PS4 - AOR Pro GT3 - Round 1 - BRNO - 23/3/16 @ 8:00pm |

PS4 AOR Pro GT3 - Round 1 - BRNO - 23/3/16 @ 8:00pm


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Jan 24, 2016
sorry for not racing last night :( I wasn't feeling at all well last night, I was in me bed all day :(
I am still missing peoples PSN's for tonight. The following 3 drivers have been sent friend requests based on their forum names so they could be wrong.
@Elite_Indrek @Mysaveloy @mgdunn22

and I think @RGT hayc maybe PSN = Ronin_GThayc

but there are other strong possibilities. I will FR Ronin_GThayc now.
yeah sorry I wasn't on ps4 last night cause I was in my bed not well :(


Formula 3 2nd Driver
Feb 24, 2016
Gimme a few mins...
I have the same wheel and yesterday on Lap 24 or so The force feedback was really acting weird and was unpredictable, FFB kept getting stronger and weaker again on every turn. I also have owned the wheel not too long ago :banghead:
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Mar 12, 2016
My inexpirience with Pcars stepped through last night. I started ok and within the first couple of laps in found my self gaining a few places (from 2nd to last qualifying till 7/8th) this I could hold so and so by being consistant in the 2:02's. After 16 laps I came to my planed pitstop, only to realise that I had forgotten to write an application for getting my tires changed. So they only poured gasolie in the Vette and I was send out again....Dam! It cost me 1-2 seconds/lap in the beginning and some 4-5-6 second/lap in the end. The end result was a 10th, that I should really be pleased about, instead I'm just sooo irritated that I forgot to check that little detail.
Bring on Imola in the rain (omg) and I'll try to do better. I might even talk to my teammate about setting up this fecking Vette.
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S17 AOR PS4 F8 Champion
Feb 2, 2016

Well what can I say about that race other than that it was the most intense race I've had.

I got a great start off the line and had taken two places by the 1st corner. I had to defend hard on the 1st lap from the Mclarens and @Rekii actually got by me going into lap 3 but he ran too deep and I got back past him. Luckily @mgdunn22 ran on to the gravel and @BeatGaz83 got a drive through for jumping the start so 1st was mine.

@Rekii stayed right behind me up until he pitted on lap 13 as we pulled away from the rest of the field. I pitted a lap later expecting to see him right next to me when I came out but he was nowhere in sight. I couldn't believe my luck.

But then after wading through a little bit of traffic I realised @machwebb (in 1st at that point) hadn't pitted and was going to the end without stopping (on soft softs no less). With 14 laps to go I diminished the 18 second lead he had over me to nothing. With 2 laps remaining I managed to get by him on the second till last corner as I had a great run out of the corner before hand.

All in all it was an awesome race at a track I absolutely despise. Other than hitting 2 small invisible walls and my game taking me to the share menu cause I accidentally hit it once while trying to record a new video segment it went smoothly.

Here's the race from my POV.
Thanks again guys :)
Congrats on the win, that was some great racing we had in those first few laps had a blast fighting you(y)


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Apr 4, 2015
Just so everyone's aware...

Those that finished behind @Milligan, actually finished 1 place below what the results screen says.
This is because Milligan DSC'd after he crossed the line and everyone below him jumped up the order 1 place.
So, if it says you finished 6th, you actually finished 7th... For example.


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Mar 12, 2016
No Hayc, I can't say that I saw that. But You can of cause always look though Your replay, that You are supposed to save.... I thought I did, but I must have missed something.

RGT hayc

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Mar 10, 2016
Yeah I did save save it,1st time I remembered to do it...what I'm askin is really if anyone else saw it.and what do they think about it....


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Jan 22, 2014
Q 9th : R 7th

Bit late but my quick race report. Have to be content with 7th given I didn't have time to practice and find a good setup. Car was quite unstable at rear under braking and I span at least 3 times in the early laps, often leading to penalties. That cost me any chance of fighting for higher positions. Had lots of understeer too.

After 10 laps I was 12th, I think, and 12secs off the cars ahead. Tyres were wearing badly so chose to gamble and pit early on lap 13, thinking my only chance was to use fresh tyres to close the gap before others pitted mid-distance and try and fight for positions.

This worked as in the second half of the race I was in some good battles with likes of @Bankai_Bullett, @YabbaTheHutt and others.

Also, did @Milligan pit? Surprised when I saw he finished 3rd. Early on I think I was behind him before I had my spins.

Need to make sure I practice for the next race as I'd like to consider myself a top 5 driver based on last season and it's not so fun being at the back!


Formula 3 1st Driver
Jan 25, 2015
Yeah, seemed impossible not to pit. Well 3rd place is good for the team
I don't think I can match that result in the rain... I'm gonna need a tone of practice just to keep it on the track for more than a lap


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Mar 12, 2016
Yeah I pitted. I think the only driver not to pit was @machwebb which was quite impressive considering the wear on the front left was bad.
I pitted but only got petrol, no tires. Not a Good idea in my case.