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PC AOR PC GT3 Pro - Round 9 - Watkins Glen GP - 10/02/16 @ 8:00pm

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Neil Bywater

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Jan 20, 2014
q:last. Was up by 1sec, but missed the line by 1sec at the end of qual, so I knew the pace was there good for about 8th so getting 6th in race was okay.

Avoided some early incidents then had battles with @Mulleyg and then @Beppo for the rest of the race, 28 laps.

Swapped tyres earlier than @Beppo and would have easily had 6th, but on my second lap on new tyres ran into @Mulleyg where he lost it in the chicane and decided to recover with me approaching then losing his backend as he spun up the rears, nothing I could do as the video will show.

Anyway for the next 18laps was nursing damaged steering wanting to turn left. This let @Beppo catch up but he also made a few mistakes and crossed the line just about 0.5sec ahead.

Close racing is the best regardless of the pace.

Well done @Daniel Nesterowicz and sorry for the door rub when you lapped me.

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Nov 18, 2014
Intense race, as always :)
I was struggling with the set up a lot, we managed to put together balanced settings just day before the race.
Q - I don't practise with low fuel, so the Q time is usually surprise for me. None of the laps were completely clean, there was room for improvement, 0,5s at least. I was glad, it was enough for pole.

Race - good start of the race, until the incident with @Daniel Nesterowicz
If I would like to find something positive, despite of anger I found good rhythm and managed the gap between us almost constant 2-3s for the rest of the race. But Daniel drove with no mistakes, again :)
Before the race I didn't believe, 35 laps without mistake is doable, I'm really happy I was wrong.

Now it's time to focus for the last race, no doubt the changing weather will be challenging.


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Dec 28, 2015
hey @WarnTyre
you know i practiced for 2-3 days means maybe i had 200 laps and more .this is not funny
you are wellcome to our league.
finally i wish next race not happen like this.


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Nov 21, 2015
@optimalspieler Did you raced on the hard compound or the mediums? And your tiers where dead at the end or? :)
Soft tires :D When I tested it last year the medium compound was overall slower than driving with softs. And yes, I was struggling towards the end quite badly^^ When we entered the main straight in the last lap I was no longer looking ahead but through my side window and praying that you wouldn't overtake me before the start finish line :rofl:

The race was fun and clean overall, except for one case of road rage by a lapped driver :whistle:
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Feb 3, 2016
Oh... Sorted it out with Erti. He explained it, and so did i. Sorry. I have fixed my setup so the lights dont blink randomly. As well as my internet.

Won't happen again.

Again, sorry!
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