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PS4 AOR Pro GT3 - Hosting Duties


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Apr 4, 2015

Hosting - Post Speed Tests

Hello chaps - I would like you all to please do a speedtest to help us determine who is the most suitable host for the race lobby.

As most of the drivers are based in the UK, please test your connection against a UK server! After you've done the test, press the "Share" button and then the "Forum" tab, then copy the link and paste into your post.

As an example, here is my results:

If you have been the lobby host of league lobbies previously by any chance, then let us know about that as well!

Tagging the drivers:


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Mar 12, 2016
If it's just a question of the ping test, mine said 46ms at the UK server.
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Jan 25, 2015
lol :D are we all having fixed cars like you pick a car and that's our car for the whole season?
Yeah it's one car for the whole season. If you could swap I would of got out of mclaren after race 1 last season ;)