PS4 - AOR PS4 DTM Elite League S1 - Round 7 Catalunya - 09/08/16 - 8:00pm |

PS4 AOR PS4 DTM Elite League S1 - Round 7 Catalunya - 09/08/16 - 8:00pm


F1 Senna Equivalent
Jan 14, 2014
Quali... 4th
needed a pb to get 3rd. Didn't get one, got a 1.33.4.

Some good battles with @pete day, @msvance23, @Jthorn97 and @Rexuz but a mistake put me in the wall just after the pitstop, so I had to stop again. No chance of a good position after that. Well done @iSuperScrub for that incredible pace and victory. Congrats to @iJokeri22 and @Jthorn97 for the other podium places.


4 Time AOR Project Cars 1 Champion
Mar 29, 2014
Q - 1st

Couldn't match my fastest lap in warm-up but still managed a 1.38.7xx for pole. @clarky_110 managed to keep me on in second though!

R - 1st

I managed a decent start and led through the first couple of laps, but at the start of lap 3 @clarky_110 lost alot of time to me and i had a 7 second advantage over @iJokeri22 . From then on in i kept doing consistent high 39's low 40's and managed to take the soft tires to lap 12 where i was going to put on a medium front left, but i decided to go all softs and by the end of the race the tires were just about gone, but by then i had a 35+ sec lead over @iJokeri22 . I was very consistent through this race and i hope i can do this for future races! I'm coming for the team IKEA 2 at the front!

Well done to @iJokeri22 for an ace second and @Jthorn97 on a second consecutive 3rd place!

See you all next week at probably my favorite track on the calendar.

32.00 - POLE LAP

46.15 - RACE START


F1 1st Driver
Jun 7, 2015
disaster of a race really, quali was ok, put a good lap in to begin with but then kept getting 2 tenths up and loosing it in last sector, was fair place tho as @iSuperScrub looked so quick in practice.

race I got away clean and was following scrub and then lost it at turn one on lap 3 into the barriers , damaged car and limped backed to the pits, then had to go till the end of the race from
lap 3 or 4 40 secs behind 8 th place. manged to get 7th.
Well done to all podium guys

I'll be back haha