PS4 - AOR PS4 DTM Elite League S1 - Round 12 Nurburgring Sprint - 13/09/16 - 8:00pm |

PS4 AOR PS4 DTM Elite League S1 - Round 12 Nurburgring Sprint - 13/09/16 - 8:00pm


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Jan 14, 2014
Good race with @chris130256 and @pete day, for the first 14 laps I was behind Chris but just couldnt get close enough to find a way past until he made a mistake at the last corner on I think lap 12 and I was able to get ahead under braking for turn 1.
Second half of the race was pretty lonely by lap 22 I realised I couldnt catch @Rexuz so I just backed off and looked after my tyres and fuel to the finish so a solid 4th place to end the season. :)

Well done to @iSuperScrub for surviving the storm (literally) and winning the championship from a long way back at the half way point of the season so an excellent recovery.

Unfortuantly I forgot to get the result pictures before I turned off the PS4 so I cant do the results tonight but they will be done asap. :)

Finally thanks everyone for the whole season the numbers dropped off quite considerably towards the end but we still managed to have some of the best races of the season in the last few weeks and with the exception of the crash on lap 1 of Spa this has been just about the cleanest league I've ever been part of think Im correct in saying we didnt have a single stewards enquiry so well done to everyone. :)
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Mar 29, 2014
Qualifying - 1st

Probably the hardest fought pole of the season between me and @clarky_110 . I'd been able to do 1.22.3's before qualifying but when we got into it i was struggling. And on my last lap i found time in the last sector to take pole by 0.017 over @clarky_110 .

Race - 1st

Once again the light went out really quick and for a couple of seconds it looked like i was about to get passed by everyone around me, but then my *Kers* kicked in and i managed to lead into turn 1, i was surprised one of the blue and yellow cars didn't brake later and get past, as it would of been a completely different race. But after making a slight mistake on lap 2 i was completely on it and was pulling away over @clarky_110 by around 3-4 tenths a lap and around lap 9-10 @clarky_110 disappeared from second and @Rexuz was there, at this point i thought something must of happened, but it turned out he had pitted.

Managed to make the tires last till lap 15 same with @pete day i think, and fitted another set of soft's, as i originally was going to use a medium front left. And from then on in the last stint i was just pushing and pushing, by around lap 25 i had built up a 12 second gap to @clarky_110 and from then on i was just focusing about bringing the car home and not making any silly mistakes, Like ; Hockenhiem, Zhuhai, Sonoma and went i came round the final corner i couldn't believe i had won.

After 4 races i was so close to leaving and i had @iJokeri22 desperately asking that i stayed as the numbers would eventually be really low, and somehow i just got my head down and managed to overhaul a 69 point, points difference after 4 races, to win by over 20+ points over @clarky_110 and @Rexuz .

It has been a great season by no means and i wouldn't of been possible without the co-ordinators, so thank you to @iJokeri22 from running this league, and also a thank you to @pete day for hosting most of the season, Connection on point(y)

Also well done to both @clarky_110 and @Rexuz as you challenged me all the way and if there is to be a second season it should be a good one!!

P.s Also well done to @C-FOGARTY for winning the pro championship, very well done!