).... P3. happy days.
Think it was @Yorkie065 in P2 and I'm sure you could guess who had P1?
York continued turning right after a right hander finished, and he went for a scenic tour of the track side sand. = P2.
That's those stars lining up for me again... I really shouldn't be in P2!
AJ was behind me and we ready to pounce on any mistake, but the car was behaving ok.
The first 10 - 12 laps were not fun, with the Hard / Medium tyres, and AJ's continued pressure.
But then the tyres started to come in, and ever so slowly started to pull away from AJ.
@F1-Masa pitted as was running on Softs = P1 .... WTF \o/
Held AJ behind me for about another 7/8 laps, the Masa appeared out of nowhere.
Held him off for a lap, and then thought, no, don't be daft and end up spinning off, I'm not designed for his pace. So let him past.
He carried on, pulling about 2 secs a lap. and I had a healthy gap to AJ.
Last 10+ laps were just running my own pace with a back marker thrown in to keep me on my toes.
Ran my own race, and finished 2nd behind Masa for my 3rd race in a row.
But I strongly suspect the 3 missing drivers could have been ahead of me.

Grats Masa! Doesn't need to be said, but it still Should be said. Another deserved win.
GJ AJ for 3rd, I honestly thought you would get past and pull away - I'm guessing tyres were restricting your pace.

And as always, Thanks @FisiFan91 for running the event / series.



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Feb 16, 2014
saw some strange things happen, first the aston slows down and at the hairpin there are 2 audi's parked and a ruf was going the other way :eek:
had the forklift a bit later



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Jan 19, 2014
Again, highs and lows for me. Best quali of the season getting third, just pipped by @Tipple for second in the dying moments of quali! Race start was good, got a decent launch and Tipple jumped the start so all I had to do was hold 3rd, and I knew I'd have second. I was side by side with @RC_MoNsteR_99 through the first two turns and then settled down into 3rd till Tipple pitted. I then knew all I had to do was hold station, and I'll be fine, decent result. It really was my race to loose, and I lost it a number of times!! First was on lap 8 when I was pulling away from @AndrexUK in third who was holding back @AJ and both went through. I managed to catch back up to AJ and pass him after he had made a mistake, until I made a second mistake spinning right infront of him and giving him no where to go. I caught the kurb which is near enough instant spin leaving no where to go. Sorry again AJ! :(

I let him go ahead and we both carried on, hopefully both un-damaged. I was, not sure about AJ. Trying to keep up once more, I ran wide through the S's getting a 5 second cut track penaltyletting @FisiFan91 through into 4th. Let battle commence!!

The rest of the race was spent catching up to Fisi, pulling off an awesome overtake around the outside of him in the sector 2 carousel after he had a poor run out of a corner, and then battling with him. Making mistakes along the way, letting him back through until I re-took 4th when he had the Dip & Flip/forklift bug. From there, I had to settle myself down quickly. I knew the tyres were going, and I was making lots of silly errors costing me valuable time so I knuckled down and tried to focus on AJ ahead. Over the period of 10-12 laps, I was able to be more consistent whilst still having an issue or two, and Fisi's consistent pace bought him onto my rear bumper with 6-5 laps left. I tried defending hard, but I knew my tyres wouldn't be able to last long. They had lost a lot of temperature, and I was desperate for the sun to come up and hopefully restore some heat....they didn't have much life left anyway but it was the best I could hope for. I managed to hold Fisi off until lap 32, where he got a nice over-take around the outside of me on the final hair pin. Due to the lack of grip he took advantage of me having to brake a little earlier defending the inside line to get alongside. I tried to hold the inside, but as soon as I balanced the throttle, the rear started rotating more so I couldn't get the power down on exit and 4th was then his.

Last 3 laps, multiple spins heading off track which dropped me down into 6th in the end. Not pleased with myself, as I knew I could have done much better had I played it a tad more safe. Tyres were a big issue (sorry of @SonOfMaw) and had no life left in the end. Although I had done a fair bit of testing, it's clear I needed to do more. Silverstone will hopefully see me take all the issues from the last few races, learn from it and apply something good for a nice result. One can hope! :p

Of course, thanks to Fisi for organizing and the awesome battles, and congrats to all the guys on the podium!
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Jan 14, 2014
Qualifying didnt go as well as i had hoped, was 3tenths off my pb but a 1:28.2/3 was possible, so was a little disappointing being 6th.

Race didnt get off to the best of starts, i saw @AndrexUK go past me, and after having spent 25 or so laps on his gearbox in social race, battle resumed til about lap 10 when @Yorkie065 made a mistake and slammed into side of me which gave @AndrexUK a 6second gap and i must of got damage as i doing mid 30's when i should of been doing mid 29's.

So couldnt catch @AndrexUK who kept the gap around 5seconds and also couldnt pull away from backmarkers, so had a lapped car right behind me for half of race, but was pulling away from @Yorkie065 so pushed to make a "forklift gap" and got the gap to 22seconds when the forklift bug happened on lap 29 which dropped the gap to around 10seconds but kept going and came home in 3rd, best finish in GT3 league, well pleased with podium, tho the damage made it hard.

Well done to @F1-Masa and @AndrexUK on podium.


