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PC AOR PC GT3 Pro - Round 3 - Zolder - 9/12/15 @ 8:00pm

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Junior Karter
Nov 21, 2015
Shame about the issues pre-race and then during the race.

Enjoyed the few laps i did get to run, cheers guys - happy to re-run this at the end of the season as an additional if that is the current plan



AOR PS4 GT3 Pro S8 Champion
Nov 18, 2014
That was a mess yesterday, kind of reminded me the bugmasters f1 online experience. When driving from pits in Q, I realized, my wheel doesn't work at all. I quit the session, re-joined, tried again but the wheel was the same. I quit, restarted PC, re-joined, started the lap and quess what, wheel was working but I had no ffb. Great session.
In practise, wheel went back to normal, first and only positive thing yesterday. My race start was great, I was in P5 in the second lap, 3 drivers in front battling closely. I knew, I managed to set up the car very well for the race, so I was confident I will gain some more positions, but than... my first ever Project cars DC :(

Not really decided yet if I will vote for or against Zolder, no doubts, it would be very difficult race. I don't like the fact, track limits are not under control here, maybe some further patch will fix it.


F1 Champion
Dec 9, 2014
yeah, it's definately a shame, that the game can't distinguish between corner cutting and simple driver's error. Although I reckon there is no game out there at the moment, that would master that. Besides of that the track limits itself seem to be proper. Only the interpretation of the corner cutting is pretty messy. And that is not only Zolder, but extreme here, because of it's layout.


Formula 3 2nd Driver
Oct 30, 2015
Shame of this race was really hoping for good result but after the start in first turn i was shoot down to Last place by one of the audis from TMR. Dont want to wine but guys be respectfull to the others. The race is long you cant win it in first corner in first lap. Its shame of those DC lets hope in SODOMA :-D wont happen this and erti thanks for your Hard work and dozerkitty for fast information of the problem with VAC.looking forward to the next race
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