PS4 - AOR PS4 DTM League S2 - Round 1 Oschersleben GP - 25/10/16 - 8:00pm |

PS4 AOR PS4 DTM League S2 - Round 1 Oschersleben GP - 25/10/16 - 8:00pm


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Mar 29, 2014
Well last night just went from bad to worse to even more worse, couldn't catch a break.

Q - 2nd

Just could not put 3 sectors in on 1 lap, had managed a 122.8 in the practice and had done a 1.22.5 so was kinda dissapointed with 2nd but @Marz123 put in a great lap.

Race - 4th

Got off the line poor as on my screen it looked like @Marz123 jumped the start and @GUNNERGAMBLE ran into the back of me, into turn 1 and i left plenty of room for the cars behind and followed @Marz123 . I think it was either lap 3 or 4 and @Marz123 spun out of turn 1 and there was no way i could of avoided him and to make matters worse, the car went into neutral and i couldnt get the clutch to bite and lost positions to @Rexuz @GUNNERGAMBLE and @Marz123 and i was now 4th with massive aero damage.

I pitted after lap 9 and put mediums on the front so i could get to the end of the race, and then this is where it got even worse, They lost a wheel nut!!? so that cost me around 10 seconds, and that let @C-FOGARTY past me after he pitted. So i had to push quite hard to get atleast near a podium and i pulled of some nice overtakes (mainly @C-FOGARTY making the passes and i followed him through) then eventually i passed @C-FOGARTY in the triple left hander in the middle sector.

After i passed @C-FOGARTY @Marz123 came out of the pits right infront of me and he said to me in chat, that his FF had gone and as he tried to pull off he braked on a straight and there was no way i could avoid him again and cost me heavily with a damaged right front corner.

Because of that i was nearly 1 - 1.5 seconds a lap slower and @robnoxious9000 passed me with ease, but with a couple of laps to go he went off at the chicane and i was back up to 2nd. But this is where my night was rounded off, i was taking it nice and easy on the last lap and into the chicane my car just went full retard and i could not control it and then spining out in the process, losing me 2 positions with 4 corners to go. :(

But i've never really had any good luck in the first races as last season showed, but anyway well done to @Rexuz who's first win it was in the DTM's last night, Well done. Also congrats to @robnoxious9000 and @C-FOGARTY on snatching the podium at the end!

See you all next week at a track i know very well!

Qualy Lap - 24.28

Race Start -


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Mar 10, 2014
Q.5 with my pb. But I had another 3 10ths but couldnt put it together.

Got a great launch had to lift off to not hit the guy infront. Have only raced a couple of people here so was real tentative into to t1 and lost out in the pushing and shoving down to 9th I think.
Spent the first half of the race trying to pass @mpc-v1 it was a close fight for 10 or so laps, I tried the undercut on lap 11 and came put behind @C-FOGARTY and struggled to pass him for a few laps, he made a mistake onto the last corner and I managed to pass him on the straight and into t. I caught an obviously injured @iSuperScrub and passed him into 2nd place. My tyres were so gone with 4 laps to go and I went off into the gravel. Superscrub passed me only to do the same thing as me on the last lap. Passed him again to take 2nd.
A fun race and a lucky result, can't upload my highlights till psn comes back on.


AOR PS4 Assetto Corsa S3 Champion
Sep 19, 2016
Was a good race up until me feedback went after my pit! Unexplainable really!! They its made to look as if i done it on purpose...i was net 2nd...why would i just end my race! But ok

No i didnt jump the start...thanks
And as for the incident. Ive said enough. Is what it is


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Dec 30, 2015
Qually P7
Race P3
Qually,Just Couldn't get Turn 1 and kept outbreaking myself.A possible P4 or P5 was wasted in the session ,so started Midfield .
Race .Got off well ,but had to get off the throttle early to avoid slow starters .P8 . Turn 1 .Turn 2 P6 lap 1 as just avoided a Car coming back on the track and who subsequently knocked my Team m8 off in the process .
1st half of the race was fun.But Tyres were a constant reminder all race,with Not pushing the car to hard all race .Which was so frustrating backing off to conserve tyres .
Had some nice battles and was being Hunted down by many guys who were much quicker .On different strategys i presume .But managed to keep a few frustrated. :)
Pitted Lap 9 .Swapped my Cooked smouldering Softs for fresh Mediums on the fronts and rejoined in 11th or 12th from P4 . @iSuperScrub was behind me as we passed a few guys and set off in pursuit .But he eased passed as i went very wide. Soon back in P4 .Were i stopped till the final lap . But a spin @iSuperScrub put me into P3 with 3 corners to go . Thats racing ;)
Overall a Good start and a Podium ,i cant complain .But there are some really quick guys this season and Battles of Epic proportions will be common :)
Saw and was involved in some really good racing last night and really enjoyed the company on track. Good stuff Gents . A full Grid looked amazing as we all hurtled into turn 1 .
Congrats to @Rexuz On the WIN :stig: Great Drive fella.and @robnoxious9000 for a fine 2nd on your DTM debut.Roll on Donny park.
race vid is here but maybe an hr or so till remastered by YouTube:) well done everyone on a brilliant season opener.
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Oct 10, 2016
No comment...spun first lap, spun second lap then a lot of penalties for track limits :mad:
Just a bit of fun in second half of the race with my team mate @DeserterNE , we pitted toghether and raced very close.
I don't understand why he pitted a second time few lap before race end
I didn't have enough fuel :D :D :D


GP2 Test Driver
Nov 22, 2015
Q: 3
R: 1

Quite a non dramatic start behind @iSuperScrub and @Marz123.
Started on mediums and the plan was just too keep up with the front runners until their softs would wear off.
When Scrub and Marz got tangled up in T1 I was in the lead with @GUNNERGAMBLE close behind.
After about 5 laps he started falling behind a little bit more every lap so I guess he was on softs.
When I had the lead with about 6-7 seconds I eased of and made sure I didn't spin or get any penalties.

Pitted on lap 22 and then just took the car home.
Probably the loneliest race I've done. Barely saw another car between laps 5-28.
Donington will be a lot closer and hopefully without DNF's and damage to other cars.