PS4 - AOR PS4 DTM League S2 - Round 8 Monza - 13/12/16 - 8:00pm |

PS4 AOR PS4 DTM League S2 - Round 8 Monza - 13/12/16 - 8:00pm


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Dec 27, 2015
Q: 5th

Started with a good qualy and very close to my team mate @iSuperScrub.

Start of the race was ok, but then I had one of the most stupid races ever! Done the 1st stupid mistake out of tamborelo, crashing the car to the barriers and severily damaging it. No happy with this, pit stoped and made the 2nd stupid mistake: the selected pit strategy didn't had the damage reapairs on!!!

Oh god! Race completely ruined! I don't know what got in to me today!

Well, the good news is: at dinner just got a nice bottle of portuguese wine so everything is feeling ok now :)

Looking forward to Laguna Seca :)



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Sep 15, 2016
Not happy with this race. I thought I was going to do better and should have but couldn't keep a good enough pace. I decided to stay out till near the end and slap on some fresh softs and finish hard. That pit strategy went fine but I made to many minor errors and then finally a large error near the end causing damage and another pit stop. Hopefully Laguna Seca will be a bit better.
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Mar 29, 2014
Qualifying - 4th

Really weird session tbh, me and @Rexuz were practicing before the session and @Rexuz said he was struggling for grip and under-steer. When Qualy started it was the Polar opposite for us both as i could not take the line i had been using through the second chicane and i struggled with high speed corners, i could only achieve a 42.1 which was nearly 1.5 seconds slower than my Fastest Lap in practice. So i was disappointed. But @GUNNERGAMBLE Nicked pole point of @Rexuz so he did me a favour there.

Race - 2nd

Got a perfect launch with no wheel spin and a few seconds into the race i thought i could take the lead from 4th, but by turn 1 i could only just sneak up the inside of @Rexuz , even going over the Kerb to avoid contact adn on the exit of turn 2 i got very little wheelspin again, and passed him for 2nd.

After a lap or 2 @Rexuz fell back a bit and i was staying within 2 seconds of @GUNNERGAMBLE waiting for him to make a mistake. But on lap 5 i had a weird half spin into ascari making me lose 6 seconds and pretty much a chance of the race win.

I pitted lap 10 as i made a slight mistake the lap before and @C-FOGARTY followed me in closely. Luckily i checked my pit strategy and in warm-up i forgot to preset the DTM strategy so i had to make it up whilst driving through the pit lane. Which luckily cost me no time.

After the pits i was around 11 seconds behind @GUNNERGAMBLE and i knew @Rexuz was at least 2 positions back to me as @C-FOGARTY was 3rd, so i took it quite easy up until lap 20. By this time @GUNNERGAMBLE had nearly pulled out a 20 second lead. With 3 laps to go i had enough of a gap over @C-FOGARTY to push for a few laps and see what i could do. And on lap 21 and 22 i managed a 41.7 on very worn tires, so without the mistake at ascari i may have been close to @GUNNERGAMBLE by the end.

Anyhow @GUNNERGAMBLE made no mistakes what so ever and won the his first race. Very well done. and a very well done to @C-FOGARTY on his first podium in this tier!

But at the end of the day i'm racing to manage the gap between me @Rexuz even if @GUNNERGAMBLE won every race from now it would take a disconnection from both me and @Rexuz to get us both worried.

Bring on a personal favourite of mine, Laguna SECA!

Race Start - 45.16
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Dec 30, 2015
Qually P3
Race P3 .
Qually Was a PB.So was very satisfied to be starting on the 2nd Row for this Race.
Race start. Got a good start but lost a position straight away with @iSuperScrub Rocket get off .:eek: Great start fella .Opening few corners were Brilliantly drove by everyone ,Respect guys !
In P4 Lap 1 as we exit Rettifilo .Was being folowed very closely by @pcsolima and had to get all defensive as we approached Ascari on Lap 1 . @Rexus Was very close in P3 ,just ahead of me , but Knew I had to make a move fast as the top 2 Guys were pulling away . My chance come end of lap 2 as @Rexus went wide at Parabolica ,which in turn got a good tow and made my pass as we started lap 3 . @iSuperScrub was the next guy ,but was 5 seconds adrift in P2 @GUNNERGAMBLE was beginning To Leap away from the pack in P1. Awsome Pace ! :stig:
The race started to settle round about lap 5 for me and was beginning to bridge the Gap with the 4th placed guy at the time . Which seemed to change position a few times in the opening laps ,So dont know what was going on there ?
As I Started to wonder about pitting about lap 8 or so .As the sun was showing ,so knew Random Slot wasnt going to bring any Mayhem .But @iSuperScrub had a moment at v-del Roggia ,and was right on his rear . So decided to try and stick with him . I Did ,as we pitted together on Lap 11 i think.
Left the pits in P6 @iSuperScrub started to pull away and had already had a 3 second gap on me. But Couldn't find any pace after pitting So knew a Final podium Spot (My 2nd of the Season) ! was a major possibility .
4th placed guy was @Glen-Alz-81 who was 4.5 secs behind me as i pitted ,and was wondering when he would show up again In P4 . He did as the positions on track had sorted themselves out after everybody pitted . And was keeping me on my toes for most of the race as knew he would pounce on any mistake.But kept the gap round the 4-5 second mark .
Drove a solid race.By far my most consistent performance this season. And had a big smile as I finished the race for my 2nd podium of the season .Was hoping to Kickstart my season here .I did .So Roll on Seca . Time to get those elbows out again . Congrats to the guys ahead of me .Scary pace that guys :eek: Well done everybody who finished . ;):)
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Mar 13, 2016
I still have the pictures. Can update it tonight if I have permission. Otherwise I send the pictures to you @iJokeri22 ;)