PC - AOR PC GT3 Pro - Round 5 - Bathurst - 20/04/16 @ 8:10pm | ApexOnlineRacing.com

PC AOR PC GT3 Pro - Round 5 - Bathurst - 20/04/16 @ 8:10pm

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F1 Champion
Dec 9, 2014
I hope so because I beat you after a good battle that time. (I think)
Oh well, The crash must've given me amnesia then and threw me back to my school girl days in Ballet class. :p

This time I won't just crash out like I did the last time! ;)

Philip Soderholm

Formula 3 Reserve Driver
Dec 16, 2015
I was the Bentley everybody was angry at during quali, i think. I do appologise, and i did quit as soon as i was notified that my connection was bad.
The thing is though (not to be considered an excuse) i didn't observe any lag or probs of any sort on my screen.
I do appologise if i messed up the quali for some of you.
I wasnt involved in your lag, didnt see it at all actually! But i respect that you apologise! And as you didnt see it on your screen, imo its NOT your fault at all. You did good mate! =)
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GP2 2nd Driver
Mar 4, 2016
Anyone who wants to train, I've set up a little lobby "[Train] estebano", Watkins Glen and race conditions. I think I am training 1 hour minimum! Pass "aorpros"

PS: to train or to have fun !