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PC AOR PC Split 2 - Main Thread


GP2 1st Driver
Sep 6, 2016
Remind me tomorrow please mate - been doing a 12-hour endurance race all day today!
Who can update the standings? Because i think you should let @Neil Bywater update them. He is basically a co-ordinator anyway
Unrelated to F1, but is anyone from this split signing up for Project cars GT3 season 7? :D thinking of teams in advance
Yes i'll be doing it, happy to be teamates assuming we are in the same split


F1 Senna Equivalent
Sep 17, 2016
Hey lads! Thx for giving me the opportunity to take part here for the final 3 races. I don´t have much practice or targets for tonight but fair and clean racing is basically what I´m here for (and I´ve already found that in the Project CARS section :))

See you at Mexico :joyful: