PS4 - AOR PS4 DTM Elite League S1 - Round 4 Zhuhai - 19/07/16 - 8:00pm |

PS4 AOR PS4 DTM Elite League S1 - Round 4 Zhuhai - 19/07/16 - 8:00pm


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Mar 29, 2014
Never ever racing project cars again, buggy and ridiculously **** pen system **** of you lazy wmd *****.


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Nov 22, 2015
Wow I messed up. Actually forgot to look how many laps the race was. Thought it was the same number of laps some practice room during the week had so when I finished the race I had 30 litres of fuel left. :banghead:

Car felt really heavy during the whole race but I did enjoy some of the fighting I had with a few guys. @pete day @Tigerkart_22 @iSuperScrub
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Sep 14, 2014
OK, so time for an actual race report.

Qualified 9th, bladdy bladdy blah, same as usual, about a second down on pole. Race was well, interesting. Made a decent start and managed to crawl to 5th. Made a couple of overtakes and got to P1 after everyone but myself pitted. Led a few laps, that was a nice change. Then dropped to P4, after my stop. Got past @msvance23 after he got a cut track penalty. I then realised I made a big boo boo. I didn't (at that point) have enough fuel to actually finish the race. So I spent a few laps in fuel conservation mode (which worked an absolute treat) However there was one last big twist in the tail. My spin, at the last corner, on the last lap. Like what a stupid corner. **** that corner. Any other round I would be happy with P4 but not like this. Hey at least I finished this week, yay?!

Well done @Josh Clarke on winning, @Rexuz for P2 and @msvance23 on what should have been my P3 if I wasn't such a cotton headed ninny muggins! (Yep I'm pretty bitter at the moment but well done anyway! :) )

Well at least I could actually have a few good rounds
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Aug 7, 2015
Not much to say about my race apart from I have no pace in this car.

Q: Managed to just scrape into the 28's probably the best I could have hoped for.

R: Perfect start, got the timing spot on and managed to get onto the inside for turn one. Then too heavy footed and lost the back end and ended up at the back. I had clipped the wall but there was no real damage. Couldn't keep up with anyone but benefited from other people making mistakes. Ended up in 5th before pitting, decided on an early stop to try and give myself a gap to @pete day and @Newy656. Gained a few seconds when everyone had pitted but towards the end of the stint struggled with pace and I don't think I set up the car very well at all. Good battle with @pete day and @Newy656 on the final few laps and they had the pace to get past me. Finished P8.

That will be my last race for a few weeks as I won't be anywhere near my PS4. So good luck to everyone for the rest of the championship, hopefully @msvance23 and @iJokeri22 will do well in the team champs.
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Jan 26, 2014
Q. Didn't manage to beat my pb, but was pretty close, so overall quite happy!

R. Got a beast start, was up to third and was sticking with Clarkey and Superscrub. Spun at the first hairpin so dropped all the way down to 9th I think. Got up to 8th and pitted on lap 6 as I had damage and no pace whatsoever.

I knew the tyres could last to the end, so just started pumping out my quickest laps to get an undercut. I think after everyone pitted I came out in third, was I was really surprised at. Made a mistake and Tigerkart got by, but he was quicker than me so was happy to settle for a 4th considering how poor my first 5 laps were.

Tigerkart spun it on the last corner, handing me third place and another podium. I have to say, with the heat and me just not liking this track at all, 3rd place feels more like a win. Hopefully this is my worst track of season!

Congrats to team IKEA on the 1-2, 2 Fast 1 Furious (or now known as 2 Fast 1 Missing) have some catching up to do!


