AOR Pro Rally Championship - Round 6: Wales |

AOR Pro Rally Championship - Round 6: Wales

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Assist 2 Legend
Feb 13, 2017
I made it around Wales, Stage 5 and 6 felt soo much better than the other 4 stages and had only 1 real crash in Stage 6, which for me is practically a PB....

Cheers to the @DiRT Coordinator 's for organising what was a really fun season. Learned a lot about this game and will probably end up signing up for Pikes Peak despite never doing Hillclimb on this game ever :p

Casey legend99

Formula Karter
Oct 22, 2014
Wasn't confident at all going into this one but put in the performance of the season. A few small errors but generally mistake free while pushing quite hard. Just went 28th, so that doubles my points tally from the season! Really happy.

Fantastic first experience of league rallying for me, really enjoyed it. I'll make sure I find time to do some legaues on Dirt 4. Thanks for having me this season :)


Pro Karter
Feb 21, 2017
had it planned to do today but completely forgot, there goes the 4th place, but thanks for all the competitive rallying and see you next season.
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Junior Karter
Mar 25, 2017
Disappointed to say the least. 15th overall after the first stage which is terrible. Pushed too hard and crashed out on stage 3 or 4. Not good at all. I couldn't handle Wales.

Pinhead Spiky

Formula 4 2nd Driver
Feb 23, 2017
Well I'm happy to end the season with a few points. It's better than nothing! All and all, the rally had gone well aside from some offs and slips. Finally got the wheel dialed in not realizing that I had some deadzone the past events ruining my pace. Bring on Pikes Peak.
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