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Nov 18, 2014
I wish I could finally write positive report, but every race I drive this season I'm more and more desperate.. yesterday race was unfortunately not any different.
First 10 laps were ok, but than I lost consistency and started to make stupid mistakes. I don't know how many times I spun during the race. The last 10 laps was real pain, I was running softs, which started to loose grip massively. I hoped, @Noztra doesn't have enough time to reduce the gap as he was closing about 3s per lap after his pitstop. And it almost worked, if I wouldn't loose grip in the middle sector (the crazy descend left hander). That costed me 2 places during last lap, because @SonOfMaw just managed to overteak me as well. I hope you saw me rejoining the track :)
Right now, I struggle to enjoy racing because I drive so bad.. Silverstone is my ultimate race is S2, because I'm travelling next two weeks (I wish I could drive at least in Imola, my favorite).


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Jan 15, 2014
Considering my general lack of pace, in the end I'm pretty happy with how it turned out last night. Following recommendations from my team-mate/crew-chief/engineer @Yorkie065 I spent the majority of my time trying to work out how to get the car to work with medium tyres, as it seemed that trying the full distance would be impossible on softs, but it really didn't work very well for me.

Qualifying however, things got a little better - after a first couple of trys I finally hit a PB and my first sub 1:30 lap, to put me 9th on the grid, which was way above where I expected to start. Unfortunately my usual start (is this an Aston problem?) saw me drop a place or two, and some argy-bargy on the first lap saw me drop a few more. Others fell off, spun or crashed so before long I was running 8th. The rest of the first half of the race was spent trying to defend against attacking faster drivers coming back up through the field.

Around lap 11 I finally succumbed to the awkward handling of the Aston on medium tyres as I span into the wall after the double-apex hairpin, damaging my steering and prompting an immediate visit to the pits. I took the opportunity to convert the race into a 1-stop and fitted soft tyres, to try and improve the car. This strategy worked pretty well, the car felt better and I was able to drive more consistently, though not much quicker. A strange incident at the final hairpin saw me collide with a RUF returning to the track, but got away without any lasting damage. @SilverArrow3 helpfully let me past for 9th, and the gap to those behind increased as their tyres went off.

The final couple of laps I managed to pass @Michal7M as he went wide the downhill left, I snuck underneath to gain 8th (I think I might have under-steered into you a bit on the exit, apologies), at that point I was glad of being lapped, another lap and I think he might have got the place back. An 8th place at my weakest track so far is a result I'm happy to take. With hindsight I may have been able to go the distance on softs, or at least have a planned pit-stop. Next time I'll be trying to spend a bit more time testing these scenarios.

Silverstone last season was a disaster, after being taken out on the 3rd corner, so I'm hoping to finish it this time, and hopefully grab another top 10.


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May 6, 2015
Right now, I struggle to enjoy racing because I drive so bad
So far, I think only Fisi enjoyed the track, so I wouldn't take too much away from here. I certainly struggled with it a lot, but I've found that setting up the car to be slower but more stable is the key to my consistency.
I don't recall having a self inflicted spin this season (I'm quite sure we all go off the track now and again), and I put that down to maybe running more wing than most others, and going for harder compound tyres. This results in a more consistent car for the entire race (yes, maybe slower per lap, but 1 spin can cost you 10 seconds, it would take quite a few laps to gain 10 seconds back).
I'm more brutal on tyre wear than most, but running hards (meds on a lower wear track) is getting my fastest laps on 50% race distance, and very little drop off at the end. This seems to be where I gain on most races, as other drivers lap times are dropping off around 75% through the race. And with tyres loosing grip = more likely to make a mistake = spin = 10 secs down the drain = more tyre wear due to spin > repeat till race finish.

With a more stable car, you will also be able to be consistent, and when you are consistent, you can start to find where to improve your lap times.

I think the saying "Slow is Fast" is not 100% true! Slow is Quick!
Doing a slightly slower lap time consistently, will produce a quicker total race time. And your goal is to complete the race in as quick a time as possible, it's just there may be others on the track nearby doing the same!

Stick at it, and aim to race yourself rather than others. When you are behind someone, it's easy to try and push a little harder than you are comfortable with, but this will most likely result in a mistake at some point.

Others may disagree... but I've proven I'm not fast (check Qually results) and yet my Audi (not the best GT3 car) is P2 in championship (P4 after monza, to ignore the non starters last night)

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Jan 15, 2014
Worst race ever ...
In the first lap 2 times contact , ending off track with time penalty's. Was in last place after lap 1.
From there it was just going from bad to worse.

Here is only a part of lap 1


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Mar 3, 2015
Again one of those weird races where I feel that my race pace is a lot better than qualify. Started 10 and get a very good start where i moved up to 8 place. Bumped some fenders with @FisiFan91, @Martin van der Bent and @Michal7M in the first corners and spun and think @Michal7M slammed into me. Recovered at 13 place and had around 20% aero damage, but decided to continue because I was running softs/softs and had to pit later. Before the pit stop I battled with @SilverArrow3, @Ycoms, @Krusen, @poppleton, @SonOfMaw and probally some more. :) Decided to pit at lap 23 in 8 place. When i came out of the pits I was 10 place, 6 secs behind @SilverArrow3 and 2 secs in front of @Krusen. I knew i would be fast at the last part of the race with low fuel and new softs. At lap 28 I was 23 secs after @Michal7M who also did run softs, but didn't pit. Gained about 3-4 secs pr lap and on the last lap i think he spanned his car and i passed him. @SonOfMaw couldn't catch me so finished 7, which is okay.

Main thing is that I am improving. :)