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PC AOR PC GT3 Pro - Round 6 - Watkins Glen - 27/04/16 @ 8:10pm


AOR AEC GTE Champion
Feb 3, 2016
It was a very good race for me today.
I got a unexpected pole position in front of @Raigore in the Bentley and @Philip Soderholm in the RUF. We had a nice 3-way battle for the lead in the first 7-8 laps, until I made a mistake that held up @Raigore and me. Then @Philip Soderholm in the RUF, could slip right by us both, and @Raigore and me had to settle down behind him.
The lap after, @Raigore and me went side by side down to the first corner. It was the Bentley on the outside and me in the Z4 on the inside. @Raigore broke a bit too late and went wide, and set himself into a spin. I pitted on lap 15, that was a bit earlier than everybody else, and i tried to make a undercut. It did not work out that well..
For the rest of the race it was just @Philip Soderholm and me (@WarnTyre). I was in the 1 second window from lap 17 to lap 34. I was in P2 until lap 34, when @Philip Soderholm had a bit of internetproblems, and missed a braking point. I used this problem as a chance to overtake him, and so I did.

I finished about 10 seconds in front of P2. Close race till the end!

Top 3 results of the race:
P1 - @WarnTyre
P2 - @Philip Soderholm
P3 - @Raigore

Hamish Sopwith

Formula 4 2nd Driver
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Jan 13, 2014
Well i didnt do to much practice for this race I just couldn't find the time during the week and I had a busy weekend, so my best lap was a 44.7 however i think i got a 43.6 during the race, this was on the 2nd stint just after my outlap, I was surprised how competitive I was at the start keeping in P10 for quite a while, until @Erti147 found god like speed and overtook me on like lap 8ish... :/ . After that i didn't really find my self going anywhere, P11 was miles behind and Erti was just pulling away. All the problems started when i came into the pit, 1st the didn't Fix the damage, 2nd the put fuel in the car, 3rd they didn't change the tyres so i come out in like P13 or something and had to come in again. At this point i was quite unmotivated as I don't like the track and was miles of the pace, also had had next to no sleep from from the 32 hours before hand, so my average pace just tumbled i was setting between 1.47-52 and when a car came close I literally just let them past, anyway im going to do some practice for the next one, but im sure ill catch up with some of you during the week.

Well done @WarnTyre you did a great job!!! :)


AOR AEC GTE Champion
Feb 3, 2016
Only Erti chances car every race
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F1 racer

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Jul 28, 2015
Had a good quali and a good start that put me in 7 or 8.
After 5 laps i spun on the gras in the middle sector and got hit by @Hamish Sopwith who couldn´t avoid me ( was a bit me fault i think cos I went to the right site after I was in the middle) so I had massive damage causing me to pit.
After that I was 16 with just my teammate @kubbak behind. I was catching the cars in front of me and was 11 before i needed to pit again for new tieres. At the end I finished 12 because someone in front of me, I think it was @Mulleyg spun so I got his position
Congrats to @WarnTyre