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Jan 14, 2014
Very p****d off! Got the bug where you can't hear the engine note. It was ok in practise but when I came out for quali revs volume was so quiet I didn't know when to change gear! Lucky to get 4th a few tenths off my pb. The start of the race was terrible as the sound of everyones cars was deafening cause I'd had to turn the volume on my tv up. Got hit at the first corner, went off, then a couple of laps later got the wrong gear in the 1st corner and spun into the wall. Had to pit to repair damage and ended up last 50 seconds behind 9th. No one else near me on the track, I could drive without distractions. Shame, I think I had the pace to have done well here?
Congrats for the win @Josh Clarke


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Jun 7, 2015
wow, so happy to win that race. had a awsome quali so started in 2nd place. The race was just me trying to stay with scrub and hope he wud make a mistake, eventually that happened and i moved into 1st place. I was suprised to see him so far behind after the pit stop and behind my team mate @Rexuz who did an awsome job defending to bring home a 1 2 for IKEA racing.
qauli lap 30:38
race start :41:00


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Jan 14, 2014
Disappointed with my performance tonight should of had an easy podium.
Q: 5th but 1 tenth away from 3rd and there was easily a couple of tenths to find but I kept making mistakes.

R: Made a resonable start then at turn 1 Chris just moved slight on to my line and braked and before I knew it we were both off the track and in the gravel probably my fault for braking to late but I was distracted by Chris moving slightly on to my line and by the time I realised where I was it was to late to make the corner. Sorry if it ruined your race Chris.

So I had to come from last place for the second week in a row, started to make a good recovery passing Hunt and Newy but then I caught Pete and as we went round the penultimate corner he ran wide so I went up the inside but he lost the back end on the curb and spun in to me and the game decided to give me a 10 second penalty so I dropped behind Newy and Hunt again. At the time I said I wold take it to the stewards but Pete waited for me and I know it was just a mistake.

Pitted on lap 9 to get the undercut and it worked nicely as I repassed Newy and kept ahead of Pete. The rest of the race was just about catching Hunt and finding a way past which I did on about lap 20 and then I just drove to the end in 5th and had a suprise when TigerKart spun at the final corner but I wasnt quite close enough to get 4th.
So 5th place which is the minimum I was hoping for this week but without turn 1 or the Pete incident it could have been an easy 3rd place.

Well done to the podium finishers its looking like it will be hard to beat IKEA in the championship but hopefully 1 fast 1 occasionally fast and 1 missing in Oxford can still do it. :D

Not much to say about my race apart from I have no pace in this car.
I dont think your slow its just that this league is so fast you would be winning races in the pro league with your race times. :)
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May 18, 2015
Quali 10th, although right at the back it was very close with 8th & 9th with only a few thousandths between us

Race: 6th, made up couple of places as chris & joker went off at T1 but chris soon caught back up let him through easily then had a little battle with joker for couple of laps until he got me round T1,
Spent the rest of the 1st half chasing hunt who was pretty much on same pace as me
After the pitstop I found myself chasing Pete who was chasing hunt, we were both catching him & knew it was gonna be close at the end,
Pete had a good battle to get passed & did it at the end of lap 26 that helped me get the run on hunt crossing the line to start the last lap.
Seemed like Pete then went slightly wide at the hairpin & think under team orders gifted me 6th place.

Well done Josh on the win great performance again

pete day

F1 Senna Equivalent
Jan 13, 2014
Qauli 7th was happy to get in the 28s cud only get mid 29 all week

Race got a great start got up to 5th after t2 than had great battle with rexuz until i made a school boy error drop a few sec then i made same mistake same place grrr find myself after pitstop behind hunt with jjoker very close had good battle with him then got on the kerb coming out of airpin and it spat me out right in to jokers path cudnt do anythink sry m8 wait 4 him for ages was shocked u got penalty for that sry again had to put my foot down got behind hunt and got passed on the last corner thought i was goin to run out of road then newy got passed him to made a little mistake at end of the lap then gets the call let him pass -_-
Unlucky supersrub and chris u was flyin all week congrats to the winner and podium
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pete day

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Jan 13, 2014
Rexuz it Was a great battle with tigerkart right behind me until i made that mistake
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