AOR Pro Mazda Championship S4 Round 8: Silverstone |

AOR Pro Mazda Championship S4 Round 8: Silverstone


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Jan 13, 2014
AOR Pro Mazda Championship Season 4
Round 8: Silverstone

Date: 6th November 2015
Time: 19:30 GMT Practice, 20:40 GMT Qualifying, approx 20:50 GMT Race

Track: Silverstone Grand Prix
Laps: 32 laps
Weather: Dynamic weather, marbles carried over




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Jun 26, 2015
Same here Kris. Anyone know what kinda times to expect?


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Jan 14, 2014
Change of laptop went well last night. Stayed at a massive, but most importantly steady, 56 FPS for virtually the entire session. Obv 56 still isn't great but it's a huge improvement over 15-25! And it seemed to be consistent which is the main thing. Fingers crossed that my internet behaves itself and then i've only got myself to blame if I balls up.


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Aug 26, 2015
brunner is entering AOR history and a few of these boys want that to stahp XD

Joonas Puhakka

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Jun 3, 2015
No time to practice and no interest to fight for the glorious, coveted 17th place. Better have someone who actually cares out there.


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May 26, 2014
No time to practice and no interest to fight for the glorious, coveted 17th place. Better have someone who actually cares out there.
Why are you part of the league if you don't turn up to races that you don't practice for? Fighting for P17 can be a lot of fun as well... even if it's not near the front. "I didn't practice" is not an excuse to not race, in my view.

Anyway, disappointed I got my first DNF of the season. Had oversteer in both of the chicanes throughout the night which I unfortunately didn't manage to dial out. Lost the back end at Abbey at lap 5 when defending from Robert Plumley and he had nowhere to go...

It's doubly disappointing because several of my rivals took full advantage of the smaller grid than usual and scored good points. This track was probably the most difficult of the season for me because of the severe lack of brake markers.
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Jan 16, 2014
May have run out of fuel at the end there! Lost a position to Teemu but not too bad in the end considering. Very close to losing to Godin though.

Overall, a very fun race. The first stint had a good cat and mouse race with Teemu which was a lot of fun. After the pits it turned into a fuel save, beat Teemu race and it almost worked. Had some great side by sides at a couple of points. Shame it ended with running out of fuel on the run to the Abbey chicane... But got 4th which is pretty much what I knew I was fighting for in the end with the fuel situation. Not too bad. Championship is basically over for me so all the races will now be 100% for fun :p
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Apr 24, 2014
Qualified on pole which is normally not a good sign. It usually means that I've pulled a lap time from out of nowhere with little indication of my actual pace. This was no exception. I'd actually binned it on my first 3 laps so the final lap needed to be at least clean to give me any sort of hope. Kerry looked a lot quicker in practice with Teemu, Phil and Michael looking to be in and around my pace.

Got off to a good start in the race, got an early lead but my lack of pace early on in races couple with my general lack of pace here meant Kerry reeled me in pretty quickly. I still hadn't figured out where the hell my braking point went for Club and I sailed wide, handing Kerry the lead.

From then till the pit stop I was lurching between 0.5 and 1.6 behind Kerry, only fluctuating when I was buggering up and then pulling a couple of good laps together. I made one mistake too many though before the pit stop and Kerry was almost out of slipstreaming range by the time we entered the pits. I took a gallon too much because I don't know how to do maths anymore and Kerry was 5-6 seconds up the road.

With a fair gap behind me and Kerry not making a mess of things up front I tried to amuse myself by trying to get back into hotlap mode, which around here is very hit or miss. I thought if I started trying to close a gap it might force Kerry to pick up the pace and maybe make a mistake but it was a futile effort and in any case, it was me who made the mistake, spinning in the middle of Becketts like a right idiot. I finished 15s off the win which is what my driving pretty much deserved. On to next week, Watkins Glen... Hopefully that will be hilarious :)

Video probably to come.

Gunar Nijenhuis

F1 1st Driver
Sep 2, 2015
Feel really terrible about the race. Qualifying went ok but after that a terrible headache came up and couldn't concentrate. This caused me to crash into Michael in L4. Im so sorry Michael.
Had to stop the car a few laps later because I just couldn't see clearly any more.

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Jan 14, 2014
Super positive night for me, this first one in aaaaaaaaaages. Probably since the oval week was replaced with Watkins Glen (S2?). Firstly, FPS and internet was absolutely fine. Got randomly disconnected in practice, but after that I didn't suffer any blinking or lagging whatsoever. And the FPS held steady throughout. Hopefully this can continue for the rest of the season, and not a moment too soon because I was probably one race away from dropping out of the leagues had these issues not got resolved.

As for the race itself, really happy with how I performed and I think I backed up my claims in the past that I'd have better results without said problems. Not a great start, which is par for the course for me since I'm usually very cautious, but I was able to take advantage of a few people spinning off (and others having to back off as a consequence) to get myself at the head of a 4 or 5 car train with Steve, Robert, Evan and I think Chris. Despite the constant pressure I made very few mistakes (only the odd minor one running a touch wide) which I'm very pleased with as I always felt I could be consistent as long as internet and FPS held up their end of the bargain. Tonight they did, and so did I.

Deliberately stayed out later than the guys behind me in the hope that they'd lose time battling with each other while I continued in the clean air. A combination of that and me presumably taking less fuel than them at my stop meant I came out with a 4 second lead over Steve. To begin with he started to slowly inch towards me, but I had a good 6 or 7 laps where I consistently set really strong laps and suddenly the gap was 6 seconds with only a couple of laps to go. Shame that I couldn't quite break the top 10, since it was looking like I'd manage that last week before the incident with Rene, but still very pleased with 11th.


Formula 4 1st Driver
Jan 14, 2014
I wasn't expecting that good pace at all as Silverstone isn't usually my best track. Also I've been practicing for BES and iRacing World Cup this week so only did my first practice laps here in the official practice session, fortunately my Motegi set felt good here too and when I watched what laps others were doing I was very surprised to find myself almost on the top of the list. Couldn't quite match the practice pace in the race but wasn't much slower either and had a good fight with Phil through the race including some nice side by side action as usual when battling with him, got lucky in the end as Phil ran out of fuel and I got my best position so far in AOR Pro Mazda, took way too long to get that podium finish btw!


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Dec 8, 2014
Good race for me - only one real mistake. A nearly-spin - or was it a full spin?, hell, I don't know anymore - in one of the chicanes cost me 2 positions.

Good racing throughout the whole race from everybody around me - thanks guys.

In the end phase of the race I thought I could catch @FisiFan91 but again nearly spun in the same place and I finished 8th.

Next week: WG. At least we have the chicane.
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Steve Kagerer

Formula 3 Test Driver
Jan 4, 2015
Happy to finish 2 races in a row and a better finishing spot was nice too. Started in a good qualifying spot(for me) and managed to not mess it up too badly. Had to fight hard with my teammate Kris to try and advance and he wasn't making it easy having a pretty good pace himself, sorry for your bad luck Kris, finally after battling with Robert(the assasin) Plumley and Evan who was always right with me(I know you were waiting for me to screw up Erti!), I managed to finish a solid 12th, not happy but not upset either. Hoping for a few spots better next race and so on, Can't wait to see what Justin will bring in his final races with us.. Congrats to Kerry!